Your Guide to a Poshmark Closet Clear Out

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Your Guide to a Poshmark Closet Clear Out

Poshmark, the popular online marketplace for buying and selling fashion items, offers a unique feature called Closet Clear Out, short for CCO. This feature allows sellers to attract more sales by offering discounted shipping to potential buyers.


In this comprehensive guide, we will demystify the ins and outs of Poshmark Closet Clear Out and explore three effective methods to maximize your sales. Whether you are a seasoned seller or new to the platform, these strategies will help you make the most of this powerful sales tool.


Key Points:

  • On Friday and Sunday, Poshmark will offer discounted shipping to buyers if the seller drops the item's price by 10% or more

  • Offer to likers is not the same as Close Clear Out (CCO)

  • For the Closet Clear Out to activate, the listing must have likes


Understanding Poshmark Closet Clear Out

Poshmark Closet Clear Out is a fantastic strategy for sellers aiming to increase sales. 


Here's the deal: you reduce your prices by at least 10% during Closet Clearout events. In response, Poshmark chips in by offering buyers a shipping discount, typically around $2 off, in a limited timeframe. 


poshmark closet clear out

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Breakdown of Closet Clear Out rules:


1. The 10% drop is based on the lowest historical price of that item. 


For example, if the item is $100, I dropped it last week for CCO to $90 and put it back up to $100. I cannot put it back to $90. I would have to drop the price to $81, which would be 10% lower than $90.


2. The item's total price (after the discount, not including shipping cost) must be at least $10.


3. The CCO discount only applies to single items - but don't worry, I will be discussing the loop around for bundle items in this blog post!


4. The CCO discount does not apply to new likers. The notification for the price drop and the shipping discount will only go out to anyone who liked the item before you price dropped.


5. Buyers only have 6 hours to take advantage of the sale.


6. Once the price is dropped, the buyer has to use the 'buy it now' option and cannot send an offer.


This double advantage   – Your reduced prices and cheaper shipping – really attracts buyers. It's like hosting a flash sale where buyers are eager to grab a good deal. 


By strategically lowering prices and capitalizing on the shipping discount, you boost your sales and rejuvenate your closet with fresh space for new items. 


It's all about playing smart with pricing and timing! Below are strategies to use on the next Poshmark Closet Clear Out.


Method 1: Lowering Item Prices on Closet Clear Out

To make the most of Closet Clear Out on Poshmark, a savvy approach is temporarily disabling the automatic discounted shipping feature. Or disable any Poshmark bot that automatically sends offers to likers.  


Instead, take a more hands-on approach by manually sending out offers to those who have liked your items. 


At this event, you have a couple of options:


Option 1: Drop the prices using Poshmark’s bulk edit feature


Pros: This is the least time-consuming strategy for Closet Clear Out.


Cons: The buyer only has a 6-hour timeframe to buy, so timing is key. Also, you would have to delist/relist the item after the event. Otherwise, this item will have a new low historical price.


Option 2: Manually send the liker (aka potential buyer) a bundle message that is short, concise, and clear about what it is you are offering. Tell them that Poshmark will give them discounted shipping if you lower the item's price. 


Pros: Highly effective because you are directly messaging these buyers. Also, you don't have to delist/relist the item after the event because there is no need to drop the price if they are not interested. 


Cons: The need to message each interested buyer individually can be very time-consuming, especially for closets with many items or likes. 


I recommend only doing option 2 for items valued over $50 or if there is an opportunity to make a bundle sale, which brings us to the next method.




Method 2: Lowering Bundle Items on Closet Clear Out

There is a way to do bundles on Closet Clear Out, it's just a little complicated to execute. So if someone likes three things, obviously, they're not going to want to buy three separate items at discounted shipping. They'll still pay more shipping than if they just bought a bundle from you. 


So the only way around this is to:

  1. Create a brand new listing with the items and put the title as “bundle for xPoshmarkname”

  2. Price the bundle more than 10% of what you and the buyer agreed on.

  3. Tag the buyer in the comments of that listing with a clear message (ex. “Hey, here’s the bundle listing for you for closet clear out. As soon as you’ve liked this listing, I’ll drop the price and then you can just purchase it for discounted shipping").

  4. Once the buyer likes the bundle listing, drop the price and then send a follow-up comment (ex. "Hey, the price has been dropped, and please note, this offer expires within 6 hours").


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Crafting Effective Messages to Potential Buyers

When reaching out to potential buyers on Poshmark, crafting effective messages can significantly enhance the likelihood of a sale. Here are some script examples for effective communication:


1. Initial Interest Acknowledgment: 

"Hi there! I noticed you liked [Item Name]. If you have any questions about it or want to see more photos, feel free to ask!" 


2. Bundle Offer: 

"Thanks for liking [Item Name]! I thought you might be interested in a special offer: If you bundle it with another item from my closet, I can offer you [X%] off the total price. Let me know if you're interested!" 


3. Price Drop Notification: 

"Great news! I've just dropped the price of [Item Name] that you liked. It's now available for [New Price]. This price will be available for the next 6 hours during our Closet Clear Out event." 


4. Personalized Follow-Up: 

"Hello again! I wanted to let you know that I'm running a special promotion in my closet. Since you liked [Item Name], I thought you might be interested. Feel free to check it out!"


These messages should be tailored to the specific situation and the buyer's interaction with your items. The key is to be friendly, helpful, and not too pushy, making the buyer feel valued and more inclined to make a purchase.


Method 2 in Poshmark's Closet Clear Out focuses on selling bundles. However, this method can be very time-consuming, but you have a higher chance of making more sales.


Additional Tips for Increasing Sales

To make the process of manually lowering item prices and engaging with buyers on Poshmark more efficient, consider these practical tips:


1. Pre-Select Items for Price Reduction: Before the Closet Clear Out event, identify the items in your closet most likely to sell. This way, you can quickly adjust prices when the event starts. 


Pro tip: Use Vendoo's custom labels to mark the items that are participating in the Closet Clear Out. This way, after the event, you can bulk delist and relist. 


2. Use Templates for Messaging: Create a few message templates to respond to likes and inquiries. This saves time while still allowing for a personal touch. 


Pro tip: For Apple users, you can program keyboard shortcuts also known as text replacements. For Windows and Android users, multiple text replacement apps are available in the store. I’m currently using Beeftext for my Windows desktop.    


3. Set Reminders for Follow-Ups: Use your phone’s clock app to prompt you to follow up with potential buyers who haven't responded. 


These tips aim to streamline the process, making it more manageable and effective.


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To wrap up, this guide has given you the lowdown on making the most of Poshmark's Closet Clear Out. You've got insider tips on pricing, engaging with buyers, and bundling items smartly. 


Remember, these strategies are like secret tools to boost your sales. So, why not give them a try next time? 


Here's to your success on Poshmark – go get those sales!


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