How to Delist/Relist On Multiple Marketplaces with Vendoo

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How to Delist/Relist On Multiple Marketplaces with Vendoo

Vendoo is truly a seller’s best friend! Have you tried the bulk delist/relist feature? It’s a game-changer, money-maker, and hands-down my favorite feature on Vendoo!


My sales increased exponentially when I started delisting/relisting regularly. My sales continue to grow month-over-month, and I attribute much of my success to this magic tool.


In this article, we’ll talk about the Vendoo Delist/Relist add-on: what it is, why to use it, when to use it, and how it works on all of the marketplaces Vendoo supports.


What is the Delist/Relist Feature on Vendoo? 

The Delist & Relist add-on allows you to delist your items from a reselling platform(s) and relist them in just seconds!


This feature delists your item(s) from an existing marketplace(s) and relists the item in just seconds. That is, it entirely deletes your listing from a reselling platform, and creates a brand-new listing.


You can delist/relist items individually when making upgrades or changes to your listings. The bulk delist/relist feature allows you to delist and relist up to ten items at once from the marketplaces of your choice.


Here is how to use the delist/relist feature in Vendoo:  



It’s important to note that when you delist/relist, you’re left with brand new listings with brand new URLs. 


Because Vendoo hosts your listing information, Vendoo entirely deletes the former listing and creates a brand new listing. This new listing enjoys all of the exposure and algorithmic benefits of a brand new listing.


Note: You might hear other companies claiming to offer “relisting:” They don’t do what we do. Vendoo does a true delist/relist. The new listing is not a “copy” or “duplicate.” It is literally the same as a fresh, brand new first-time ever, listing. 


Is It Important to Delist/Relist Your Items? 


Yes! It’s the most important! Stale listings, (those that are over 30 days old) do not receive the same exposure or priority in search engines. This includes the search engines on the marketplaces as well as the major search engines like Google.


Sure, you can sell stale items; but you can infinitely increase your changes by using Vendoo’s delist/relist feature as a daily habit.  


It’s not just about refreshing stale listings, though…


Fact: Consistent daily listing is the most important thing you can do on your marketplaces.


Thus, delisting/relisting is key. This feature gives you tons of fresh, new daily listings everywhere you sell! 


Here are some examples of why it’s so important to list brand new items every day: 


  1. Brand new listings are prioritized in the search results of most marketplaces. As such, your relevant listings will appear near the top of search results when buyers search for items! 


  2. On marketplaces with a newsfeed, brand new listings are also promoted; again, maximizing your exposure! Similarly, on marketplaces where you have followers, followers are notified when you list new items; the same being promoted via multiple notifications. 


  3. Plus, many marketplaces have the ability for buyers to save searches. Thus, when you list a new item that is relevant to a saved search, those buyers will be notified about your new listing! 


The point is, brand new listings receive so much extra exposure and promotion. As such, the delist/relist feature, which creates brand new listings, will help you to make more sales! Once you start using it, you’ll notice how the listings get more engagement: likes, comments, offers, and sales! 


When Should I Delist/Relist My Items? 


One of the most common user questions I receive is “how often should I delist/relist my items.” Generally, the answer is as often as you can. However, it will vary a bit depending on what you sell and where you sell it. 


Below, we’ll talk about exactly how delisting/relisting works on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Depop, and more!


Generally, you will want to create a delist/relist strategy that works for you. With Vendoo, you can sort your inventory by stalest to see the items that have not been listed (or relisted) in the most amount of time: that’s a good place to start. 


If your items aren’t selling, delisting and relisting could give them the boost and exposure that they need to sell. 


Seriously, I make immediate sales after delisting/relisting all the time! Don’t take my word for it, try it.


How often is too often to delist/relist?


The limit does not exist, so long as you don’t get carried away.


Do it often, but don’t overdo it. I don’t recommend delisting/relisting 500 items each day. In fact, the marketplaces probably won’t let you. Keep your bulk actions human-like so you don’t trigger any bot-preventing security measures that prohibit your activity.


I delist/relist 40-200 items each day on six marketplaces. I do so strategically, and based on my oldest items.


However, if there is a Poshmark Party, I might delist/relist those relevant items, or if there is a Depop promotion for menswear - catch me delisting/relisting my men’s items as a priority. 


With my inventory, this means that most of my items are relisted as brand new approximately every 3 weeks. However, if I were selling designer handbags, I might wait a little longer, as these are the types of items that people might wait to purchase, watch for some period, and look for price-drops. 


Unless you’re selling luxury inventory: never worry about losing likes. Likers are not buyers; they didn’t like it enough to buy, and the exposure generated from relisting outweighs the potential opportunity that a former liker would become a buyer. 


Once you start delisting/relisting, you’ll do some trial-and-error to see the frequency, time, and habits that lead to the most sales for you. Thankfully, you can look at your Vendoo analytics to see how much it works. 


Delisting/Relisting From Multiple Marketplaces


Your delist/relist habits will also be influenced by where you sell.


To be short and sweet: Vendoo’s delist/relist works best on Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Grailed, Kidizen, and Facebook Marketplace. 


Here is a little more information about how it works on all of the marketplaces integrated with Vendoo.



Delisting/Relisting is a best practice on Poshmark. 


This is because a new listing on Poshmark receives so much exposure in many ways:


  1. Your item is prioritized in the Posh search, and Poshmark listings perform well on Google, too;

  2. Your item appears on your followers’ news feeds with the maroon banner to show that it is new;

  3. Your profile picture appears at the top of your followers’ news feeds to advertise that you have new listings available in your closet;

  4. Your item appears at the top of the news feed of all followers of the brand, advertising that new listings are available for that brand; and

  5. Your item appears in two different showrooms during the daily Posh Parties where new and first-look items are featured (in addition to all of the other showrooms).



Delisting and relisting daily is also a best practice on Mercari. In fact, it's the key to making sales on Mercari, in my opinion. 


Aside from Mercari Smart Pricing and the ability to promote, there really isn’t any way to “share,” “refresh,” “bump,” or “boost.” Thus, delisting and relisting on Mercari is a game-changer to make consistent sales on Mercari. 



Delist/Relist is huge on Depop because the way their search and feeds prioritize new listings.


Of course, you should be “refreshing” your Depop listings daily, but listing brand new ones (via delist/relist on Vendoo) is even better.


Depop loves when you list new items, in fact this is one of the metrics they use in your weekly shop stats and global ranking. 



Delist/relist is very important on Grailed, too, especially because after your initial “bump,” you cannot refresh or promote your listings in the search results without dropping the price, and we don’t want to keep dropping the price… We want to make sales at full price. 


However, we do not recommend delisting and relisting more than once per week on Grailed. In fact, team Grailed advised specifically not to; as your listings could be flagged if done too often. Don’t get carried away!


As such, using the Vendoo delist/relist tool on Grailed after you bump your listings once is the best way to maximize exposure and make sales! 



Using the delist/relist feature is a great way to promote engagement and make more sales on Kidizen. Like most other marketplaces, brand new listings are prioritized in the search, and those who have noted the brand as their “favorite” will be notified of your new listings.


Facebook Marketplace

Don’t sleep on delisting/relisting your FBMP items. The Vendoo delist/relist feature will lead to more exposure and engagement than using the FB “renew” tool. Whatever you do, don’t delist right on Facebook… as this will “break your sync” to Vendoo. 


FBMP is amazing because it turns social media users into buyers; users will be notified when you post if they are local, if you share to Facebook groups of which they are a member, or if your item is relevant to a former search they have made. New listings receive many benefits on Facebook. Delist and relist regularly for best results! 



You might not use the delist/relist feature on Etsy. First, because you pay per listing, and this includes new listings created via delist/relist, too. To be clear, this means you will be charged for each item you delist and relist. 


The other consideration is that you do not necessarily want to delete (delist) a listing that you have multiple quantities of, like homemade goods. Etsy prioritizes listings based on views and positive feedback for the listing, so you want to maintain your listings’ performance.



You should use the delist/relist feature on eBay very sparingly. Depending on your eBay subscription, you might be limited by the amount of new items you can add monthly, or charged per listing.  Brand new items created via Vendoo’s delist/relist “count” as new items (because they are brand new).


The best time to use the delist/relist feature on eBay is on the day your item was going to end. 


In your eBay seller hub, you can see your listings “Ending Soon,” which means they are about to “end” and “restart” (incurring the charge or allocation for listing).


It is better to delist/relist than to let them end and renew; because of the Vendoo way, they’re actually brand new.



Shopify is an exception and outlier; the delist/relist feature does not accomplish anything notable on Shopify. Shopify is more of a website builder than it is a traditional marketplace.. There isn’t a user search engine or news feeds to promote new items. 


As such, you might choose to use delist and relist items individually as necessary only to make changes or for administrative purposes. 


Make More Sales on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Depop, Grailed, and More! 


The Delist & Relist feature has amplified my revenue and profit! With this feature, I have hundreds of new listings every single day. None of my inventory is ever “stale”, and my sell-through rate is incredible! 


Delisting and relisting takes just a few clicks, and it does not open multiple tabs on your computer. It really is as easy as it sounds. 


Try it today! You’ll love it, I promise! 


For more information and step-by-step guides to all Vendoo features, check out our Help Center!


What is your delist/relist strategy? Share with us below! 

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