Etsy Shop Ideas 2024

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Etsy Shop Ideas 2024

Hello, reseller fam! Are you excited to explore your Etsy store's most innovative product suggestions in 2024? 


I've been an Etsy seller for a couple of years, and it's been quite an adventure. 


Having an Etsy shop allows me to have a creative outlet and requires minimal time since I have a print-on-demand shop!


However, let's discuss a few top-notch product shop ideas that can elevate your shop's presence this year.


By the way, I provided some helpful Etsy tips at the bottom of this blog post.

🔑 Key Takeaways:


  • Autism awareness products in blue
  • Capybara and snail-themed products
  • Custom keycaps for personalization
  • Innovative water bottle carriers with unique features

What Should You Sell on Etsy in 2024?

Unique Planters and Candle Holders Trending!

etsy shop ideas

(Source: Etsy)


Planters and candle holders with unique shapes are big this year. 


Think turtle planters or elephant wine bottle holders. 


These items aren't just practical; they're quirky and fun, making them perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of personality to their space.



  • Turtle planters
  • Elephant wine bottle holders
  • Dragon-shaped candle holders


How Can You Boost Your Etsy Sales?

Two-tone color palettes are hot for the home!

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(Source: Etsy)


Two-tone color palettes are a stylish trend. 


Products with contrasting or complementary colors within the same family are in demand. 


Think pillows with one side lighter and the other darker, or color-blocked items that make a bold statement.



  • Pillows with dual tones
  • Color-blocked home decor
  • Two-tone accessories


Floral Prints are a Must-Have for Your Etsy Shop

What Products Look Great with All-Over Floral Prints?

(Source: Etsy)


Floral prints are everywhere. 


Tight, overlapping patterns with minimal white space are popular, especially on items like blankets, stationery, and wallpaper. 


Larger floral prints are also trendy perfect for beach towels and aprons.



  • Floral print blankets
  • Floral stationery
  • Beach towels with large floral designs


How to Incorporate Animal Prints in Your Etsy Products

What are muted animal prints?

(Source: Etsy)


Safari and jungle themes are getting a subtle twist. 


Muted animal prints in watercolor tones are great for nursery items and kitchenware. They add a touch of the wild in a sophisticated way.



  • Watercolor animal print nursery decor
  • Light animal print kitchenware
  • Safari-themed bedding


Trending Water Bottle Carriers with Designs 

Types of Water Bottle Designs with Unique Features?

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(Source: Etsy)


Water bottle carriers are more than just functional. 


Innovative designs with mesh outer pockets or drawstring styles are popular. These carriers can fit various types of bottles and offer extra convenience.



  • Mesh pocket water bottle carriers
  • Drawstring style carriers
  • Personalized water bottle holders


Pro Tip: create unique designs specifically for Stanley tumblers.


Should I Sell Print-on-Demand (POD) Products on Etsy?

Why Are POD Wallpaper and Apparel Popular?

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(Source: Etsy)


POD products are versatile and customizable. 


Items like wallpaper murals and apparel with unique prints are hot trends. They allow customers to get exactly what they want without you holding inventory.



  • Custom wallpaper murals
  • Print-on-demand apparel
  • POD home decor items


Awareness Products Enhance For Your Etsy Shop

What Are Popular Blue Autism Awareness Apparel Items?

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(Source: Etsy)


Supporting a cause while selling products is impactful. 


Blue autism awareness apparel, including T-shirts and hoodies, is fashionable and meaningful. These items often feature symbols supporting autism awareness.



  • Blue autism awareness T-shirts
  • Hoodies promoting autism awareness
  • Accessories supporting the cause


What Color Palettes Are Trending on Etsy in 2024?

Golden hour optimism, shades of Blue, and earth-inspired tones.

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(Source: Etsy)


Color palettes can set the tone for your products. 


Golden hour shades like yellow and pink bring warmth. Various shades of blue evoke calm, while earth tones like greens and browns add a natural feel.



  • Home decor in golden hour shades
  • Apparel in shades of blue
  • Earth-toned accessories

What Digital Products Should I Sell on Etsy?

Popular types of printable templates and digital products.etsy shop ideas

(Source: Etsy)


Digital products like printable art and planners are always in demand. 


Why? Because it’s cost-effective for DIYers or small businesses. 


Plus, these items are convenient for buyers and easy to produce for sellers. Customizable templates add a personal touch.



  • Printable wall art
  • Digital planners
  • Customizable templates


Trending Etsy Item: Capybara and Snail-Themed Products

Why Are Capybara Shirts and Snail Rings Trending?

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(Source: Etsy)


Capybaras and snails are the unexpected stars of 2024 (thanks TikTok!)


Capybara-themed shirts (accessories, too!) and snail-themed jewelry, like rings, are gaining popularity due to their quirky charm and low competition.



  • Capybara shirts
  • Snail rings
  • Quirky animal-themed products


What Makes Custom Keycaps a Hot Trend?

What Exactly Are Custom Keycaps?

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(Source: Etsy)


A keycap is a small cover that sits on top of the keyboard's key switches or buttons. 


Certain keyboard brands (or types) allow users to customize their keyboards. 


Personalized keycaps are sought after by gamers and writers.



  • Cute custom keycaps
  • Personalized keyboard keys
  • Unique keycap designs


What Denim-Themed Products Are Trending?

Denim decor is making a comeback on Etsy.

etsy shop ideas

(Source: Etsy)


Denim isn't just for jeans anymore. 


Denim-themed items like pillows and blankets are trendy. This look taps into the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s, offering a modern twist on a classic material.



  • Denim pillows
  • Denim seat cushions
  • Denim blankets

Should I Open Multiple Etsy Shops For Different Niches? 

If you are intrigued by any of these Etsy ideas, it's wise to set up a separate Etsy shop for each. 


Avoid the temptation to open a “one-stop shop" on Etsy where you offer custom keycaps, Capybara ceramic figurines, and digital planners all under one roof.


Focusing on a Single Product Category to Increase Etsy Sales

To elaborate further, maintaining a shop allows you to better target your intended audience. When shoppers land on your storefront, they expect to see a theme or specialty. 


For instance if they're searching for keycaps they anticipate your entire store being dedicated to stylish keyboard accessories. 


Mixing in items such as ceramic statues or planners could confuse potential customers and make your shop disorganized.


Remember, a confused mind does not buy.


Would Having a Niche Etsy Shop Simplify Marketing Efforts?

Focusing on one niche can establish a brand identity. Your store becomes the destination for that particular product category. 


Moreover, managing marketing efforts SEO strategies and customer interactions becomes more manageable when you concentrate on an area. 


This way you can customize your product descriptions, images and promotions to attract the customer base.


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