How to Bulk Delist & Relist Items on Vendoo To Improve Sales

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How to Bulk Delist & Relist Items on Vendoo To Improve Sales

Vendoo has been a total game-changer for my reselling business. Vendoo has saved me hours of my time each day and increased my profit margins by several thousand dollars monthly. Vendoo offers the fastest cross-listing, inventory management, revenue and profit tracking, and business analytics. I love Vendoo, and my absolute favorite feature is the Delist & Relist add-on.


The Delist & Relist feature has amplified my revenue and profit! With this feature, I have hundreds of new listings every single day. None of my inventory is ever “stale”, and my sell-through rate is incredible! Daily and consistent listing is the key to many reselling platforms, and my Poshmark, Mercari, and Depop sales have increased significantly thanks to the Delist and Relist add-on!


Delist & Relist feature allows you to delist your items from a reselling platform(s) and relist them in just seconds!

This gives you brand new listings instantly, and all the exposure and algorithmic benefits of having brand new posts. It is like a magic little tool to stimulate activity to produce more sales.


Delisting and relisting takes just a few clicks, and it does not open multiple tabs on your computer. It really is as easy as it sounds. See how to delist and relist in the video below. 



Vendoo hosts all of your listing information and photographs, so you can delist and relist at any time in seconds!




When you delist, you are not deactivating, hiding, or marking your item as “not for sale.” Instead, you’re entirely removing it from the marketplace. When you relist, your item is a brand-new listing, rather than a duplicate, copy, or version. The delist and relist feature is the equivalent of listing an item for the very first time. Your item will have a new URL and enjoy all of the exposure that new items receive on the reselling platforms. You can delist and relist your items as often as you would like!


Consistent daily listings are beneficial on all of the reselling platforms, and the delist and relist feature accomplishes that so quickly. I delist and relist about 200 items a day from four different platforms! Each listing takes just seconds, and the entire process is about approximately thirty minutes. With Vendoo’s Analytics feature, I can see a direct correlation between delisting and relisting and an increase in profit.


If you are not delisting and relisting, try it out! You are going to be so excited about your results.

Have you ever re-listed an item on Poshmark and sold it quickly? That is because a new listing on Poshmark receives so much exposure in many ways:


  1. Your item appears on your followers’ news feeds with the maroon banner to show that it is new.
  2. Your profile picture appears at the top of your followers’ news feeds to advertise that you have new listings available in your closet.
  3. Your item appears at the top of the news feed of all followers of the brand, advertising that new listings are available for that brand.
  4. Your item appears in two different showrooms during the daily Posh Parties where new and first-look items are featured (in addition to all of the other showrooms).


Note: Vendoo’s Delist & Relist feature is not the same as Postmark’s copy feature; it is delist and relist is much better. Poshmark’s copy feature does not accomplish these exposure benefits until your listing is over 60 days old. The copy feature on Poshmark also requires quite a bit more work than using Vendoo to delist and relist.


This is not true of only Poshmark, every single reselling platform requires daily activity and consistent new listings to generate exposure and activity. The delist and relist feature will increase your exposure, activity, sales, and sell-through rate.


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The Multi-Delist & Relist Feature is now available on Vendoo! 


I am jumping for joy about this new feature on Vendoo! The delist and relist feature was already fast, and it just got even better! Vendoo just rolled out a feature that allows you to delist and relist up to ten items at once from multiple marketplaces! I’m thankful to be one of the first to test this function, and it is working amazingly! On average, bulk delisting and relisting ten items from three marketplaces takes two minutes. The introduction of this feature will be revolutionary because it will produce so much activity and sales!



Are you using Vendoo yet? What are you waiting for? Sign up here. Try out the Delist & Relist feature, you will be amazed!

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