Poshmark Bots: What You Need to Know About Using Bots

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Poshmark Bots: What You Need to Know About Using Bots

If you are trying to grow your Poshmark business, you have likely heard about Poshmark Bots and Poshmark Sharing Services. Poshmark Bots are automated softwares that you can program to perform tasks that generate revenue and sales. 


If you are thinking about using a Poshmark bot, here is everything you need to know before you get started. 


What is a Poshmark Bot?

A Poshmark bot can be programmed to perform favorable tasks that stimulate the Poshmark algorithm, increase exposure, and promote sales. Generally, Poshmark sellers use bots to share their listings and make automatic offers to likers, but they might also do other activities such as:


  • Self-Sharing  (sharing your own closet)

  • Community-Sharing (sharing other users’ listings)

  • Party Shares (sharing your listings to a relevant party)

  • Automatic Offers to Likers 

  • Following & Unfollowing 

  • Bulk Price Updating (beneficial on “Closet Clear Out Days”)

  • Relisting (Using the Poshmark “Copy” feature, not a true relist)


These activities are recommended to promote engagement and sales on the Poshmark. They can be done manually, but they are tedious and time-consuming. Poshmark Bots are designed to save you time and make you money.


In fact, Self-Sharing is required to make a high volume of shares. Each time you share a listing, it advances in the news feeds of your followers, in the search results, and it may affect off-site ranking on major search engines such as Google. It is recommended that you share your listings at least once daily, but the more you share, the more exposure you will receive. On Poshmark, the more sharing- the better (within reason, as you do not want to exceed 10k shares daily). 


The Automatic Offers to Likers (OTL) is another amazing feature of most Poshmark Bots. This feature allows you to program the bot to automatically send an offer to a user who likes your item (the better bots allow you to set how soon after a like, a minimum price, and other specific controls). Most sales on Poshmark happen via OTL, and this feature will allow you to make constant offers, catching the attention of users while they are still on their phone, without having to be glued to your device 24/7.  


To learn more about the activity required to maintain your Poshmark closet, read The Poshmark Bible.

How Does a Poshmark Bot Work?

Poshmark bots are chrome extensions that you install in your browser. You can program a bot to interact with your Poshmark and perform scheduled or instant commands. When you establish settings in the “bot”, it uses a series of code to command the ordered tasks. For example, button clicks are programmed in a way the marketplace website thinks you did it, but in reality, the bot was the one that “clicked” the buttons.

Do You Need a Poshmark Bot?

You don’t need a Poshmark Bot, you could share your listings manually. You also don’t need a car to get to the store 20 miles away, you could walkbut it would take you a lot longer, be far less efficient, and you are far less likely to do it regularly. 

To share your Poshmark listings manually, you click the share icon, and then select to share it to your followers (and or a Poshmark Party):


To share your Poshmark listings manually, you click the share icon, and then select to share it to your followers

Sharing each listing manually takes a lot of time. 


Whether you are sharing manually or using a bot, you must share your Poshmark closet to be a successful Poshmark seller. 


For years, I pressed buttons for hours. I even paid my friends and family to press buttons for hours. I am nauseous thinking about the amount of time and money I spent manually sharing my Poshmark closet. 


Once I became more active in the reselling community on social media, I learned that I was the only large-scale reseller I knew pressing buttons all day long. Everyone else was using bots to automate these activities (and making a lot more sales than I was because of it). 


Of course, my sales increased dramatically when I started using automation software for self-sharing and making offers to likers.


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What Are the Benefits of Using a Poshmark Bot?

Poshmark bots will save you time and make you more money, allowing you to spend time doing better things than pressing buttons all day. Bots allow for a wide range of tasks that are designed to maximize exposure and promote sales. 


Once you start using one, you will instantly see the benefit. 


Because bots are so common, most large-volume resellers have bots sharing their listings day and night. Bots provide a major advantage in terms of searchability and exposure. The truth is- if you’re not using one, you have a major disadvantage selling on Poshmark.



Potential benefits of using a Poshmark bot:

  • Increased efficiency: Bots can automate tasks such as sharing your listings, sending offers to likers, and responding to comments, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Wider reach: Bots can help you reach a wider audience by sharing your listings to more groups and feeds.
  • Increased sales: By automating tasks and reaching a wider audience, bots may help you increase your sales.



Are Poshmark Bots Allowed?

No - Poshmark Bots and automation software are considered third-party applications and are prohibited in Poshmark’s terms of service. 


Bots are not allowed on Poshmark, but they are widely used among resellers and top sellers on the app. I truly do not know a high-volume reseller that is not using a Poshmark bot. Everyone uses them, and most are very vocal about their use: browsing the Instagram accounts of most well-known Poshmark sellers makes it clear that they are affiliated with or using Poshmark Bots, and they regularly post about them. Poshmark sees this, but they’re not doing anything about it at this time. 


Why not? Well, probably because (1) bots allow Poshmark sellers to make more money and thus make Poshmark more money and (2) Poshmark sellers will not stop using them: no one has time to spend hours a day clicking buttons. Having used a bot for a bit now, it seems absolutely absurd how much time and money I spent on manual activity before I discovered Poshmark bots.


Truthfully, using a bot has increased my revenue so astronomically that it is entirely worth the risk.


The bottom line is that Poshmark bots are not allowed, and you should use them wisely and at your own risk. 

Potential risks of using a Poshmark bot:

  • Violation of Poshmark's terms of service: Using bots may violate Poshmark's terms of service, which could result in your account being suspended or banned.
  • Inauthentic engagement: Bots can generate inauthentic engagement, such as likes and comments, which can hurt your credibility and reputation.
  • Negative impact on the Poshmark community: Bots can negatively impact the Poshmark community by creating an unfair advantage for those who use them.



Will I Get Banned for Using a Poshmark Bot?

I don’t think so - It appears as though Poshmark does not enforce the rule, but they also reserve the right to, so that might not be the case forever. 


In 8 years of selling on Poshmark and networking with and mentoring  Poshmark sellers all around the country, I have never heard of a single user banned from Poshmark for using bots.


Poshmark does however have limitations in place to limit automated activity. If you share too much, too fast, you will be temporarily blocked from sharing (we call this “share jail”). Poshmark has limitations and restrictions in places to limit excessive activity, but they are relatively hard to reach (it is estimated that you might be sent to “share jail” somewhere between 9.5k and 12k shares within a 24 hour period). 


Use Poshmark bots wisely. Do not program it to do a ridiculously excessive amount of activity at a speed that is not humanly possible. 


For best results, be conservative in the way that you program the bot, choosing a volume and speed of activity that is reasonable and human-like. The idea behind a bot is to trick Poshmark into thinking that you are doing the activity yourself. 


We probably aren’t fooling the Poshmark tech team, but you can avoid “flagging” your account or having restrictions imposed by programming moderate and realistic activity.


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Poshmark VAs: Be Careful of Virtual Assistants that advertise manual services.

People love to capitalize on fear. While bots are becoming more normalized and widely discussed, it was not always like that. 


Poshmark bots and automation used to be really taboo. Fear and misinformation breed in reseller facebook groups, and others will have you convinced that you’re a terrible rule-breaker and going to be banned for using bots. 


Clever but deceptive individuals have capitalized on irrational fears, by offering “virtual assistant services” that promise manual activity- appealing to those who do not wish to press buttons for hours daily, but don’t want to get in trouble with Poshmark. A large number of virtual assistants are simply using bots to share closets, but charging their clients significantly more than the cost of the bot that they run (instead of performing manual activity). Not every Poshmark VA is a scammer, but many notable ones have been caught taking advantage of sellers under this scheme. Exercise extreme caution when using virtual assistants and providing anyone with your account credentials. 


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What is the Best Poshmark Bot?

PosherVA is the best Poshmark automation service on the market, and I have tried them all. The ease of use, reliability, services offered, customer service, and price are incomparable. 


"I have used a Poshmark bot for around four years, and it really changed my business. Not only does it share my closet for me all day and especially at night when I’m asleep, but I also love that it automates sending offers out. The majority of my sales come from “offers to likers” sent by my bot!" - Deanna Balestra, Pro reseller.


Is PosherVA Worth It? 

Yes, PosherVA is amazing. The proof is in the numbers. Check out my Poshmark Closet Insights for 2021:


My Poshmark Closet Insights for 2021


Posher VA is responsible for this. I schedule daily shares at optimal times, that I am constantly adjusting based on activity to optimize my activity and exposure:


The green section is purchases made via offers to likers (all of mine are programmed through PosherVA’s offer watcher, which sends an offer (usually I do 15%-20% to likers 4 minutes after the like). 


The blue section is purchases made via “buy it now,” outright full-price sales. A majority of these happen during Closet Clearout Days. During these special promotion days, Poshmark offers reduced shipping (at their own expense) on orders when sellers drop prices by at least 10%. Poshmark also sends an enticing notification to likers. So, I use  PosherVA’s bulk price dropping tool to drop my prices by 10% with one click, which accounts for much of the blue section above. 


PoshmarkVA offers a two-week free trial with no credit card required! Try it here, and thank us later!


Cost of Using a Poshmark Bot:

The cost of using a Poshmark bot can vary depending on the bot and the features it offers. Some bots are free, while others charge a monthly or annual subscription fee.


It's important to carefully consider the risks and benefits before deciding whether or not to use a Poshmark bot. If you do decide to use one, be sure to choose a reputable bot that is known for complying with Poshmark's terms of service.


Other Poshmark Bots

Closet Tools, is a Poshmark Bot option that allows you to:

  • Share thousands of items to your followers
  • Share to parties
  • Share fresh closets
  • Follow new closets
  • Return shares
  • Return follows
  • Send offers to likers
  • Share party feeds
  • Follow followers of another account

These tasks are done automatically and runs 24/7 once you set it up.


There's also ClosetPilot, an automation tool specifically designed to help resellers on Poshmark increase their sales, followers, and shares. It automates many of the same time-consuming tasks that are crucial for success on the platform, such as:


  • Sharing your entire closet: Manually sharing hundreds of items daily eats up time. ClosetPilot handles it automatically, freeing you for other tasks.
  • Following other users: It helps you target potential customers by automatically following relevant users who increase your reach.
  • Sending offers to likers: This feature (coming soon) can incentivize purchases from those interested in your items.

ClosetPilot can be valuable for any Poshmark reseller, especially those with large inventories or limited time. There is a free plan available: start with a free tier that shares 100 items per day. Paid plans offer unlimited features.


Do you use automation software on Poshmark? Share your experience below.


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