How Does Poshmark Work? Your Side Hustle From Home in 2024

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How Does Poshmark Work? Your Side Hustle From Home in 2024

If you’re looking to supplement your income with an easy side hustle, consider selling on Poshmark.


Poshmark is a reseller favorite with its user-friendly interface, simple shipping, seller tools, and a huge audience of buyers! 


Poshmark is the easiest place to sell online, and you can do most of it from the comfort of your home, literally from bed in your PJs.


If you’re looking for a side hustle, a lucrative hobby, or even building a successful business, you’ve come to the right place!


What is Poshmark?


Poshmark is an online reselling marketplace most known for new and secondhand fashion.  


With over 80 million community members across the United States, Canada, Australia, and India, Poshmark is a leading social e-commerce marketplace for new and secondhand fashion!  


Poshmark is most known for women’s clothing and accessories, with top-sellers being mid-range to high-end apparel. 


You can sell women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion, select home decor, some pet accessories, and even small electronics. 


There’s cash in your closet! Check out this article about Poshmark Top Selling Brands and Categories in 2023. 


How does Poshmark Work? A Beginner’s Guide to Poshmark 


I started selling on Poshmark to try to make some cash on clothing that no longer fit me. I snapped a few pictures of some denim shorts on the floor, wrote a quick description, and selected the drop-down boxes on the Poshmark listing form. I was shocked and excited when they sold quickly! 


That was it! 😍 started quickly browsing my closet and listing everything I didn’t wear. 


Over the years, I have become substantially more sophisticated in my Poshmark processes. I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and the best practices to make more sales on Poshmark. 


This blog will teach you everything you need to know about how to make cash for clothes on Poshmark. 


Poshmark is the perfect side hustle to supplement your income easily, from home, whenever you can, and fronting any costs. 


Want to learn more about Poshmark? For a full guide of everything you need to know, check out the Poshmark Bible


How to Get Started Selling on Poshmark in 10 Easy Steps:


1. How to Create A Poshmark Account

You can create an account in just seconds on the Poshmark app or website. You can even opt to sign in with Facebook. 


2. How to Find Items to Sell on Poshmark

The best way to start reselling is by selling things you already have around your house.


You can sell quite a bit on Poshmark, but I recommend focusing on clothing and fashion accessories.


Once you have figured out the basics, made a few sales, and you’re comfortable, you might start sourcing for inventory: buying items at a low cost to “flip” on Poshmark. Most Poshers do this at thrift stores. 


Learn more about how to source items inexpensively to flip for profit in this article; it’s a good one! 


3. Photograph Your Items

It’s not as easy as you think to get a good picture of an item!  Clothing can be particularly difficult to photograph.


The key to a good picture is lighting. The best lighting is free: sunshine. If you have a clear wall near a window, try to capture your pictures in natural light. I started with a white wall and a command strip hook!


I recommend that you photograph clothing on a hanger; it looks much nicer than sprawled across your bed and floor. Remember looks matter. Showing your item in the best light (literally) will make your listings more successful!


Posh Tip: Take your pictures in square mode to save time cropping! Poshmark requires square images.

It’s important to photograph every angle and detail of your item:


American Eagle Jeans


Include photos of the front, back, top, bottom, inside, outside, brand tag, size tag, material tag: literally everything. Not only does this provide the buyer with everything they need, but it protects you as the seller as it confirms the condition of the item.


My best Poshmark tip is to photograph your items as if they’re not accompanied by a description and to describe your items as if you don’t have photographs. 


4. Describe Your Item

Your listing titles and descriptions are arguably the most important part of your listing. 


This is because of search engine optimization (SEO). Most sales happen as a direct result of a search performed by a buyer, so you want your title and description to include all the words so your listings can appear in more searches.


On Poshmark, every word in your title and description are searchable in the Poshmark search and major search engines like Google.


A Posh Perfect description includes: What the item is, the formal title by the brand, the size, material, measurements, and keywords.


Don’t spend too much time on this while you’re new. You can sell items without writing a novel about them. The most important thing is to think like a buyer.


When writing descriptions, think like a buyer. Think of what you would type into the search if you wanted to see items like yours pop up in the results. 


  • What the item is   

You would be surprised how many people forget to include the word “jeans” when selling jeans. 

  • The style name or brand title of the item

This refers to the actual name of the item, if applicable. Buyers search this way, so it’s great to include!

  • Style Type and Features

Are the jeans skinny, straight leg, flared, paper bag jeans, jogger jeans, high rise, low rise, distressed, acid wash, etc.?

  • Size and Size Type

Buyers search by size, be sure to specify if the sizing is unique, like “long,” “short,” petite, maternity, etc.

  • Material Composition

This is important to many buyers. Taking a picture of the material tag alone is not enough: you want those words typed so they’re searchable.

  • Colors & Patterns

This is how buyers search! We all have our favorite colors.

  • Relevant Measurements 

Measurements are very important because Poshmark doesn’t allow returns for fit. Sure, you might skip them on leggings… but they’re extra important on things like jeans, dresses, and items where an exact fit is more important. 

To learn how to take measurements for clothing, check out this video I made. 

  • Style Tags and Keywords 

This is a bit more advanced and not something to worry about when you start.

But, as you grow and scale, you’ll want to include some style attributes and trending keywords. These are as simple as “preppy,” “bohemian,” and “goth,” but they can be as niched and complex as “dark academia,” “gorpcore,” and “coquette.” 


Here’s an example from my Poshmark Closet:


Style Tags Poshmark Closet


Want to learn more, advanced information? I could write a whole blog article just about listing descriptions! In fact, I did! Check out the Reseller’s Guide to SEO for best practices in your descriptions to maximize exposure.


5. Fill Out the Listing Form Fields

This part couldn’t be simpler. The Poshmark listing form includes drop-downs for brand, condition, colors, and size. Don’t skip these fields: they help buyers to find your items. 


This also includes the price field. If you’re unsure of what to price your items for, take a look at what other sellers are pricing items. I suggest performing a search on Poshmark for your item (or similar items) to get an idea of pricing. In the Poshmark word, we call this “comp research” as you’re looking at “comps” (comparables) to price appropriately and competitively. 


6. Share Your Poshmark Listings 

On Poshmark, you MUST share your listings daily to make sales.


Each time you share a listing, it advances in the news feeds of your followers, and in the search results.


To share your Poshmark listings manually, you click the share icon, and then select to share to followers:

Share Poshmark Listing


That’s it! Now your listing is “boosted” for maximum visibility. The more you do this, the better. As I said, you get out what you put in on Poshmark.


7. Make Offers to Likers (OTL) on Poshmark

Another important thing to do on Poshmark is sending offers to likers. 


In your Poshmark newsfeed, you’ll see items that have been “liked” by potential buyers:


Poshmark Offers to Likers


These items are eligible to send offers to likers. To send an offer, click on the item, then select Offer/Price Drop:


Poshmark Offers to Likers


From here, you can send an offer to likers. Note that OTL on Poshmark must be at least 10% off your asking price and you must include a shipping discount (paid by you). You’ll want to price high enough to accommodate offers.  


Once you’re comfortable on Poshmark and making the sales to support it, you might consider using a Poshmark Bot to automate activities like sharing, automatic offers to likers, following, and more. Here is an article I wrote about how Poshmark Bots make more sales!


8. Engage with Buyers

Do not forget to engage with your buyers. You might be inclined to turn off notifications because of how many of them you will receive; that’s fine, but be sure to go to your newsfeed regularly. 


Be sure to specifically check comments for questions and inquiries, offers to respond to incoming offers, and bundles to see if buyers have added your listings to a bundle. When this happens, it is as if they have put an item in their shopping cart, and you can comment to attempt to seal the deal! 




9. Ship Your Posh Packages 

Congrats! You made a sale. Now it’s time to ship! Shipping is so easy on Poshmark; it’s by far the easiest marketplace when it comes to shipping! 


How Does Shipping Work on Poshmark?


All Poshmark sales ship with a Poshmark USPS Priority Mail Label (there are no other choices). The label is emailed to you when you make a sale, and you can attach it to free priority mail packages at the post office, or any plain box or polymailer you have and ship it out!


Did you know that (in most areas) you can order free mailing supplies to your house and schedule package pickups on the USPS mobile app? You really don’t have to leave the house!


10. Join Some Reseller Facebook Groups

There are so many reseller Facebook groups where you can connect, get inspired, and ask questions of other Poshmark sellers. 


You’ll want to join a few of these, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! 


Some of my favorite pages include Vendoo: A Seller’s Best Friend, Poshmark Thrifting, and Poshmark for Beginners. There is also a huge reselling community on Instagram, and you can follow hashtags such as #poshmarkseller #poshmarktips, and more!


Poshmark Fees: Is Poshmark Worth It?


The Poshmark fee is 20% of the sale price. For items sold under $15, Poshmark takes a flat fee $2.95.  


Poshmark fees are steep but absolutely worth it. You just want to price accordingly.  


In exchange for the fee, Poshmark provides a huge audience of buyers, the easiest listing process, the simplest shipping options, the best seller protection, and the most advanced search engine optimization (SEO) on major search engines. 


How Do You Get Paid on Poshmark? 


Your funds become available on Poshmark either when the buyer accepts” their order or two days after delivery- whichever comes first. 


You can redeem your balance on your home screen and opt to do instant transfer, PayPal, Venmo, Direct Deposit, or request a check in the mail.


How to Get Paid on Poshmark

You can also use your balance to shop right on Poshmark!


There are so many places to sell things online! Check out: 10 Great Marketplaces Every Reseller Should Consider


Poshmark is the perfect place to get started selling online- for fashion, that is. But there are so many places to sell online


With Vendoo, you can crosslist your Poshmark listings to eBay, Mercari, Depop, Grailed, and more with just a few clicks to maximize exposure!


Vendoo also manages your inventory, bookkeeping, profit calculation, sales analytics, and other tools to help you make more money selling online


You’ll be side hustlin’ like a pro, and maybe even scale into a full-blown business with Vendoo!


Happy Selling!

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