Poshmark Bundles: How to Create a Bundle For Someone on Poshmark

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Poshmark Bundles: How to Create a Bundle For Someone on Poshmark

If you're interested in buying or selling on Poshmark, you'll want to know what a Poshmark bundle is. First, Poshmark is one of the top reselling platforms for sellers because it’s super easy to use from simple listing forms to flat rate shipping. However, there are still a few features that can confuse new shoppers and new sellers alike, such as the concept of bundling. 


In this blog, we’ll make sure you know exactly what bundling is, how to do it, and even some tricks to use bundles to make more sales. 


What Is a Poshmark Bundle?


Reseller platforms like Poshmark are unique because a buyer will be browsing items from multiple sellers at once. This makes a traditional shopping cart method difficult as the purchase needs to be separated by who the seller is. 


Poshmark Bundles are an easy way for a buyer to purchase multiple items from the same seller so they can get discounts and combined shipping. 


Sellers love bundles because you can sell several items and only have to ship one package. You’ll have an easier time attracting bundle sales if you have a lot of inventory available in each size so someone can find multiple items that are their style and size in your closet. 



How Bundling Works For Buyers On Poshmark


Bundling on Poshmark starts with likes. Let’s say you find a great closet that has multiple things you want to buy. Like each item by pressing the small heart icon. 


Poshmark Bundle


When you’re ready to bundle, one of the easiest ways is to click the shopping bag icon on one of the items. It starts a new bundle for you and adds that item for you. At the bottom of the screen will be all your other likes from this closet, which you can now add to the bundle. Many sellers give bundle discounts and will sometimes send you an even better deal. You can create the bundle and sit back and wait for the deal to be offered or you can make your own price suggestion right then. If the seller accepts your price then they will make the items to you in one shipment. 


Bundles are a great way for sellers to take advantage of sales. Sellers might offer ‘buy one get one free’ or any 3 items for a specific price. 






How Bundling Works For Sellers On Poshmark 


Sellers on Poshmark can set a bundle discount to try to entice buyers to make multiple purchases. In your Poshmark settings, go to “My Seller Tools” and then to “My Seller Discounts” to change the bundle discount options for your closet. 


Poshmark Seller Discount


You don’t simply have to wait for a seller to make a bundle. You can be proactive and add a buyer’s liked items to a bundle for them and offer a great deal to close the sale. 


To find and add listings a user has liked to their Bundle:


In the app

  • Go to your Account Tab (@username).

  • Select My Bundles.

  • Switch to Sell. 

  • Locate a Bundle and select View Bundle.

  • Scroll down to locate @username’s Likes From My Closet.

  • Under a listing image, select the Bundle icon.


On the web

  • Select My Bundles at the top of any page.

  • From the left-hand menu, switch to Sell. 

  • Locate a Bundle and select View Bundle.

  • Locate @username’s Likes From My Closet.

  • Under a listing image, select the Bundle icon.





Using Poshmark Bundles to Encourage More Sales 


There is another way you can use bundles to make more sales on Poshmark, and that is with the “My Shoppers” tool in your settings. Using the “My Shoppers” tools you can send bundle offers, send comments to bundles, and create bundles. One sales tool is to create bundles out of likes and then use the “add comment to bundle” feature to send a message about a potential sale or deal you are ready to give. For example, you can let shoppers know you are willing to do a 3/$25 deal all weekend long. 


Poshmark Likers Poshmark Bundle


#1. Select “Add Likes To Bundle”

#2. Craft Your Message

#3. Select “Add comment to bundle” and insert your message


You could also choose to create bundle deals then offer a discount instead of leaving a comment. 


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Packing And Shipping Poshmark Bundle Sales 


When selling bundles on Poshmark you’ll have to keep the total shipping weight in mind. Poshmark flat fee labels are only for shipments up to five pounds. You can contact poshmark and upgrade your label for larger packages at an additional cost. However, the maximum weight of a single Poshmark package is limited to ten pounds. If your bundle is over ten pounds you will have to create more than one bundle. 


To upgrade a Poshmark shipping label. Go to My Sales and tap on the relevant order. Select “new shipping label” and “need heavier weight.” The upcharge for heavier packages range from an extra $4.50 to an extra $22.50 and this money comes out of the seller side so keep shipping fees in mind when you make large bundle deals. 


Can You Trade Items In Poshmark Bundles? 


Trading is an early online sales platform idea which has fallen out of favor due to lack of oversight and too many scams. Trading is technically still allowed on platforms like Poshmark but Poshmark highly recommends against it and offers no support for trades. It might sound like a tempting way for resellers to trade stale inventory but there are issues with honesty and integrity with trades. 


To trade an item on Poshmark, both parties will create a listing or bundle for a minimum price and shipping. Each party will pay the minimum charge and their own shipping and then ship each other the agreed upon items. The issue is there is no way to enforce penalties if someone doesn’t ship their item. It’s better to stick to straightforward sales on Poshmark. 


Have you had any luck with a Poshmark bundle? Let us know in the comments below!


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