Vendoo Product Updates   Wrap-up For 2023

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Vendoo Product Updates Wrap-up For 2023


As we stand on the cusp of bidding farewell to 2023, let's take a moment to rewind the clock to January. Like you, the Vendoo team has navigated a whirlwind of innovations and enhancements. In this special edition blog post, we're ecstatic to share the highlights of our collective journey. Brace yourselves as we wrap up the year by showcasing the significant features and updates we've crafted to propel your businesses forward. 


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Take A Look At November Vendoo Bug Fixes


  • Fixed error where sales were not auto-detected when multi-quantity items were sold but still had quantity left.


  • Corrected the error that didn’t let users list onto Mercari due to a not-supported ZIP code.


  • Removed the Etsy return policy warning message that appears when trying to list an item without selecting any policy.


  • Fixed error related to the marketplace connection due to PayPal being removed as a payment method.


This month, the team worked on seamlessly integrating changes from various marketplaces and prioritized bug fixes based on user feedback, addressing issues on platforms like Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Kidizen, and Depop. Read all the updates here.



The main focus was enhancing our mobile app. We integrated Vestiaire Collective on the mobile app, added some extra fields in the marketplace forms, included Grailed’s shipping options for pre-paid labels on desktop, and optimized the importing process for eBay. Take a look at all the updates.



Key improvements included updates to Grailed shipping options, a duplicate sales issue resolution, and enhanced photo uploading on the mobile app. Read the blog post.


June & July 

We released two of our biggest features so far, focusing on innovation to redefine the reselling experience. The Sale Detection and Auto Delist feature for eBay and Poshmark, and the integration of Photoroom Background Remover. On the mobile app, we added templates and analytics. New releases.


April & May 

We launched the integration of Vestiaire Collective for desktop and added new advanced filters, providing missing sale details and a filter for items sold but still listed. Worked on delivering a better mobile experience through different improvements. Read the news.



We introduced game-changing updates to counter a slow start in sales. Mobile and desktop improvements included support for Shopify's new admin URL, integration of Etsy return policies, and updates to the Mark-as-Sold and Mercari categories form. We also introduced the referral program with a lifetime commission incentive for spreading the word about Vendoo. Learn more.



In the second month of the year, we brought mobile and desktop improvements, including updated Mercari shipping prices, enhanced inventory sorting, and an optimized search bar. Our biggest improvement was enabling users to upload more than 5 images at a time on the mobile app. This month's updates.



Our team kicked off the year by introducing new features and improvements like the support of multi-quantity items, the addition of Shopify and Kidizen as new marketplaces on the mobile app, and compatibility with Etsy calculated shipping profiles. More updates.


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