Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For October 2023

Vendoo Updates
Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For October 2023


Adaptability is key! This month, our team has been dedicated to seamlessly integrating changes from various marketplaces, ensuring your experience remains top-notch.


But that's not all! We've also prioritized bug fixes based on the feedback we’ve received from our users. Read on to explore all the fantastic changes and improvements we've implemented this month. 


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Vendoo's New Improvements

Mobile and Desktop Improvements

  • Add a Personalization toggle on Etsy with all subfields and implement copy and paste for all the new fields. 
  • Update Mercari Shipping on Vendoo to Reflect Recent Mercari Rate Changes.
  • Add a new delivery method, “Ship on your own” on Mercari.

Take A Look At The Latest Vendoo Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue where sold items were available to import when syncing the Poshmark closet.
  • Corrected issue related to users not being able to mark as delist/mark as listed on Poshmark.


  • Fixed error that leads to failure to relist Items on eBay via Vendoo due to ISBN not being imported.
  • Corrected the issue with store category fields not being correctly populated when importing.


  • Fixed error that didn’t allow to list an item using the "Mercari Local" or "Mercari Local & Shipping" options.
  • Fixed the Mercari for USPS Ground Advantage not being displayed on Vendoo.


  • Corrected the issue that listed items without the cover photo.


  • Fixed error where users could not connect to this marketplace because Paypal was removed as a payment method.

General Fixes 

  • Worked and deleted the warning message that said a brand does not exist, even when the brand exists and was selected.
  • Fixed error that didn’t allow to mark an item as sold without the Delist & Relist Add-on.
  • Fixed an issue related to the background remover not working with items that contain only 1 image.
  • Corrected the error that didn’t update the quantity after marking an item as sold.


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