Vendoo Product Updates For June & July

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Vendoo Product Updates For June & July


Discover the power of innovation: Unveiling our latest product updates! Get ready to explore the most significant features of the last months. These exciting enhancements include automation and promise to redefine your reselling experience.

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Vendoo's New Features And Improvements

New Features 

  • Sale Detection and Auto Delist feature is now available for eBay and Poshmark.
  • Photoroom Background Remover is now integrated into Vendoo.
  • Templates and Analytics are the latest addition to the Vendoo mobile app.

Mobile and Desktop Improvements

  • Made changes to the app experience on small-screen devices.
  • Improved listing process for Mercari, Depop, and eBay.
  • Improved the appearance of the multi-select field for better performance. 
  • Added new fields on the Etsy form to include secondary color and material. 
  • Changed the auto delist behavior so items marked as sold before Vendoo detects the sale won’t be duplicated.

Take A Look At The Latest Vendoo Bug Fixes


  • Fixed listing errors related to size fields on the mobile app. 
  • Corrected the importing images with low-resolution issue. 
  • Fixed the issue that didn’t allow users to list on Mercari.


  • Ability to create listings with up to 8 images.
  • Corrected error where saved shipping defaults were not populating correctly on the mobile app. 
  • Fixed the listing error related to worldwide shipping prices. 


  • Fixed errors where users could not list their items properly.
  • Addressed issue that didn't allow marking items as sold or delisting them due to lack of a URL.
  • Improved the eBay importing process for listings with various pricing structures (not fixed price).
  • Corrected the syncing error of sold items showing up on the importing page.
  • Fixed connection issues for users who deleted store categories.


  • Solved issue that was presenting while attempting to sync items from Grailed.
  • Fixed login issues to Grailed on Android devices.

Vestiaire Collective

  • Fixed the issue where Vestiaire Collective connection was not recognized when both Chrome extensions were enabled together.


General Issues 

  • Fixed the analytics page showing an incorrect number of listed items.
  • Photos on the mobile app now have the right look and field when uploading for the first time.
  • Addressed errors presented on the checkout page.
  • Fixed the issue where backgrounds can’t be removed on iOS devices.
  • Corrected the mistake for the listing or relisting process on mobile.


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