Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For August

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For August


After a whirlwind month of exciting new feature releases in July, we're shifting gears in August to focus on refining and enhancing your user experience. While the previous month was all about innovation, this month's journey is dedicated to fine-tuning our product, addressing any blockers, and making your experience smoother and more efficient.


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Vendoo's New Improvements

Mobile and Desktop Improvements

  • Grailed shipping options were updated.
  • Fixed sale detection issue related to duplicate sales. 
  • Improved the photo uploading process on the mobile app.
  • Added “Save as Default” option to the listing type field on Etsy.

Take A Look At The Latest Vendoo Bug Fixes


  • Corrected the issue of categories changing randomly
  • Fixed sale detection feature


  • Fixed the issue that didn’t allow users to connect to the marketplace
  • Corrected an error that didn’t allow users to list 


  • Fixed the issue that didn’t let users list
  • Fixed the “Who do you want to pay for shipping” field in the form


  • Corrected the quantity field on the Kidizen form in the mobile app


  • Options for Etsy policies are now showing correctly in the drop-down

Vestiaire Collective

  • Fixed error where the category specifics for items were not loading correctly

General Issues 

  • Fixed error that didn’t allow form edits after applying templates
  • Corrected the date range not showing when filtering
  • Fixed the login issue on the Vendoo app for Android users
  • Fixed Vendoo labels getting stuck after editing in bulk


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