Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For February

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For February


Cheers to another month full of improvements to make resellers' lives much easier! Make sure you join our Facebook Group for weekly updates and behind-the-scenes information about what's happening at Vendoo! 


Vendoo’s New Features And Improvements

Mobile and Desktop Improvements

  • The new Mercari shipping prices are updated in Vendoo
  • Experience improvements such as a new way to sort the inventory, an optimized search bar, and improvements in the navigation of the forms were made in our mobile app
  • Mercari smart offers were added to the desktop software 


Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes For The Month 


  • Corrected an error that didn’t allow users to list on Mercari.


  • Fixed the issue of Poshmark showing an error regarding “Multicolor” being invalid as a primary color. 


  • Fixed the eBay description not being transferred in the copy-and-paste process.

General Issues 

  • Fixed the Date Listed field when marking items as sold on “other” marketplaces.
  • Corrected the duplicate issue that was happening during the Importing process.
  • Fixed issues with the mobile app where it closed randomly and photos were not being uploaded properly.
  • Resolved the errors related to sold items not being in sync with their current status.
  • Fixed the error that didn’t allow users to upload more than 5 images at a time in the mobile app.
  • Solved issue where the Retry button on the Sync process was disabled.


Loving these improvements? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or social media to let us know your favorite or any suggestions you may have!


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