How to Get Started Selling on Depop

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How to Get Started Selling on Depop

Depop is poppin’. As a progressive and diverse home for unique fashion, Depop reports over 35 million active users in over 150 countries. Interestingly, 90% of users are under the age of 26. With the primary customers being Gen Z, the top-selling categories on Depop are Designer, Vintage, Streetwear, One-of-a-kind, and Y2k.


Depop is not your typical reselling platform- its a vivid assortment of unique, funky, vintage, and trendy fashion flourishing with artistic expression. On Depop, you don’t see a lot of the (boring) images of preppy clothing on clear hangers with a plain white background. In fact, you’ll see the opposite.


On Depop, it is all about the look and #aesthetic


Depop, it is all about the look and #aesthetic

Depop is the perfect place for your vintage, retro, funky, unique, and just plain weird pieces. Selling on Depop makes sourcing fun!

Check out my Depop Shop here.


Fun Fact: Depop launched in 2011 and was acquired by Etsy in 2021 (though it is still operated as a standalone company).


Depop is perhaps the easiest platform to sell on, but one of the toughest to master. Before you get started, be sure to familiarize yourself with Depop; the community guidelines, seller policies, listing process, payment specifics, and shipping practices. I summarize these details in the following video:



I have been selling on Depop for a year now, and it has become one of my best-performing marketplaces. Here are some of my best insights, tips, and tricks to increase sales on Depop.


What Can You Sell on Depop? 


Depop is a place for primarily fashion: clothing, accessories, shoes, and jewelry. Womenswear and Menswear are the top categories, but you can also sell homeware, decor, art, records, and more. Click here for a full-guide of what you can sell on Depop. 


Based on my own sales data, here is what I recommend cross-listing to Depop:



#Vintageondepop is a top seller and hashtag. Anything that is at least 20 years old is vintage, and knowing the decade will help to market your item. This includes early 2000s Y2k pieces. Learn more about sourcing, selling, and dating vintage here.


If your item is not vintage but looks like vintage use the keyword/hashtag retro. 


Trendy Fashion

If its currently trending, Depop is the place for it. Right now, retro, Y2k, bohemian and cottage styles, and classics are trending. To stay trendy, check out the Depop Explore Page which features hand-picked items by Depop that are in demand. 


People love accessories, and they are often sizeless, which vastly widens your prospective customers because they fit everyone! Be sure to get your Belts, Hats, Jewelry, Bags, and Shoes listed on Depop. 


Unique Pieces: OOAK

Depop is all about the look and expression. I sell the weirdest, funkiest (honestly, ugliest) pieces on Depop that would never sell anywhere else. Buyers love one-of-a-kind unique pieces. Of course, this includes handmade, upcycled, and repurposed pieces, too! 


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How to Create a Depop Account


You can create a Depop account in just seconds on the Depop Mobile App. Depop has a website, but the app has more tools and capabilities. 


When you create an account you can also create Depop Shop Policies as to your return policy, bundle discounts, international shipping, and if you use eco-friendly packaging. 


How to List Items 


It is super easy to list an item on Depop. Depop offers one of the most simple listing forms, with photos, a description, and a few drop-downs. 


Did you know that Depop is a Vendoo platform? Cross-list your items to Depop in just seconds with Vendoo.


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Depop Photos 


You can add eight photos and 10 seconds of video content. 


Depop much prefers modeled or flat lay photography (in fact, you must use one of these for a chance to be featured on the Explore Page). If modeling is not your thing, keep it simple with flat lay photos. 


Remember that it is all about the style and aesthetic on Depop, the best Depop shops look more like curated Instagram feeds than stores, give it style and have fun! 


💡 Tip: Do not use stock photos on Depop. They will remove them instantly, and your account will be compromised. Depop does not wait until a brand complains about the use of their images- they proactively remove them to promote and protect artistic expression.

Depop Listing Descriptions


Descriptions matter! Every single character in your Depop description is searchable in the Depop search query- make sure your listings contain all the words that buyers are looking for including the item, style, type, size, and descriptive adjectives. 


Measurements are very important on Depop as well. If you don’t provide them, you will be asked, or you will be overlooked for a shop that provides the information the buyer needs to purchase with confidence.


Depop Trending Hashtags


The most important part of your Depop listing is the hashtags. Use all five hashtags in your description, and choose them carefully. Trending hashtags will promote your listings in the search field and newsfeed. 


How do you find trending hashtags for Depop?  We’ve got you covered! For trending style aesthetics, cores, BOLO brands, and hashtags on Depop, check out A Reseller’s Guide to Cores & Aesthetics. We update this list regularly, so bookmark this page!

Depop Style Fields


For best results, fill out the Depop listing form entirely.



You will be prompted to choose the category, select the condition, and enter your price. 

Then, you will select the Depop Style Fields: 


Depop Style Hashtags

These fields are super important on Depop. Select the ones that are most relevant to your item.


💡 Tip: Keep in mind that the Depop style fields are arranged by popularity.

Pricing on Depop


On Depop, you cannot look at sold listings for pricing reference, so “comp research” includes only browsing active listings through the search feed. 


But comps are not huge on Depop as the buyer is not necessarily as savvy as the buyers elsewhere (nor is the searchfeed as advanced). Plus, your item is worth what someone will pay for it. 


Do not be afraid to price high on Depop. The majority of users are young (perhaps with disposable income), and are willing to pay up for trendy, unique, and vintage styles. 


You can’t sell high if you don’t list high, period. Many Depop sales are outright purchases, without offers or messages requesting a discount. I price high for this reason. However, Depop does have an offer feature (offers are not binding, however) and it is more common to receive a message requesting a discount or inquiring as to your “best price.” 


Did you know that your items are twice as likely to sell if you offer free shipping on Depop? 

Managing Your Depop Shop 


Depop is not a “list it and leave it” platform, it requires a little attention. First, Depop requires constantly refreshing your listings. This is SO IMPORTANT. You must refresh your items on Depop at least once daily to make sales. Refreshing your items is the only way to bump them to rank higher in the search bar. To manually refresh your items, open a listing, click “edit,” and click “save.”


💡 Tip: Manual sharing becomes tedious, so I recommend using Seller Aider to refresh your Depop Listings. This is my favorite Depop Bot! (Note: Use at your own risk as the use of automation software is not technically allowed on Depop)


Other ways to promote engagement and sales is to list new items consistently, be responsive to messages and offers, and of course to ship quickly. 


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Depop Fees: What Percent Does Depop Take?


When you’re sourcing for Depop, assume that Depop takes approximately 13% as a quick estimate to determine if your items are worth it. 


In reality, they’re a bit less than that. Depop fees are a little complex to calculate. There are no account fees, subscription fees, or listing fees: you only pay Depop fees when you make a sale.

First, there is a 10% Depop fee plus the Depop transaction fee (currently 3.3% + $0.45 but varies based on region). 

There is also an optional 10% boosting fee, if you would like to pay to promote your items.

For example, let’s say you boosted a listing and sold a jacket for $25 with the cost for the Depop label being $12.40 ($37.40 total). Here’s how you would calculate the fees:

  1. Depop fee: 10% of $37.40 = $3.74
  2. Transaction fee (in the US): 3.3% of $37.40 =  $1.23, then add $0.45 = $1.68
  3. Boosted Listing Fee: 10% of $25 = $2.5

Here, your earnings after fees would be approximately $17.08

Overall, Depop fees are decent in comparison to the other marketplaces. 



Depop Shipping: How Does Shipping Work on Depop?  


On Depop, there are many shipping selections available to sellers. When listing, you must select whether to:

  1. Ship with Depop or ship on your own;

  2. Offer free shipping or charge shipping; and

  3. Use USPS, FedEx, or UPS.


Each Depop listing has a shipping section for this information.  If you select to ship with Depop, Depop will email you a USPS label upon sale. However, you will need to enter the item’s approximate weight (including packaging) when you list to select the label tier.

depop shipping rates

The current rates for shipping with Depop are great, ranging from $4.49 for extra small packages (under 4oz) to $13.49 for extra large packages (up to 10lbs). That is an incredible rate to ship to any United States territory, especially for heavier items!


When you ship with Depop, you can download a prepaid shipping label issued by Depop and tracking will automatically start once the package is in route. Depop uses USPS Ground Advantage for qualifying packages and USPS Priority Mail for all heavier orders.


Electing to ship on your own requires purchasing your own shipping label and providing Depop with the tracking information for the package. When you ship on your own, you can purchase through any carrier. I suggest using Pirate Ship for the best rates.


To learn more about pros and cons of self-shipping vs. shipping with Depop, check out The Reseller's Guide to Shipping on Depop. 


International Shipping with Depop


Expand your exposure by offering international shipping. Depop exists in over 150 countries worldwide, and buyers love American Vintage!


Does Depop Give You a Shipping Label?

You must ship on your own when you offer international shipping (you cannot use Depop labels). 


International shipping can be very expensive, so be mindful when offering this on a listing. In the listing field, I generally put $20-$50 for international shipping based on weight. I use Pirate Ship simple export to get the best rates for global shipping; they make the customs information so simple!


Free Shipping or Charging Shipping on Depop


Next, you must decide whether you will offer free shipping (paying it yourself) or charge your buyers for shipping. 


According to Depop, sellers are 10% more likely to make sales when they offer free shipping. People hate paying for shipping, and we’re living in Amazon Prime Days, so this makes sense. Many sellers choose to offer free shipping but to raise their prices a bit more to allow for the same. 


Offering free shipping is positively incentivizing, but it can also be infeasible for lower-priced items if it eats up too much of your profit. A 1lb pair of jeans that you might choose to sell for $20, would cost you $5-$8 to ship, significantly reducing your margin. If your inventory is higher value, the cost of shipping might not be as detrimental to your profit margin.


Depop Return Policy


Depop does not allow returns (although you can, as a seller, if you choose). However, the buyer is protected in the event that the item is not received, not authentic, or not as described. When a buyer opens a claim with Depop, you do not see the claim or get a chance to respond. Depop will likely side with the buyer. 


Ultimately, if a buyer wants to return an item, they’re going to. Avoid the hassle, risking your Depop account and Paypal account with infractions, and preserving your relationship with buyers buy just allowing returns. It is better to receive your item back in its original condition (and avoid getting “in trouble”) than to have infringements on your account or cause an angry teeny-bopper to damage your item for the purpose of forcing a refund claim. 


Depop is unlike the other marketplaces. Really browse the app, the feature pages, and listings from other sellers. Understanding Depop Culture and the Depop Community will help you to connect with buyers, enhance your Depop shop, and be more successful on Depop.


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Do you sell on Depop? Share your best tips and tricks below.


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