Make More Sales on Depop and Become a Top Seller

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Make More Sales on Depop and Become a Top Seller

Becoming a top seller on Depop is hard. It requires a lot of work and absolutely no infractions of their strict community guidelines. With determination and consistency, it is possible to become a top seller on Depop.


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Here is some information about Depop’s Top Seller Program, and some Depop tips and tricks to make more sales to reach Top Seller status.


What is the Depop Top Seller Program?


Depop Sellers are elected for an invite-only program for sellers. It comes with many benefits and protections, and it is a goal of most sellers on Depop. Top Sellers are prioritized by Depop, promoted, and offered special support, services, resources, and mentoring opportunities.



Benefits of Being a Top Seller on Depop


Depop Top Sellers receive so many benefits and thus make more sales and make more money selling on Depop.


Some of the perks of being verified on Depop include:

1. An account manager for direct support and prioritized customer services


2. Extra exposure benefits in the app including Explore Page picks and Meet Sellers feature (where your listings are shared with the entire Depop Community.


3. Verification Status or “blue tick status” where you get the verified checkmark icon on your profile, alerting all that you’re a trusted and top-performing seller


4. Exclusive access to a private forum chat room with other top sellers and team Depop.


With the extra promotion in the Depop algorithm, achieving top seller status is a guarantee to receive more exposure and increase revenue and profit on Depop.


How to Become a Top Seller on Depop


Becoming a Depop seller is difficult, you must meet many goals consistently. To become a top seller on Depop, you need to meet the following criteria each month for four consecutive months:


1. You must sell 50+ items at an average sale price of at least $20USD or earn a total of $2,600 in sales (before Depop fees)


2. You must have an average rating of at least 4.5 stars.


3. You must have no infringements on your account.  

Note that infringements include removed listings for misbranding, use of stock images, canceled sales, spam reports, or anything you get reprimanded for by team Depop via email).


4. You must have an average shipping time of 3 days or less.


You must maintain your seller status. If you do not keep up with the requirements, you lose your top seller status on Depop. Once you become a top-seller, you must continue to meet the criteria above to remain a top-seller. Top sellers on Depop have accounts reviewed every 4 months for compliance.


Did you know that you can check out your Depop analytics and stats on the desktop website to see your top seller progress? This page is not available in the Depop app.


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Tips to Make More Sales on Depop


Want to become a Top Seller on Depop? Here are some tips and tricks to make more Depop sales!


1. List Consistently on Depop

 Consistent daily activity is one of the most important things you can do on Depop. This can also be accomplished by delisting and relisting stale listings with Vendoo!


2. Sell What is Trending on Depop

Desirability is subjective, but selling trendy items is a great way to make more sales on Depop. Study the daily Explore Page features to see which items and styles are in demand.


3. Take Great Depop Photos

 Looks matter, especially on Depop, where the look and aesthetic matter way more than the brand. Photos sell, and Depop reports that modeled photos and flat lays are the most successful cover shots to increase sales on Depop


4. Use trending Hashtags on Depop. 

Use all five hashtags in your description and choose them carefully. Trending hashtags will promote your listings in the search field and newsfeed. To find trending hashtags, check out Instagram or browse top sellers’ Depop shops and see what they are doing!


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5. Refresh your Depop Listings.

This is SO IMPORTANT. You must refresh your items on Depop at least once daily to make sales. Refreshing your items is the only way to bump them to rank higher in the search bar. To manually refresh your items, open a listing, click “edit,” and click “save.”


Depop Tip: Manual sharing becomes tedious, so I recommend using Seller Aider to refresh your Depop Listings. This is my favorite Depop Bot! (Note: Use at your own risk as the use of automation software is not technically allowed on Depop)


6. Be Responsive to Depop Offers and Messages.

According to Depop, 95% of Depop users are under the age of 26. A younger user base that grew up with iPhone and same-day shipping wants everything now. For best results, be attentive. It is Gen Z’s world, and we’re just living in it.


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Depop is unlike the other marketplaces. Really browse the app, the feature pages, and listings from other sellers. Understanding Depop Culture and the Depop Community will help you to connect with buyers, enhance your Depop shop, and be more successful on Depop.


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