Top Selling Items on Depop 2024

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Top Selling Items on Depop 2024

Hey there, Depop resellers! Want the scoop on what's flying off the virtual shelves in 2024? You're in the perfect spot! 


I’m about to break down the top-selling items on Depop this year and trust me, you don't want to miss out. Whether it's the classic cool Adidas Samba sneakers or the must-have graphic tees, 


I’ve got the inside track of what buyers love. 


So, keep reading if you're looking to stock up your Depop shop with the hottest items that'll sell like hotcakes. 


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Table of Contents:

  • Shorts
  • Adidas Samba
  • Sunglasses
  • Camo Pants
  • Soccer Jersey
  • Prom Dress
  • Denim Skirt
  • Graphic Tee


Ready to get into the nitty-gritty of the top picks for this year?



depop shorts

(Image source: Depop)


Men's Shorts

I notice a strong preference for utility and cargo shorts in the men's category, reflecting a desire for style and functionality. 


Vintage athletic shorts, particularly those from renowned brands or featuring nostalgic sports team logos, are also major hits. 


For the fashion-forward, I see bold patterns and unique fabrics like linen or sustainable materials gaining traction. 


Men are looking for shorts that offer a blend of comfort, durability, and that cool factor, making these styles top picks for a Depop inventory.


Women's Shorts

On the women's front, I observe that high-waisted and denim shorts continue to dominate, with a special interest in unique details like embroidery, fringes, and distressed finishes. 


Athletic and biker shorts remain popular, transitioning smoothly from workout wear to streetwear. Although some folks are returning back to the office for work, the athleisure style is still popular. 


Vintage finds are exceptionally prized, offering that one-of-a-kind look that Depop shoppers adore. 


Floral prints and pastel colors are also in vogue, appealing to those seeking a softer, more feminine aesthetic. 


Stocking a diverse range of women's shorts caters to various customer preferences, boosting a Depop store's appeal.


depop shorts

(Image source: Depop)


Popular Brands

  • Nike

  • Levi’s

  • American Eagle Outfitters

  • Lululemon

  • Forever 21

Adidas Samba

adidas samba

(Image source: Depop)


Let's chat about Adidas Samba sneakers! I'm telling you, they're totally ruling Depop in 2024. These kicks are classic, but they've made a huge comeback, and everyone's looking to snag a pair.


I've noticed that it doesn't really matter if they're the classic black and white ones or some of the funkier, colorful versions; people just can't get enough of them. They're all over Depop, and they're selling like crazy! They've got this versatile style that seems to go with everything, plus they're super iconic.


(Image source: Depop)


Other Popular Shoe Brands

  • Nike

  • Jordan

  • Vans

  • Converse

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depop sunglasses


Men's Sunglasses

In the men's sunglasses category, bold and angular designs are making waves. Think classic aviators getting a modern twist with unique color lenses or matte finishes. 


Sports sunglasses, especially those with reflective or polarized lenses, are also in high demand. They blend functionality with style. 


Retro-inspired styles, like wayfarers or round frames, are resonating, too, especially when they feature unusual materials or color accents. 


For men on Depop, it's all about sunglasses that make a statement while offering practical benefits.


Women's Sunglasses

For women, oversized frames continue to be a huge hit, providing that glamorous, chic look many are after. 


Cat-eye sunglasses are evolving, with more exaggerated shapes and various colors and patterns. 


Buyers also embrace unique and playful designs, such as heart-shaped frames or embellished details that stand out. 


Vintage frames are particularly appealing, and styles from the '70s and '80s are particularly coveted for their authentic, nostalgic charm. 


Offering a diverse selection of women's sunglasses that capture these trends can attract a wide customer base for your Depop store.


depop sunglasses

(Image source: Depop)


Popular Brands

  • Ray-Ban

  • Gucci

  • Prada

  • Versace

  • Urban Outfitters


Pro Tip: To see what style of sunglasses are trending right now, the best place to do market research is in TikTok! In the TikTok app, search ‘sunglasses’ and apply the filter as shown in the screenshot below:


depop app





Camo Pants

depop camo pants

(Image source: Depop)


Men's Camo Pants

For men, camo pants are all about ruggedness and versatility. 


The classic military camo remains a staple, preferred for its authenticity and durability. Many men pair these with simple tees or hoodies for a casual look or dress them up with a button-down shirt or a blazer for a more structured style. 


The newer, modern twists on camo, incorporating different colors or digital patterns, are also gaining traction among men who want to stay ahead in the fashion game while maintaining a masculine edge.


Women's Camo Pants

In the women's section, camo pants offer a mix of edgy and chic. 


High-waisted camo trousers or skinny-fit versions are particularly popular, providing a flattering silhouette while maintaining the bold, statement-making pattern. Women are styling these with crop tops, tank tops, or even sophisticated blouses for a high-low mix. 


Additionally, camo in unconventional colors like pastels or neon is becoming a hit among women on Depop, offering a fresh take on the traditional camo palette.

depop camo pants


(Image source: Depop)


Popular Brands

  • Realtree

  • American Vintage

  • Wrangler

  • Mossy Oak

  • Urban Outfitters

Soccer Jersey

depop soccer jersey

(Image source: Depop)


Whether you've got your hands on some retro jerseys or the newest ones straight from the clubs, you're sitting on a goldmine. And guess what? When there's a big soccer event going on, like the World Cup or the Euros, the demand for these jerseys skyrockets. Everyone wants to support their team or rock the look of their favorite player.


But here's the kicker: it's not just the hardcore soccer enthusiasts who are shopping for these. Fashion-forward folks are also scooping them up, mixing them into their everyday wardrobes for that sporty, street-style vibe. This means you've got a massive audience to tap into right there on Depop.


depop soccer jersey

(Image source: Depop)


Popular Brands

  • Adidas

  • Nike

  • Puma

  • Umbro

  • American Vintage


Prom Dress

depop prom dress

(Image source: Depop)


Prom dresses on Depop aren't just for high school dances anymore! Buyers are now seeking out these elegant and unique gowns for various formal occasions, from weddings and galas to sophisticated parties and award ceremonies. 


The rise in sustainable fashion has propelled the popularity of second-hand prom dresses, as eco-conscious buyers opt for these pre-loved gems over new, off-the-rack gowns. 


By featuring diverse styles, sizes, and eras, your Depop store can become a treasure trove for shoppers seeking that perfect dress, whether they're heading to a prom or any other formal gathering.


depop prom dress

(Image source: Depop)


Popular Brands

  • American Vintage

  • Windsor

  • Lulus

  • Sherri Hill

  • David’s Bridal


Denim Skirt

depop skirt

(Image source: Depop)


Denim skirts are like the Swiss Army knife of fashion; they can be dressed up or down and fit into so many different styles. 


They're a fantastic choice for your Depop shop because they appeal to such a broad audience. Whether your buyer is aiming for a chic, sophisticated look or just keeping it casual, a denim skirt fits the bill. 


Plus, with all the different washes and cuts, there's something for everyone.


Mini Denim Skirts

These throwback minis are all the rage again. They're not just plain Jane; we're talking about skirts with cool patches, embroidery, or funky hems that catch the eye. They're a hit for a casual look, easy to pair with tees or sweaters and some killer kicks or boots.


Midi Denim Skirts

Now, for those who like to keep it a bit more low-key or need something that works for a 'nice top and jeans' kind of day, midi denim skirts are your go-to. 


They come in different fits like A-line or pencil, and they're awesome for creating a look that's a tad more polished. Perfect for pairing with a nice top or blouse, these skirts can help your buyers nail that effortlessly stylish vibe.


Distressed and Embroidered Variants

Got buyers who love a bit of an edge or a dash of detail? Distressed denim skirts give off that cool, worn-in look, while embroidered ones add a special touch, making each piece feel one-of-a-kind. Stocking these means you're catering to a wide array of personal styles.


(Image source: Depop)


Popular Brands

  • Forever 21

  • Free People

  • PacSun

  • American Vintage

  • American Eagle Outfitters

Graphic Tee

Depop graphic tee

(Image source: Depop)


Men's Graphic Tees

Graphic tees for men are a significant part of casual and streetwear fashion. They often feature bold statements, band logos, or pop culture references that resonate with individual styles and interests. 


Men's graphic tees range from the understated and classic to the loud and statement-making. They are versatile enough to be paired with jeans, shorts or layered under jackets and shirts, allowing for a range of looks from laid-back to more put-together. 


Women's Graphic Tees

Women's graphic tees are equally versatile and fashionable, offering a platform for self-expression and creativity. 


They can range from vintage rock band tees to modern feminist slogans, appealing to various personal styles and cultural interests. 


Women are styling these tees in numerous ways – tucked into high-waisted jeans, paired with sleek skirts, or layered under slip dresses for a 90s vibe. 


The graphic tee for women serves as a statement piece that can elevate a simple outfit or complement a more layered, eclectic look. Like their male counterparts, women value the blend of comfort, style, and personal expression that graphic tees offer.


depop graphic tees

(Image source: Depop)


Popular Brands

  • American Vintage

  • Gildan

  • Harley Davidson

  • Hanes

  • Fruit of the Loom


Popular Styles In Depop


depop styles


Alright, let's dive into why it's super important to know what styles are rocking on Depop to figure out what kind of shorts you should be selling (for example). 


If you're in the loop about the top styles like Streetwear, Occasionwear, Minimalism, Grunge, Mob wife, and Gorpcore, you can stock up on the shorts that are most likely to sell like hotcakes. 


Here's a quick rundown of what these styles are all about



Streetwear is a laid-back, urban fashion style that blends comfort with edgy aesthetics, often influenced by skate, surf, and hip-hop cultures. It features casual yet trendy items like sneakers, hoodies, and graphic tees, embodying a cool, effortless vibe that's always on the pulse of contemporary trends.



Occasionwear is all about dressing up for special events, featuring elegant and sophisticated attire that stands out. It includes everything from glamorous dresses and suits to finely tailored ensembles, perfect for making a statement on any significant occasion.



Minimalism in fashion focuses on simplicity and elegance, favoring clean lines, neutral colors, and uncluttered designs. It's all about quality over quantity, with well-crafted pieces that emphasize timeless style and understated sophistication.



Grunge fashion embraces a rugged, undone aesthetic, characterized by distressed denim, flannel shirts, and layered, disheveled looks. It's all about capturing that rebellious, carefree vibe with vintage band tees, chunky boots, and a generally nonchalant attitude towards styling.


Mob Wife 

The Mob Wife fashion trend exudes a bold, luxurious style, blending sophistication with a touch of edginess. It features figure-hugging dresses, lavish fur coats, and statement accessories, embodying a glamorous yet powerful aesthetic reminiscent of classic mobster movies.



A trend where outdoor gear meets street style, turning functional pieces like puffer jackets, hiking boots, and fleeces into urban fashion statements. It's all about sporting brands like The North Face, Patagonia, and Arc'teryx with a trendy twist.

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There you have it, a comprehensive guide to what's trending on Depop in 2024! From the streets to the soccer fields, from casual wear to formal attire, understanding what's hot can significantly boost your sales. 


Now, I'm curious to hear from you! What's been your top-selling item on Depop? Drop a comment below or hit us up on social media – can't wait to hear about your top seller!


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