Reselling Platforms: 11 Marketplaces Every Reseller Should Consider

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Reselling Platforms: 11 Marketplaces Every Reseller Should Consider

There are so many reselling sites and apps to sell things online for a profit.  


E-commerce is at an all-time high, and more people are buying online than ever. In fact, eCommerce sales account for over 20% of all retail sales worldwide, and over 40% of clothing and apparel sales.


Reselling is becoming a popular industry, and more people are selling secondhand clothing and hard goods on various reselling marketplaces such as eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy, Depop, Grailed, Shopify, and others. 


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With Vendoo, you can cross-list everything everywhere in minutes, but you want to focus your time and attention on the marketplaces where your items will sell quickly and for the best price. 


Which marketplaces are the best? Here is a little about each!



eBay is the largest and most lucrative online marketplace. eBay has been around since 1995 and is a great place to sell things online with a huge audience and a large array of selling categories. eBay is the largest and most lucrative online reselling marketplace with 135 million buyers worldwide. Of those, 61% of eBay users are 35-64 years old, a more mature audience than many other popular marketplaces.


eBay is likely the “best” place to sell with the largest audience and largest range of what you can sell. On eBay, you can sell almost anything, and top-selling categories include automotive, jewelry and watches, electronics (computers, tablets, phones, cameras, video game consoles, games, and accessories), clothing and apparel, home decor and accessories, and health and beauty products.


eBay is a beast, with endless tools and functions for sellers of any skill level and volume. eBay provides sellers with superior control, tools, functions, analytics, and marketing opportunities to truly grow and scale their business.


Fun Fact: Most Vendoo users report that their top-performing marketplace is eBay. 


To learn more about eBay business policies, listing guidelines, shipping, eBay fees, tips, and tricks, check out the blog How to Get Started Selling on eBay. 



Mercari is another great marketplace where you can sell many different types of items. The Mercari listing and shipping processes are straightforward and user-friendly! On Mercari, you can list almost anything that can be shipped, and they recently introduced Mercari Local,” which uses Uber to arrange for local delivery.


Mercari has approximately 50 million active users in the United States. 


The top-selling categories on Mercari include electronics, apparel, toys and games, and home decor. 


Fun Fact: There are over 350 thousand items listed on Mercari daily. 


With Vendoo, you can cross-list your inventory to Mercari in just seconds. It might never be your top-selling platform, but it has a ton of potential for regular activity and sales. Mercari also has no selling fees, making it a great place to sell for the most profit.


To learn more about selling on Mercari, shipping, Mercari fees, and tips and tricks to make more sales, check out the blog How to Start Selling on Mercari.



Poshmark is a favorite among resellers selling clothing and accessories. Poshmark is among the best platforms to sell women’s, men’s, and children's apparel. You can also sell select home decor, pet items, and electronics on Poshmark.


With over 80 million community members across the United States and Canada, Poshmark is a leading social e-commerce marketplace for new and secondhand fashion. 


Resellers fall in love with Poshmark’s interface and social community feel. Poshmark is a bit high maintenance, requiring social interaction and “sharing,” but this activity generates a ton of traffic and sales.


Fun Fact: Poshmark has superior search engine optimization (SEO) and Google ranking. Unlike other platforms, many Poshmark purchases happen from guest buyers that found the listings on Google.


If you want to learn more about how to sell on Poshmark, listing tips, shipping, and Poshmark fees, check out The Poshmark Bible


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Facebook Marketplace: 

Facebook Marketplace has recently emerged as an exciting and convenient marketplace for online sellers. It’s no secret that billions of people spend hours per day on Facebook, and FB Marketplace allows you to turn users into buyers. 


Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide, reporting 3 billion monthly active users at the time of this article. Facebook does not explicitly publish how many Facebook users are also Facebook Marketplace users. 


On Facebook Marketplace, you can sell items via a traditional listing style, but also share them with your Facebook friends and local Facebook Groups and Pages. 


Facebook Marketplace emerged as an “online yardsale” for local meet-ups comparable to CraigsList, but is becoming more of a reselling platform to ship items across the country! 


Top-sellers on Facebook Marketplace include furniture and appliances, clothing and apparel, decor and home goods, electronics, and toys! 


To learn more about how to sell on Facebook Marketplace, check out A Reseller’s Guide: How to Start Selling on Facebook Marketplace



Next, let’s talk about Etsy. Etsy is the best place to sell handmade items, and its growth is ever-expanding. On Etsy, you can sell handmade items, vintage clothing and decor, and craft supplies. 


Etsy is a popular selling marketplace with approximately 31.7 million active buyers on Etsy, and Etsy acquired the reselling app Depop in 2021. 


The best-selling category on Etsy is handmade items. Most Etsy sellers recommend capitalizing on holidays, trends, and recent events to make more sales on Etsy. Etsy allows the sale of personalized items that are “made-to-order” as well as digital downloads!


Fun Fact: Etsy has the lowest fees (twenty-cent listing fee and 5% final sale fee), making it a great place to sell! 


To learn more about how to sell on Etsy, check out this A Reseller’s Guide to Etsy: How to Start Selling on Etsy.




Depop is poppin’. It is an emerging and creative marketplace with a young customer base. 90% of users are under the age of 26. With the primary customers being Gen Z, the top-selling categories on Depop are Vintage, Streetwear, One-of-a-kind, and Y2k. 


Depop reports having over 26 million registered users in over 150 countries. Interestingly, over 90% of those users are under the age of 26, so the primary user is Gen Z. On Depop, you can sell almost anything that is not illegal, medical, or perishable. What sells best on Depop is what is trending, with an emphasis on the “aesthetics” and trending style hashtags.


Scrolling through Depop, you will notice that it is not your typical reselling platform, but instead, a vivid assortment of unique, funky, vintage, and trendy fashion flourishing with artistic expression. When considering what to source for Depop, the older and funkier, the better. Depop is far more about style and aesthetics than brand.


Depop is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to sell. To learn more about this unique marketplace, how to sell on Depop, listing tips, shipping and fees, check out this  video: An Introduction to Selling on Depop. 


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Next is Grailed, a fashion marketplace specializing in men’s and women’s designer, streetwear, and vintage clothing and apparel.


Grailed is perfect for high-end fashion enthusiasts, streetwear collectors and sneakerheads who are looking to sell their rare and collectible items. If you’re looking to sell a limited pair of Jordans, a Supreme tee or a Gucci jacket, Grailed is the best place to get top dollar. 


Grailed has a smaller audience of approximately 10 million users, but this niched marketplace is perfect for the right items. You might be interested in The Holy Grailed: How To Get Started Selling on Grailed


For inspo, check out Josh (one of the Vendoo founders) Grailed Shop!



Kidizen is your go-to place for children’s clothing and apparel! Recently, they started allowing women’s clothing, too!


In August 2021, business journals reported that Kidizen had approximately 800k registered users, among the smallest marketplaces, but the only one catering to children specifically. We imagine this number has increased significantly since 2021, but we were not able to find any more recent verified stats. 


On Kidizen, you can sell children’s clothing and accessories, and they recently introduced a “mamas” category for women’s clothing and accessories. With low fees and a concentrated feed for kids, it is the perfect place to sell your children’s items. 


Top sellers on Kidizen are higher end children’s brands. You will not necessarily find a ton of pro-resellers buying on Kidizen, it is mostly parents who are selling their children’s outgrown wardrobe. But, us mamas spend up on our little ones! It is a great place to cross-list children’s fashion.


To learn more about Kidizen, check out How to Start Selling on Kidizen: A Reseller's Guide.




Shopify is a major platform to grow and scale your reselling business. Unlike the rest, it is less a “reselling marketplace” and more an easy-to-use e-commerce website builder, allowing you to design your own website! 


Shopify has an astronomical audience, with over 4.36 million websites using Shopify. holding a 23% market share of e-commerce in the United States. Shopify provides so many tools, resources, and features to truly help sellers market and scale their brand. 


Shopify is a Vendoo platform, and users can crosslist their existing inventory to Shopify! Among the many benefits of Shopify is that you can quickly feature your items on a Facebook Business account and an Instagram store, creating infinite potential for growth and sales!


Shopify is a bit more complex than the others, but we wrote this guide to help: What You Need to Know to Start Selling on Shopify



Vestiaire Collective:

Vestiaire Collective is a leading global online marketplace for desirable pre-loved fashion. Founded in Paris in 2009, it is a place for the highest quality and most luxurious brands and pieces.


Vestiaire Collective reports having 23 million buyers and sellers, and maintains an inventory of 5 million luxury items with approximately 20,000 added each day!


Did you know that Vestiaire Collective acquired Tradesy marketplace in 2022?


Vestiaire is the perfect place for your premium inventory with a global audience. Buyers around the world love Vestiaire because of their authenticity guarantee, which gives them confidence in their designer purchases.


Vestiaire is very selective about which designers they allow to be sold and the quality of those items. Each and every listing goes through an authentication process by the quality control team prior to being made for sale. 


 To learn more about Vestiaire, check out the article Everything You Need to Know About Vestiaire Collective.




Whatnot is a newer marketplace, founded in 2019 as a place to sell collectibles like Funko Pops. Whatnot has quickly expanded in selling categories and global audience, becoming the most lucrative live selling platform in the world.


Did you know that Whatnot is not just for live sellers? Whatnot Marketplace is a traditional marketplace for still listings, and a great place to list your items even if you don’t enjoy live selling.


Whatnot is a favorite among resellers with an innovative app, live streaming sales, a classic marketplace for listings, and a rapidly expanding global presence. 


Top-sellers on Whatnot include: 

  • Trading Card Games (Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.)
  • Sports Cards
  • Toys & Collectibles
  • Comics & Manga
  • Video games, Movies, & Media
  • And Whatnot… get it!? 😉


To learn more about Whatnot, check out the article How Does Whatnot Work? A Whatnot Guide for Sellers. 


Overall, each marketplace offers a unique audience and an amazing opportunity to increase exposure and revenue! When cross-listing, be mindful of top-sellers on each platform to maximize your time! 


With Vendoo, you can cross-list your items on 11 marketplaces in under 5 minutes! 🚀

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You might also enjoy our free ebook, The Ultimate Reseller’s Guide: How to Make 6 Figures Selling Online.


Remember that listing is not enough, and it takes consistency and listing management to see the best results on the various platforms. Be sure to check out our blog for more detailed information about the different apps to sell things! 


Which platforms do you sell on? Which is your favorite? Tell us below! 

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