How Much Does Depop Take? Depop Fees Guide for Sellers

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How Much Does Depop Take? Depop Fees Guide for Sellers

Depop is one of the best marketplaces for selling items that appeal to a younger, fashion-conscious audience. But if you’re thinking of selling on Depop, one thing you’ll need to get to know is their fees. Every reselling platform has a different fee structure, which can impact how much you profit from the items that you sell.


In this article, you’ll learn all about Depop’s fee structure, how to calculate fees so you know exactly what to expect, and tips for making the most of selling on Depop so you can maximize your profit.


How Much Does Depop Take in Selling Fees?

If you’re new to the marketplace, the Depop selling fee structure may be a little confusing at first. While the Depop fee is a simple 10%, there are transaction fees that you will pay on top of that, which vary based on your situation. Let’s dive in.


Depop Fee

There is a pretty straightforward 10% Depop selling fee for all sales made on Depop. This fee is applied to the total transaction amount, meaning the price of the item as well as any shipping costs (whether you use a Depop label or your own shipping provider.)


Transaction Fees

In addition to the Depop fee, there are transaction fees you’ll need to keep in mind and these can vary based on location and payment method.


  • US Sellers: A standard transaction fee of 3.3% + $0.45 will be charged for payments made through Depop Payments.

  • UK Sellers: A standard transaction fee of 2.9% + €0.30 will be charged for payments made through Depop Payments.

  • All Other Locations: A PayPal transaction fee will be charged and will vary based on your location and PayPal account. You might also be charged an additional 1.29% fee for UK-EU transactions.


Boosted Listings

If you choose to use the Boosted Listings feature in Depop, you may have a better chance of selling your items. Boosting Listings promote your item(s) by placing them in one of the boosted tiles on the search results page. However, this feature will cost you an additional 8% boosting fee on the total sale price of your item if a buyer who views, clicks, or likes your listing via the boosted tile purchases it within 28 days.


This fee will only be on the amount received and shipping costs if you arrange your own shipping. This fee will not be calculated, including the cost of Depop Shipping labels.


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How to Calculate Your Depop Fees

When selling on any platform, including Depop, it’s important to understand the fees and to be able to calculate projected fees on your own. To do this, you’ll need to keep in mind:


  1. Depop Fee: This is a flat 10% of your total selling price (including shipping cost)
  2. Transaction fee: This varies based on location, but for US sellers it’s 3.3% of the transaction amount (including shipping) plus an additional $0.45.
  3. Boosted Listing Fee (optional): If you choose to boost your listing, add another 10% fee on the sale price (only include shipping cost if you choose to ship without a Depop label).


For example, let’s say you boosted a listing and sold a jacket for $25 with the cost for the Depop label being $12.40 ($37.40 total). Here’s how you would calculate the fees:


  1. Depop fee: 10% of $37.40 = $3.74
  2. Transaction fee (in the US): 3.3% of $37.40 =  $1.23, then add $0.45 = $1.68
  3. Boosted Listing Fee: 10% of $25 = $2.5


Add them all up to get your total fee of $7.92. So, your earnings after fees would be approximately $17.08


This breakdown should give you a clear idea of how to calculate your Depop fees so you can easily estimate how much you’ll earn with each sale.




How to Maximize Profit Despite Depop Selling Fees

As a seller on Depop, there’s no way to avoid the Depop fees. However, you can do your best to maximize your profit to ensure you’re still making money after all of the fees. Here are some things to prioritize when selling on Depop.


Price for Profit

One of the best things you can do to maximize your profit is to keep Depop fees in mind when pricing your items. Finding a balance between pricing correctly for the market, while considering Depop fees, will ensure that you’re making a good profit on each item that you sell.


Take Excellent Photos

While the market does (mostly) determine the price for your item, there are ways to boost the sale price of your item and one of those ways is through great photos. Instead of taking a normal photo of the item hanging, try adding some personality. Style the items in your photos, make them stand out, and create a vibe, while also showing the item accurately. This will make buyers more excited to purchase your item over your competitors. 


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Save on Shipping Costs

While you don’t have much control over how much an item weighs, you can ensure that you are weighing your items and selecting the best shipping option. Since you do pay a Depop selling fee and a transaction fee on the shipping amount charged, keeping this low will save you a little money on each item sold.


In addition, don’t forget that shipping materials cost money too. Finding ways to save by recycling (clean) packing materials can also save you some money on each item you sell, which increases how much you get to keep as profit.


Become a Depop Top Seller

Want to aim high? When you become a Depop top seller, you get all sorts of perks like increased visibility and promotional opportunities. This will help increase your credibility on the platform, and can help your sales too. This post has more about how to become a Depop Top Seller if that’s something you want to pursue.


Selling on Depop is a great way to clean out your closet and make some extra money. Now that you understand the Depop selling fees and how to calculate them yourself, you can confidently sell your items and earn extra cash! 


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