Vendoo Tools: Background Remover by PhotoRoom

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Vendoo Tools: Background Remover by PhotoRoom

Vendoo is a Reseller’s Best Friend, constantly adding new features to help you work more efficiently and scale and grow your reselling business. 🚀


Vendoo is thrilled to announce a new feature that will make your reselling process more efficient: background removal by PhotoRoom.



With background removal powered by PhotoRoom, you can have flawless cover photos right from the Vendoo software!


photoroom background remover


Take your listings from that to this in just a few clicks- right from the Vendoo website or mobile app. Game-changer! ✨


Did you know that a plain white background performs best on major search engines like Google? 


Here is how to use the Vendoo background removal feature: 


PhotoRoom x Vendoo: How to Use The Background Remover in Vendoo


1. Visit the Vendoo form and select Remove Background. 


vendoo form


Make sure you’re in the Vendoo Form, not a Marketplace form. 


2. In the pop-up window, you can select the image(s) that you would like to remove the background on. 


photoroom background remover


You’ll also see the Background Remover Counter, which shows how many background removals you have used of your monthly allowance. Scroll down for more information. 

3. That’s it! Vendoo will instantly remove the background from your photos. You will be left with perfect shots! ✨

vendoo form


Look at this before and after ✨


photoroom background remover


How Many Background Removals Do I Get Per Month? 


In most cases, you will get one background removal per item included in your monthly plan.  


The number of PhotoRoom background removals you get per month depends on your Vendoo subscription



You will see the background remover counter on the Vendoo form as well as your account settings.

To learn more about the background remover and frequently asked questions, check out the Vendoo Help Center

Stay tuned! We have more huge new features coming soon to Vendoo! 🚀


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