What is Crosslisting, How Does it Work and Why Do It as a Reseller?

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What is Crosslisting, How Does it Work and Why Do It as a Reseller?

You have likely heard resellers referring to “cross-listing” and “cross-posting.” These refer to the process of listing items for sale online on more than one marketplace. For example, if you are a Poshmark seller, you might consider crossposting your listings to other places such as eBay, Mercari, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, or any other reselling or social media platform. 


If you are selling items online to make a profit, you should be crosslisting your items. Cross-listing provides new audiences and greater exposure, increasing your reach and chances of making a sale. Of course, if you have an item listed on more than one place, the probability that it will sell quickly is increased. 


When you crosspost your items on various platforms, each provides a new audience by way of their customer base, but also a potentially higher ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing. See below, when you Google “Express denim top,” a Poshmark listing shows up first, even before the results from the Express website!


Each reselling platform has a different audience reach and different exposure benefits by way of search engine optimization (SEO). According to the most recent data available, eBay has approximately 159 million users worldwide, approximately 8 times more users than Mercari, with only 20 million active users. That said, in my Google search for the “Express denim top,” four Mercari listings showed up before a single eBay listing was yielded. This further illustrates the importance of crosslisting your items to maximize exposure across the internet. 


How Do You Crosslist or Crosspost to multiple marketplaces?


There are two ways to crosspost your items to multiple reselling platforms. The first is to list them the traditional way- to manually list items on multiple marketplaces. This entails creating listings on various apps or websites, uploading images, and executing all of the required fields. This is incredibly time-consuming and inefficient. You only have twenty-four hours in a day, and your time is valuable. 

Crossposting and Crosslisting software


In a recent poll (I conducted an informal survey on the Facebook Group Vendoo: A Seller's Best Friend), 67% of the users reported that drafting a single listing takes approximately 5-15 minutes. This refers to traditional or “manual” listing, by way of uploading images, drafting a description, entering required fields, selecting drop-down boxes, and publishing a listing on a resale platform.


Many resellers begin cross-listing by manually listing items to other marketplaces. They may screenshot photographs and copy-and-paste details from Platform A onto Platform B. Eventually, resellers will reach a limit to how much they can cross-list manually. There are only twenty-four hours in a day…


Alternatively, many resellers use a crosslisting application to list their items on multiple marketplaces. Cross-listing software makes for a much faster cross-listing experience. They each accomplish this in different ways, but the general principle is that they make the listing process much faster on multiple platforms. Having tried several crosslisting services, I can attest that Vendoo is the best thing I have ever done for my business.


How to Crosspost or Crosslist with Vendoo:


Vendoo is the fastest crosslisting software currently available (plus, it does so much more in addition to cross-listing). Vendoo simplifies cross-posting with a simple two-step process:


  1. Complete the Vendoo Form.
  2. Complete the Marketplace Form.


The Vendoo Details Form looks like every listing form, where you can add photographs, title, description, brand, colors, category, tags, and shipping information (weight and dimensions). For inventory management purposes, you can also enter your listing price, your cost of goods COG, and your SKU. Much of this information is optional, but the more information you provide in step one, the faster you can crosspost to multiple marketplaces.


All of the information provided in the Vendoo details form is then carried over to execute Marketplace forms. After you complete the Vendoo details form, you can click below on a specific reselling marketplace. There, you can add or change any information, if you want to. Then, you click “List” to publish your listing on the platform, without opening further tabs or ever leaving the same screen!


Cross-listing is so fast because you only “list” the item once on the Vendoo form. The Vendoo form requires (almost) everything that the platforms do. As such, the only information you might need to enter in Step 2, would be only any requirements specific to that platform (such as eBay item specifics or Depop style and age fields). With Vendoo, publishing on multiple platforms takes only seconds!


With Vendoo, I can list an item on 9 marketplaces in under 9 minutes!


Which Crosslisting or Crossposting App is Right for You?


Vendoo is, but I’m biased. Take advantage of the free trial and see for yourself. The main differences in crosslisting with Vendoo versus inferior software include:


  1. Vendoo hosts your information (photos, descriptions, etc.) rather than creating a copy upon your command. As such, the integrity of your images is preserved, and the process is faster as the systems do not have to work to produce copies. A Vendoo database hosts your information and is therefore presenting rather than reproducing your data.  

  2. Vendoo has a clean, simple, user-friendly interface whereas everything is on one browser tab in comprehensive forms.

Vendoo makes cross-listing way faster, in comparison with other crossposting services that begin to draft listings on multiple browser tabs.


  1. Vendoo is more affordable than competitor companies, with super flexible subscription models to accommodate all types of resellers, from casual hobby sellers to high-volume full-time sellers. Learn more about Vendoo pricing here.

  2. Vendoo offers way more than just crosslisting, it is a “one-stop-shop” for everything you need to manage and scale your reselling business including listing, crossposting, bulk relisting, photo editing, SellHound’s Price Checker, inventory management, profit and revenue tracking, business analytics, book-keeping spreadsheets, and so much more!


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