Vendoo Pricing Explained and Why it's Worth the Investment

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Vendoo Pricing Explained and Why it's Worth the Investment

Vendoo is a game-changer for your business. Switching to Vendoo (after several years using a different cross-listing service), was hands down the best decision I have ever made for my reselling business. Vendoo saves me hours of my time each day and has increased my monthly revenue by thousands of dollars. Vendoo allows me to grow and scale my reselling business as a multi-platform reseller! 


Vendoo is the fastest cross-listing app, hosting all of your information so that cross-listing to various platforms takes only seconds. In addition to cross-posting, Vendoo offers inventory management, business analytics, revenue and profit tracking, business management tools and spreadsheets, and some amazing add-ons like the delist and relist feature! 


When I became a Vendoo user, I said goodbye to all of my inventory management systems, software, and spreadsheets (saving hundreds of dollars a month). Plus, Vendoo is so inexpensive! The payment structure is super flexible, and you can change your subscription at any time, paying for only what you need. I am so impressed with how such an amazing program is so inexpensive.


Whether you’re thinking about trying Vendoo, or you’re an existing user, here is some information about Vendoo pricing and subscriptions. 


There are two steps to the Vendoo Pricing Model: Selecting a Base Plan and selecting add-ons.


Step 1: Choose Your Base Plan


All Monthly Base Plans include access to any 3 marketplaces, cross-listing, image and data hosting, photo resizer and editor, inventory management, revenue and profit tracking, CSV file exporting, business analytics, access to exclusive Vendoo content and events, and more! 


Base Plan pricing is based on the number of new items you add to your Vendoo inventory per month. Note: you only pay for brand new items that you add each month (not the total number of items in your inventory). Base plans range from a basic free plan including 5 new monthly listings to a plan to accommodate 2,000 new monthly listings. The most popular plans include 25 new monthly listings for $8.99 and 125 new monthly listings for $19.99. Click here to see the various base plan options, which accommodate part-time resellers, full-time resellers, and everything in between!


Step 2: Choose Your Add-Ons


There are several add-ons available to Vendoo users. While I recommend selecting all three add-ons, you might not want or need them all. The optional add-ons are Importing, Delist/Relist, and All Marketplaces. Each add-on costs $4.99, or you can bundle all three for $11.99. 


1. Importing 

 The Importing add-on allows you to bring your existing items onto Vendoo from one of the marketplaces. This is likely necessary for your first month to allow you to import all of your existing inventory. Thereafter, you will need this add-on only if you choose to continue to list your items on a marketplace. Alternatively, you can list your items right from Vendoo, in which case this add-on would not be necessary. 


Tip: I recommend listing your items from Vendoo. The Vendoo listing form contains almost all of the information required on every reselling platform. So, once you enter it once, Vendoo fills in the fields for all of the other marketplaces. This way, cross-listing takes literally seconds. Alternatively, if you import your items from a platform, Vendoo will only have the information that was required on the platform that you imported from. Listing from Vendoo is better, with the one exception being if you are a major eBay seller. Because eBay requires so (so, so, so) much information, importing from eBay works well for high volume eBay sellers. 


2. Delist & Relist

The Delist/Relist feature is amazing. I attribute this feature to a major increase in revenue and profit. This feature delists your item(s) from an existing marketplace(s) and relists the item in just seconds. That is, it entirely deletes your item from a reselling platform, and creates a brand-new listing. The brand-new listing is not a copy or a duplicate, but a fresh listing with a new URL that enjoys the exposure and benefits of a brand-new item. The Delist/Relist feature allows you to refresh your stale inventory, and also to stimulate your reselling platforms with fresh daily listings. This feature has me drowning in sales, with hundreds of new listings in just twenty minutes. 


Did you know that the bulk delist/relist feature is in beta? I’m loving this feature because it allows me to delist and relist multiple items on multiple marketplaces simultaneously! 





3. All Marketplaces


The “All Marketplaces” add-on allows you to list your items on all available marketplaces on Vendoo. Under the base plans, you can select any three marketplaces for a given item. This add-on enables you to list your items everywhere if you wish! 


Did you know the next confirmed platform on Vendoo is Shopify

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Vendoo Pricing: Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I need to enter my credit card information for Vendoo's free trial? 


No, you don’t! No credit card is necessary, and you can sign up here


  1. Is there a promo code to sign up? 


Yes! Enter the code “erynn30” when you sign up here, to receive 30% off your first month of Vendoo! 


  1. How do I view and change my subscription? 


You can change your Vendoo subscription at any time prior to the end of your month by going to settings > subscription. Here, you will see your current subscription, your current usage, and the subscription dates. Because Vendoo subscriptions are based upon only the new items you are adding each month, your subscription plan might change each month. Vendoo pricing is incredibly accommodating, you pay for only what you need when you need it. 


  1. Which subscription is right for me? 


It depends on how many new items you will add to Vendoo each month. 


Your first month of Vendoo is what I call “onboarding”, where you will want to import your inventory from wherever it is currently listed. This means that for your first month you will want to select a base plan with enough listings to accommodate your existing inventory and anything new that you are going to list. For your second month, you will want to downgrade to a plan to receive only the number of brand-new items you wish to add. 


Thereafter, your subscription is flexible, and you can change it at any time to best accommodate your business. If, for instance, you are taking a vacation on a given month, perhaps you will downgrade your subscription to a lesser number of listings or the free version. Alternatively, if you purchased a large volume or are participating in a Vendoo listing challenge, you might choose to upgrade your subscription that month to give you more listings!


  1. How can I see how many listings I have left? 


Your item counter can be found on the main Vendoo inventory page, right at the top!


  1. Can I access all of my existing inventory on the Free Plan?


Yes! You never lose your Vendoo inventory. Even if you downgrade to the free plan, you can still access all of your existing inventory in Vendoo. 


  1. I underestimated; I didn’t purchase enough listings and I’m only halfway through my month. Can I get more?


Yes! You can add 20 listings to your plan for $2.99 at any time!


  1. I overestimated; I am going to have leftover listings that I paid for. Do they carry over? 


No, they do not carry over. You can create blank drafts, though, as a way to save your listings to use later! 


Please feel free to share any questions or comments below! 


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