Reasons Why You Should Use Vendoo as Your Crosslisting App

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Reasons Why You Should Use Vendoo as Your Crosslisting App

Vendoo is a total game-changer for your reselling business. I switched to Vendoo after a couple years of using another cross-listing platform and it is hands-down the best decision I have ever made for my business. It is so much faster than the other cross-listing services and does so much more to help me grow my business. Vendoo saves me so much time and makes me so much money! 


Vendoo is the ultimate tool for ecommerce sellers. Use Vendoo to easily crosslist your inventory on multiple marketplaces, store and manage your inventory, record all profit and revenue tracking, and access business analytics across platforms. Vendoo has become a one-stop shop for managing my reselling business! Vendoo currently features eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, Tradesy, Etsy, Grailed, Depop, and Kidizen with more coming soon!


If you’re not already using Vendoo, sign up for the free trial here. Even if you are using another program, you have to try Vendoo! Check it out and see what you’re missing.


Here are some of the many reasons you need to sign up for Vendoo yesterday:


1. User.Friendly Interface:

Vendoo’s user-friendly interface is so simple to use. It is far less confusing than alternative software and keeps all of my information organized and easily accessible. When I started using Vendoo, there was no learning curve- it’s that easy. Plus, Vendoo has dozens of tutorial videos to demonstrate how to utilize the program and features!


2. Fast Crosslisting:

Vendoo offers the fastest cross-listing! It is twice as fast as the competitor's cross-listing program (seriously). In comparison to other software that open multiple tabs to initiate empty drafts, Vendoo hosts all photographs and information internally; making the cross-listing process instantaneous. Because Vendoo stores item photos, information, and descriptions, cross-listing to multiple platforms takes literally seconds.


Vendoo is so fast that it has saved me hours every day.  I no longer have to prioritize and strategize as to which platforms to focus on, because I can post to all of them in moments. My sales have sky-rocketed!



3. Easily Delist and Relist Items:

My favorite feature, the delist & relist add-on, is a true game-changer for driving sales!  With Vendoo, you can delist and relist items with just a few clicks; that is, entirely deleting and creating a brand new listing (not a copy or duplicate)! Because consistent listing is the most important thing you can do to stimulate the reselling platforms, this feature is invaluable.



With Vendoo, I relist about 100 items a day in 20 minutes. In twenty minutes a day, I post 100 brand new items and generate so much activity on the reselling platforms! Consistent listing and activity is the key to most reselling sites, and Vendoo makes it so quick and easy to stimulate all of the platforms. Delisting and Relisting also allows you to make any changes in the listing before publishing- like changing the price or adding keywords.


Fun Fact: Vendoo does not suppress your photos. Whereas other cross-listing software creates screenshots and reduces image quality, Vendoo preserves the integrity of images.


4. Great Inventory Management System: 

Vendoo offers complete inventory management, so say goodbye to the complicated spreadsheets and expensive software. Vendoo will track your unlisted, listed, and sold inventory, sku numbers, inventory information, and offers private fields and tags for organizational purposes.


I was able to replace costly inventory management software with Vendoo! Vendoo records all of my inventory, costs, date of acquisition, date of sale, platforms where it is listed, and all information relevant to the sale.  If you do not currently use anything for inventory management, Vendoo is the perfect choice. As your inventory grows and you begin cross-listing, there needs to be something to tell you what you have, how long you have had it, and which platforms it is listed on. Vendoo does all of this with very little work on my end, giving me more time to focus on the fun parts of reselling!



Fun Fact: You can use Vendoo to filter your inventory by date created, date modified, price, sku number, or alphabetical. You can also download an inventory report at any time!




5. Revenue and Profit Data:

Thanks to Vendoo’s revenue and profit tracking, tax time just became way less of a nightmare. Vendoo tracks your cost of goods (COGs), sale price, marketplace fees, shipping expenses, and any other fees to calculate revenue and profit. This feature relieves the burdens and expenses of book-keeping and provides financial accuracy for book-keeping and tax purposes. I am able to view my revenue and profit across any day, week, month, quarter, year, or custom range of dates, in total, and separated by each platform! I was able to cancel my Quickbooks subscription, because Vendoo does it all! It even creates a CSV file to download and provide to my tax preparer.


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6. Business Analytics:  

Vendoo creates powerful business analytics which will help you grow and scale your reselling business. Because Vendoo tracks your costs, revenue, and profit, it produces valuable analytics!

On the analytics page, I can view helpful analytics by any date range of my selection, including: number of sold items, listed items, and average sale price. In super clean and clear charts and graphics, I can track my top performing platforms, top selling categories, sub-categories, and brands! I use and study this information to strategically scale and grow my reselling business.



7. "Mark as Sold" to Easily Remove Sold Items From Other Marketplaces:

The “Mark as Sold” feature makes selling on multiple platforms so much easier. Once you mark an item as “sold” in Vendoo, Vendoo automatically delists the item from all other platforms where it is listed. This prevents multiple sales and helps to keep listings organized!


8. Great Customer Service: 

In addition, Vendoo offers excellent customer service and a responsive development team. Vendoo is always releasing new updates and reseller tools based upon user feedback. Further, Vendoo is an amazing resource for reseller tips, tricks, and information! Vendoo publishes reseller content on their blog, A Seller’s Corner, and Youtube Channel featuring community updates, Vendoo product tips and tricks, and information on how to scale your reselling business. Vendoo also hosts Seller Spotlight on Instagram Live! Join the Vendoo Facebook Group for insights, promotions, contests and giveaways, and networking opportunities for resellers.


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I could go on (and on and on and on) about how much I love Vendoo and how much it has allowed me to grow my business. The only downside is that I did not try it sooner. Do you have any questions about Vendoo? Ask below!

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