Vinted vs. Poshmark: Pros & Cons

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Vinted vs. Poshmark: Pros & Cons

When it comes to online peer-to-peer resale marketplaces, Vinted and Poshmark stand out as popular choices for sellers and buyers alike. Both marketplaces offer unparalleled ease of use, unique features, and a broad audience.


Should you be selling on Vinted or Poshmark? Let’s explore the pros and cons of each platform to help you decide.


🔑 Vinted vs. Poshmark Key Takeaways: 


Key Differences:

  • Fees: Poshmark charges a 20% commission, while Vinted has no selling fees.
  • Listing: Poshmark allows for photo and video media, while Vinted allows only photos (and does not allow professional photos or background removal). 
  • Audience: Poshmark has a larger U.S. user base with a strong focus on fashion, while Vinted caters to a broader age range and interests.
  • Shipping: Poshmark provides pre-paid shipping labels, while Vinted offers both integrated and custom shipping options.
  • Getting Paid: Poshmark funds are eligible within 3 days of receipt with a range of withdrawal methods, whereas Vinted makes funds available slightly faster via direct deposit only. 


Key Similarities:

  • Categories: Both platforms offer a wide range of selling categories, including fashion, accessories, and home goods. However, Poshmark offers more fashion-specific sub-categories and Vinted offers more categories outside of the fashion realm.
  • Ease of Use: Both are user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to start selling and to ship.
  • Community: Both foster vibrant communities that promote sustainable shopping and selling.


👀 Did you know? Poshmark has a live selling feature, and Vinted does not have one now. 


What is Vinted? Is Vinted Legit?

Vinted is an online marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange second-hand fashion and lifestyle items. Launched in Lithuania in 2013, Vinted has expanded to various markets, including the United States. The platform focuses on promoting sustainable shopping by encouraging the reuse of pre-loved items. 


Vinted offers a user-friendly interface and a community-driven approach, allowing users to interact directly with buyers and sellers. The marketplace appeals to a wide range of people looking for affordable and unique items. While Vinted is known for fashion, there is a broad range of selling categories. Vinted is not only legitimate,  but a buyer and seller favorite. 


What is Poshmark? Is Poshmark Legit?

Poshmark is a social e-commerce marketplace launched in 2011 in the United States. It combines elements of social media with e-commerce, allowing users to buy and sell fashion items, home goods, and more. Poshmark has built a vibrant community. 


Poshmark is known for fashion, and curating an interactive community of buyers and sellers. Sellers love Poshmark, not only as a great way to clear out one’s closet for cash, but as a lucrative side-hustle or even a full-time job as a small business owner.


👀 Did you know? Poshmark was acquired by Naver Corporation in 2022.


Which is Better: Vinted vs. Poshmark?

Both Vinted and Poshmark are popular in the U.S. resale market, each with its unique features and dedicated following. Let’s explore some of the similarities and differences between the marketplaces: 


Vinted vs. Poshmark: Audience and Demographic

Poshmark reports over 80 million users, predominantly in the United States, with a range of demographics, but the most popular group is women aged 18-34. Poshmark’s social media-like experience attracts fashion-loving users who enjoy engaging with others through likes, comments, shares, and even live selling!


Vinted, a European marketplace, is newer to the U.S. market but has grown significantly, reporting millions of users. Vinted attracts a diverse audience looking for a simple and straightforward resale experience. Vinted's user base also leans towards women but has a much broader age range and gender than Poshmark. This is likely because Vinted has a much wider range of selling categories, appealing to a broader range of buyers and sellers.


💡Tip: Just because a marketplace has more users does not mean it is the best place to sell your inventory. Each marketplace offers a unique audience of buyers and niche categories.


Selling Categories & Top Sellers on Vinted & Poshmark

One of the biggest differentiators between Poshmark and Vinted is the range of selling categories. While both marketplaces are known for fashion, they also offer additional categories.


Poshmark offers more sub-categories within the fashion and apparel categories, whereas Vinted offers more non-fashion categories for selling. Let’s explore each: 


What Can You Sell on Poshmark?

On Poshmark, you can sell a wide array of items, primarily focused on fashion and accessories but also including beauty products, home goods, pet care, and select electronics.


The main categories include:

  • Women's, Men's, and Kids' Fashion
  • Shoes and Accessories
  • Home Decor
  • Beauty Products


To learn more, check out the full list of Poshmark selling categories and unsupported items. 


💡Tip: Poshmark's top-selling categories in the U.S. include women's clothing, shoes, and handbags. You might also be interested in Trends and Best Brands to Sell on Poshmark in 2024


What Can You Sell on Vinted?

Vinted offers a broader range of selling categories. While Vinted is also known for second-hand fashion, they offer many categories.


Top-selling categories on Vinted (US) include:

  • Women's, Men's, and Kids' Fashion
  • Shoes and Accessories
  • Books, Games, and Media
  • Home Goods


Vinted's broad spectrum of categories ensures that it appeals to a wide audience, catering to various interests and promoting sustainable shopping.


Vinted is comparable to Mercari in many ways, but especially the range of buyers and categories. To learn more, check out the full list of Vinted selling categories and unsupported items. 




Selling Fees: Vinted vs. Poshmark

One significant difference between Poshmark and Vinted is their fee structures. Poshmark charges 20% fees, and Vinted has no selling fees. 


Poshmark Fees: How Much Does Poshmark Take?

Poshmark fees are 20% of the sale price, or a flat fee of $2.95 for sales under $15. This fee structure is straightforward but can be considered high for some sellers.


If you sell something for $25 on Poshmark, you will make $20. If you sell something for $5 on Poshmark, you will make $2.05. 


💡 Tip: When pricing your items on Poshmark, factor in the commission to ensure you reach your desired profit. Poshmark is not necessarily worth it for items under $10. 


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Vinted Fees: Is It Free to Sell on Vinted?

Vinted is known for its no selling fees policy, which is a significant advantage for sellers. Instead, Vinted charges buyers a service fee that includes protection and operational costs.


Use Vinted’s no-selling fees to your advantage by offering competitive prices.


💡 Tip: Be sure to check out Vinted’s Commercial Selling Policy. Vinted presents as a place for people to buy and sell their own unwanted items, and have some limitations as to commercial or professional selling. 


Both Vinted and Poshmark have additional, optional, paid promotions where you can pay to promote, advertise, or boost your items for greater visibility.


Shipping: Vinted vs. Poshmark

Shipping processes on Poshmark and Vinted are designed to be convenient for both buyers and sellers. Both marketplaces offer simple, easy shipping. 


How Does Shipping Work on Poshmark?

Poshmark offers the easiest shipping of all peer-to-peer marketplaces. Upon sale, Poshmark provides a pre-paid shipping label directly to your inbox. The buyer typically pays the cost of shipping, but sellers can offer shipping discounts or even free shipping.


When you list on Poshmark, there are no fields for weight or dimensions as all Posh Packages (up to 5lbs) ship with Posh labels. It’s as easy as it gets!

poshmark shipping


Poshmark has teamed up with USPS to offer a few major benefits to Poshmark sellers:

  1. All Posh Packages (except electronics) are shipped via Priority Mail at a fraction of the traditional cost. This also means sellers can use free priority mail supplies. 
  2.  No printer? No problem. Your sale page also contains a QR code that the post office can scan and provide you with a label. 


💡 Tip: Poshmark labels cover purchases up to 5lbs. The labels must be upgraded for an additional fee for heavier items at the seller’s expense. Heavy parcels are quite costly, so be mindful of this when pricing.


📦 Learn more about shipping in the article Poshmark Shipping: How Does It Work For Sellers?


How Does Shipping Work on Vinted?

Vinted offers various shipping methods, providing sellers choices to suit their needs and preferences. Vinted sellers can either ship with Vinted (integrated) or ship on their own (custom)

vinted shipping


Vinted Integrated Shipping are pre-paid labels that you can conveniently print and ship. Vinted labels are USPS and provide seller protection; or 


 Vinted Custom Shipping. With integrated shipping, sellers can purchase and print shipping labels directly through the app. Custom shipping allows sellers to choose their preferred carriers and set their own rates.


Vinted, like Poshmark, facilitates shipping with pre-paid labels but also grants sellers the flexibility to choose their carrier through self-shipping. 


Note that Poshmark and Vinted do not currently offer global shipping. While both marketplaces are available in other countries, sellers in the United States can only ship to buyers in the United States. 


Getting Paid: Redeeming Your Balance on Vinted vs. Poshmark

Both marketplaces have streamlined processes for getting paid, but some differences exist. Let’s explore when and how you get paid when selling on Poshmark and Vinted: 


How Do You Get Paid on Poshmark?

On Poshmark, sellers can redeem their earnings once the buyer confirms receipt of the item or three days after delivery if they fail to manually “accept” their order and rate the seller.


On Poshmark, there are many ways to redeem your balance, including: 

  • Instant Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Bank Direct Deposit (free)
  • Request a Check (free)


💡 Tip: We recommend direct deposit as it will not be subject to additional fees. The process can take 1-7 business days depending on your bank. If you need your money faster, there are instant options, but they have an accompanying fee. 


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When Do You Paid on Vinted?

On Vinted, Seller’s funds from a sale become available when the buyer accepts their purchase or within two days after delivery if they do not. Vinted requires sellers to transfer their earnings from their Vinted balance to their bank account. 


On both Poshmark and Vinted, sellers can use their sale proceeds as a balance to shop on the app. Vinted pays slightly faster, but Poshmark provides more redemption methods. 


Reviews: Vinted vs. Poshmark

Public reviews highlight that both Vinted and Poshmark have loyal user bases. Vinted is praised for its no selling fees and ease of use, while Poshmark is appreciated for its community engagement and robust selling tools. 


However, some users note that Vinted's customer service could improve, while Poshmark's fees can be a downside for higher-priced items.


So…. Which is Better, Vinted or Poshmark?

Both Vinted and Poshmark offer unique advantages. Vinted's no-selling fees and straightforward interface make it ideal for casual sellers who want to sell a broad range of items beyond just fashion. In contrast, Poshmark's social features and community-driven marketplace appeal to those looking to build a brand and small business. 


Both Vinted and Poshmark are excellent marketplaces for selling pre-loved items. Choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and preferences.


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Which do you prefer: Vinted or Poshmark? Tell us in the comments! 👇🏼

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