Poshmark Shipping: How Does It Work For Sellers?

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Poshmark Shipping: How Does It Work For Sellers?

We're here to simplify Poshmark shipping for resellers. One thing that draws new resellers to the Poshmark platform is its simple and convenient shipping process. There is essentially a flat rate for all packages up to 5 lbs with permission to use free USPS shipping supplies and the ability to quickly and easily print labels. There are some best practices to keep in mind and a few ways you can use the shipping price as a negotiation tool for your reselling business. 


What Is The Cost of Shipping On Poshmark?


Poshmark has taken the guesswork out of shipping by providing one flat rate for priority shipping, which they have negotiated with the United States Postal Service. The current rate is $7.67, and as part of the deal, you can use any priority mail shipping supplies provided free from USPS. This rate is good for packages up to five pounds, and priority mail can ship nationwide in around 3 business days, depending on the distance between locations. 


On other platforms, you might be asked to select different shipping methods depending on the weight of your items. There are also platforms that allow you to ship on your own to find the best rates for yourself. There is value to having more control over your shipping methods and costs, but there is a learning curve there for some people. 


Who Pays For Shipping On Poshmark?


By default, the buyer pays for shipping on Poshmark. However, the seller can choose to offer free or discounted shipping when they list their item. The seller can also use different shipping discounts to negotiate a deal with buyers. Occasionally, Poshmark will run promotions where they will cover part of the shipping fee as well. 


How To Use Shipping Rates To Negotiate More Sales On Poshmark


Assuming you list your items with buyer-paid shipping, you have the ability to use shipping discounts to sweeten the deal and close more sales. When a buyer likes your items, you can send them an offer, and Poshmark requires that part of that offer be a shipping discount of either $5.95, $4.99 or free shipping. As the seller, you will pay the leftover shipping fee when you choose to offer a discount. Since the $7.67 shipping fee can seem high to buyers who are purchasing one lightweight item, a shipping discount can help you make the sale. 


When Poshmark runs the “Closet Clear Out” promotion, you are able to offer discounts on items, and Poshmark foots the bill for discounted shipping for a limited time. So make sure to watch your Poshmark app alerts for these promotions. 


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Is Shipping On Poshmark Expensive?


A hotly debated question in the reseller community is, “why is Poshmark shipping so expensive?” In the age of Amazon Prime free shipping, many of us feel sticker shock when we see the actual price to ship items. In all honesty, $7.67 is a fantastic price to ship up to 5 pounds. Depending on the weight and distance, it can cost upwards of $20 to ship a 5-pound box across the United States. 


That being said, $7.67 is expensive for shipping a package under one pound. A package under one pound can go first class for around $5 or less. This is why many Poshmark sellers routinely request a first-class shipping option on Poshmark so that buyers are more likely to make a single lightweight purchase from their closet. 


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How To Print A Shipping Label For A Poshmark Sale


There are two main ways resellers print their labels. The first is to use a regular inkjet printer, print the label on paper, then tape it to the package. The second is to use a thermal label printer. The great thing about Poshmark is that they will email you a shipping label for each sale that you can easily print on either type of printer. If you make several sales in one day, you can also print your labels in bulk by going into the “my sales” settings on the Poshmark website. 




How To Prepare Your Items For Shipping On Poshmark


Buyers get to rate sellers once they receive their item and how you prepare and ship your item can have a lot of impact on that rating. Here are some best practices to make sure you get the highest rating. 


  • Pull the item from inventory and double-check to make sure it is the correct item. There is nothing more embarrassing than sending a customer the wrong item. 

  • Check the item for any damage you might have missed, or that could have happened in storage. 

  • If the item is wrinkled, you can iron or steam it for a great presentation. 

  • Fold the item neatly and place it in a clear plastic protector (many resellers use clear polybags, ziplock bags, or bread bags).

  • If you have a branded store, you can include a sticker or business card. 

  • A thank you card is a nice touch from a small business but is optional.

  • While some people will recommend trying to make the package fun or pretty, it’s not really recommended to add extras or colored tissue paper that could accidentally damage the item. The extras are also bad for the environment, and resellers love to be sustainable! 

  • You can ship the item in a colorful polymailer or a reused brown box. You can also use free USPS shipping supplies. 


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How To Get Free Shipping Supplies For Poshmark Sales


Let’s talk about using FREE shipping supplies from USPS. Everyone loves free stuff, and as a reseller, these savings can really add up fast. For Poshmark packages, you can use free priority mail boxes and envelopes, even if they say “flat rate” on them. 


To order your supplies, you will need to create a free account on the USPS website and go to the section of the website for ordering free supplies. They have lots of sizes to choose from and even have boxes specially sized for shoes! Your supplies will be delivered to your door by your mail carrier during normal delivery. 


Can You Ship Boxes Heavier Than Five Pounds On Poshmark?


Poshmark’s standard shipping label is good for one package of up to five pounds, but what happens if your package is heavier than 5 pounds? You will need to ignore the shipping label that comes from your sale and request a shipping label upgrade through Poshmark. You will do that through the account tab by selecting “my sales” and finding the relevant order. Then you will select “need new shipping label” and follow the instructions from there. 


You can find more information and instructions here on the Poshmark website. There is a charge per pound for the overage that you, as the seller, will need to pay out of pocket. Please note that the highest shipping weight allowed by Poshmark for one sale is ten pounds. If a buyer places a bulk order that will be heavier than ten pounds, you will have to create more than one sale for them. 


Final Review Of Poshmark Shipping 


Overall, Poshmark has the most straightforward shipping prices and processes of all the platforms. This makes it great for brand-new sellers. If you want more control over your shipping prices, then a platform like eBay might be more your style. 


Many sellers will use shipping discounts or free shipping to set their stores apart. On Poshmark, if you are offering free or discounted shipping, you will get a special icon on your listing that calls attention to it. These costs can be built into your asking price. As you can see, even with a set flat rate shipping cost, Poshmark still offers some ways to use shipping to your advantage. 

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