How Does Vinted Work? A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell on Vinted

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How Does Vinted Work? A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell on Vinted

Vinted is a vibrant community-driven marketplace for buying, selling, and swapping second-hand clothing and accessories. 


Founded in 2008 by Milda Mitkute and Justas Janauskas, Vinted began as a simple idea to declutter closets and has grown into a global platform with over 80 million members across 16 markets. 🌎


With a mission to make second-hand the first choice, Vinted offers a user-friendly platform for people to sell clothes they no longer wear, discover unique pre-loved items, and participate in a sustainable fashion movement. 


The company's operations are supported by a diverse team and leading venture capital firms, emphasizing its commitment to connecting and empowering its community members.


💡Tip: There are currently no selling fees on Vinted! Vinted fees are paid by the buyer. 


Thinking about selling on Vinted? Here is everything you need to know. We’ll cover everything chronologically, from creating an account to listing, fees, shipping, and everything in between, including expert Vinted tips and tricks. 

How to Set up a Vinted Account

Creating an account on Vinted is simple.  To create an account on Vinted, visit their website or download the Vinted app from the Apple Store or Google Play. 


On the app, you can choose to sign up through Facebook, Google, Apple, or your email. Next, create a unique username. That’s it- you’re in.


Optimize your profile by adding a profile picture and verifying your account to establish authenticity. Access and create your “About Me” section by navigating to “Profile” and then “Settings” followed by “Profile Details.”  Then, you’ll be ready to list. 


👀Did you know that Vinted is one of the most popular reselling marketplaces in Europe? 


Commercial Selling on Vinted 

Note that Vinted does not allow commercial selling. If you have a legal business, you won’t be able to sell as one; instead, you have to sell as an individual. There is nothing on Vinted’s help center that prohibits users from selling for a profit (“resellers”). Instead, it prohibits formal businesses and some specific business-related activities: 


Vinted does not allow:

  1. Selling or acting as a business or on behalf of one.
  2. The resale of items purchased in bulk
  3. Dropshipping 
  4. Selling custom items made to order
  5. The use of stock images or professional images


Learn more about Vinted’s prohibited commercial activities here


Vinted Top Sellers: What To Sell on Vinted

Vinted has a wide range of selling categories. While most known for fashion, there are so many things you can sell on Vinted!


If you’re familiar with Poshmark, the Vinted categories are nearly identical. 👀


You can sell the following items on Vinted:



  • Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, footwear and accessories.
  • New (not used) cosmetics, beauty products and beauty gadgets.


Kid’s Items:

  • Children’s toys, furniture and childcare equipment.


Entertainment & Electronics: 

  • Tech accessories such as headphones, smart watches, phone cases and similar items.
  • Entertainment items such as video games, consoles and accessories, books, games, puzzles, and music and video.


Home & Decor: 

  • Homeware such as textiles, tableware, home accessories and seasonal & party decorations.
  • Pet care items such as clothing, accessories, bedding, travel accessories, and toys.

Generally, if an item does not fit within the categories above, it cannot be sold on Vinted. Obviously, you cannot sell anything that is hazardous, dangerous, illegal, intangible, or something that cannot be shipped. Learn more about Vinted’s catalog rules here. 

💡Tip: If you currently sell on Depop, consider crosslisting to Vinted. Their niche is very similar.


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The Vinted Listing Process: How to Sell on Vinted

Creating listings on Vinted is straightforward. Listing an item for sale is as simple as a photograph, description, and price! Together, we’ll walk through each step of the process.


Did you know that we have a free ebook for resellers? Check out The Ultimate Reseller’s Guide: How to Make 6 Figures Selling Online.


Vinted Photo Guidelines & Tips

First, you’ll want to capture great photographs of your items. Looks matter: you want to take the best pictures to help sell your items sell.


💡Tip: Lighting is the key to good photographs. 

On Vinted, you can add up to 20 photographs to your listing. Be sure to photograph every side, angle, detail, tag, feature, and flaw on your item. This provides the buyer with everything they need to make a purchase. 


Note that Vinted strictly prohibits stock images and professional photography pursuant to their commercial selling policy (see above). For best results, just take clear, bright images with a lightly-colored background to attract buyers without Vinted removing your images for “commercial use.” 




Here is an example of the photos from one of my Vinted listings. Notice how I photographed everything! Not only is this helpful for prospective buyers, but it offers further protection in the event of a dispute. 



Vinted Title & Description: Maximize SEO and Make More Sales on Vinted

Listing on Vinted is super simple! You will create a title and description and then enter the information in the listing fields for category, brand, size, condition, colors, material, and price. 


I highly recommend executing all the listing fields entirely to maximize searchability and exposure.


On Vinted, there does not appear to be a character limit to titles and descriptions, so you have plenty of room to describe your items with keywords.


Do not underestimate the importance of your title and description on Vinted. Most purchases do not happen by chance or by frivolous news feed scrolling; many are a direct result of a search performed by the buyer. 


The key is maximizing your titles & descriptions to enhance your rankings and increase sales.


A perfect Vinted title includes the Brand, What It Is, Color, and Size.


A perfect Vinted description includes, as applicable:

  • What the item is     
  • The style name or brand’s title of the item
  • Style Type and Features
  • Size and Size Type
  • Material Composition
  • Colors & Patterns
  • Relevant Measurements 
  • Style Tags and Keywords 


Here is an example of a title and description on Vinted: 




Notice how it contains all the information a buyer could possibly need or search for if they were looking for an item like mine. ✅


Notice how it does not include any commercial seller language, as the same is prohibited on Vinted (see above). 

Vinted SEO & Drop-Down Fields


Depending on your item, you will execute the drop-down fields to provide more information about your items

vinted listing template


💡Tip: Even if a field is optional, fill it out. These fields are usually the filters that buyers search by. Do not assume that you don’t need to put the color because a buyer can see it. If a buyer is searching for a blue coat and uses the color filter, and you have not entered the color on your listing, the buyer will not see your coat.


SEO (search engine optimization) is one of my favorite topics. Learn more about how to optimize your listings to make more sales in The Reseller’s Guide to SEO

Pricing on Vinted: How Much Should I Sell My Item For?


On Vinted, as in all peer-to-peer reselling marketplaces, pricing is a science. You want to price competitively enough to attract potential buyers but high enough to leave room for offers, price drops, and profit, of course.


If you have no idea where to start, consider browsing “Comps.” 👀 Comps (comparables) refer to other listings for similar or identical products. For example, before selling an Osh Kosh 90s Vintage Children’s Coat, I performed a search on Vinted as if I were looking to buy one. This helped me to get an idea of comps: what other similar items are selling for. This is a great starting point. 


To learn more about how to price items for resale and establish a pricing strategy, check out the article A Reseller’s Guide to Creating a Pricing Strategy


Bumping on Vinted: How to Promote Your Items 

You might have noticed the “Bump Item” field on the listing form. On Vinted, bumping is an optional promotional tool.




An Item Bump is a paid feature to promote individual items from your closet. When you bump an item, it is displayed higher in newsfeeds and search results for either 3 or 7 consecutive days. 


The cost of an Item Bump depends on your listing price and the duration of the bump. In this example above, the coat was listed for $49.99, and a three-day bump would cost $1.51. In my experience, bumping is very much worth it- especially because Vinted has zero selling fees (see below). 

Vinted Selling Fees & Getting Paid on Vinted

There are no selling fees for the seller on Vinted!  Some fees are paid to Vinted by the buyer at the time of sale.


Once your sale is successfully closed, you’ll receive the full selling price straight to your Vinted Wallet. 


Here is how the Vinted Wallet Works:

  1. Immediately upon sale, the balance shows as “pending” in your Vinted Wallet.
  2. The buyer has 2 days after delivery to confirm receipt and examine the item.
  3. If they do not open a claim, the pending payment moves to your available balance.
  4. From there, they can use the balance to make purchases on Vinted or send the balance to your bank account. 

Vinted Shipping: How to Ship on Vinted

Shipping is simple on Vinted! 📦  At the time of listing, the seller enters the approximate weight and dimensions of the item. They’re approximate, so you don’t necessarily need a scale, but it certainly won’t hurt.


Here’s everything you need to know: 


The buyer chooses the shipping method on Vinted. When the buyer completes the order, they will select the shipping provider of their choice. Options vary by your settings, your location, and the buyer’s location. To see options available for you to offer as a seller, click here. Then, you simply print the label sent to you by email and ship it with the correct carrier. 


The buyer pays for shipping on Vinted.  The shipping expenses are added to the item’s price and shown in the total order sum at the checkout. Shipping rates depend on the package's size and both the buyer’s and the seller’s locations.


💡Tip: You must ship your Vinted order within 5 days, or it will be automatically canceled.


Here is what the shipping section looks like for me on a Vinted listing:




I simply selected the approximate size of my item. In my settings, I’ve opted to ship in all of the ways possible in my area to give buyers various options!


Managing Your Vinted Closet

Vinted is straightforward without too many tools or requirements to promote your listings. Sellers love the simplicity of Vinted in comparison with more complex marketplaces like eBay.


Here are some expert Vinted tips and tricks: 


1. Consistent daily listing is the key to making sales on Vinted. Vinted also recommends occasionally tweaking your listings, as this can lead to a boost in exposure


2. Enhanced listings with excellent photographs, competitive prices, and strong titles and descriptions sell most quickly on Vinted.


3. Bump Your Listings. Paid promotion can absolutely help you to increase your sales on Vinted. Scroll up to learn more about how to bump your listings. Remember, Vinted has no selling fees, so even if you pay to bump… it’s not a big hit to take.


4. Send Offers to Buyers. On Vinted as in everywhere, one of the best ways to make sales is by sending offers to those who favorite your items.

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Start Selling on Vinted!

Vinted stands out as an accessible and thriving marketplace for selling second-hand items, making it an excellent choice for resellers. Its user-friendly platform, absence of seller fees, and diverse selling categories from fashion to electronics cater to a wide range of sellers. While Vinted prohibits commercial selling, it's an ideal space for individuals to contribute to sustainable fashion and earn profit. With effective listing strategies, SEO optimization, and the use of features like bumping, sellers can maximize their sales and manage transactions smoothly. 


Vinted is more than just a selling platform; it's a community committed to sustainable shopping, offering both buyers and sellers a rewarding experience.


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Do you sell on Vinted? Share your experience below! 👇🏽

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