10 Trending Ecommerce Products to Sell Online in October 2023

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10 Trending Ecommerce Products to Sell Online in October 2023

The start of the fourth quarter is the perfect time to get to work listing items for sale online. In September, the world of e-commerce is abuzz with fresh trends and sought-after products in preparation for the fall, winter, and holiday season!  Whether you're a seasoned reseller or you’re casually trying to make some cash for things you no longer use around the house, September is the month for resale!


In this guide, we'll delve into ten dynamic product categories that are dominating the online market this month on peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, and more. 


From thrifted fashion to outdated electronics, we'll explore the hottest items that capture consumers' attention in September 2023. Embrace these trends and elevate your e-commerce game!


Here are ten trending product categories that are making waves in September 2023.


1. Clothing and Apparel

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Fashion is a top-selling category on every e-commerce site. New and used men’s, women’s, and children's clothing and accessories sell well online. Everyone wears clothing, and in the current economic climate, everyone is seeking to save some cash and shop gently used.


This month, in particular, think winter. Fall and winter fashion, coats, jackets, sweaters, and accessories are hot sellers that will bring a lot of exposure to your shop!


💡 Tip: Don’t forget that the holidays are around the corner! Be sure to list any new, giftable items you may have!


Athleisure is also hot right now as the demand for comfortable, versatile activewear continues to rise. Athleisure is not just for the gym anymore; it's a lifestyle choice for many.


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2. Home Decor

trending items to sell online


Home decor is always trending on secondhand marketplaces! Decor and aesthetics are everything, and the internet is a convenient place to find pieces to create the perfect space. Secondhand decor is very accessible, and your local thrift store is likely filled with gems you could flip for a profit.


💡 Tip: Decor is all about the look. Stage decor by photographing your items in a themed, decorated area to help the buyer visualize the aesthetic.


For decor, look for anything antique, vintage, or retro! Old is in, and the eclectic maximalist style is popular right now. Natural neutrals and organic materials are also hot, as earthiness and tranquility are popular, too!

3. Electronics

trending items to sell online

Electronic and tech accessories are the top-selling categories on most marketplaces like eBay. 


Cellphones, computers, videogame systems, charging devices, microphones, and even parts will sell quickly online! 


That’s right, even electronics that don’t work will sell for parts- just be sure to disclose that appropriately. 


Electronics are expensive, everyone is always looking for a deal! You might be surprised how much your old electronics can yield! 


💡 Tip: Use listing videos to show that your electronics work. This will allow buyers to shop confidently and perhaps offer you some protection in case of an issue.


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4. Media

trending items to sell online


Just like electronics, media sells very well! VHS, DVDs, CDs, records, and video games are easy to sell; some may sell for quite a bit! 

If you have old media that you don’t use, now is the perfect time to get it listed! 


💡 Tip: Consider bundling media if you have many pieces that might not be very valuable individually. 

5. Toys and Games

trending items to sell online


Toys and games are top-selling categories on all resale marketplaces. Everyone is always looking for the latest thing their little one wants, especially before the holidays!


All types of toys sell, from plush to LEGOs and everything in between. Games and puzzles are also great things to list. 


💡 Tip: Make sure you know the actual name of the toy. Do a reverse-image search with GoogleLens to learn more about what you’re selling. Parents are often searching by the exact title, gender, or age! 



6. Books

trending items to sell online

Selling books is a great place to start because everyone has old books lying around. Kindles and e-readers have made traditional bookstores more scarce, but readers love to hold a real book.


💡 Did you know: If you’re interested in selling on Amazon, books is one of the only categories that all sellers are ungated in to start?


You can do so quickly when listing books with the ISBN number found near the publishing information on the inner cover sheet. The title, publish year, edition, and ISBN are all you need to get your books listed quickly! 


Want to learn more about selling books? Check out this video with tips, tricks, and the best places to sell books online in 2023. 

7. Collectibles

trending items to sell online

There is a huge market for collectibles online, and so many things are collectible! From trading cards to coins, from glassware to stuffed animals, and almost anything that is old; there is a buyer for all of it.


You have things in your attic worth money, and you probably don’t even realize it! 


eBay makes it simple to search for things and see what they are going for! Check out the collectibles section! 


The shelves at your thrift store are overflowing with valuable items that collectors are looking for! You’ll make a fortune selling hard goods if you’re patient enough to look up items that you find to determine resale value.


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8. Kitchenware

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Kitchenwares are another lucrative selling category, probably because they are so expensive new and everyone likes a deal! Pots, pans, dishes, and kitchen gadgets sell very well!


Right now, eco-friendly kitchen tools are trending!  Sustainable kitchenware made from materials like bamboo and stainless steel resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers.

9. Baby Items

trending items to sell online


Baby is a top-selling category everywhere! Baby things are pricey; consumers know they can find them for a great price secondhand! Babies grow and change so quickly that nothing they have ever gets too much use! 


From clothing to bottle accessories, toys, and larger things like strollers and playpens, there is a huge market for baby and children’s things online! 


💡 Tip: When selling baby things, make sure to make sure the item has not been recalled, as it might not be legal to sell. 


Parents always look for items based on their baby’s age and gender. If the item is gender-neutral, be sure to use that, too! 

10. Furniture

trending items to sell online


Furniture is another top-selling category. In the fall, people are thinking ahead to the cold weather and hosting holiday celebrations. This is the perfect time to sell furniture!


Flipping furniture is a very fun and lucrative side hustle, especially if you have some fixing skills!


The best place to sell furniture is locally to avoid expensive shipping! Try Facebook Marketplace and local Facebook Groups and pages.


*BONUS - Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner, so don't sleep on sourcing spooky decor or costumes. These items are great to list year-round because off-season items can only be found online! 


Think about it, If I'm looking for a costume for a party in July, the only place I can go to find it is online. If I'm looking for a swimsuit in November, the only place I can go is online!


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These are the top ten trending product categories for e-commerce in October 2023. Remember that staying attuned to customer preferences and market shifts is crucial for sustained success in the dynamic world of online resale. Happy selling!



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