10 Best Items to Flip for a Profit Online

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10 Best Items to Flip for a Profit Online

You may have searched the internet for “Best Items to Sell on Poshmark,” “Top Sellers on eBay,” “What to Sell on Mercari?” or “How to Get Featured on the Depop Explore Page.”

Finding items that you can sell quickly for high profits can be difficult, and some things sell better for some sellers than others. 


While each platform is different (learn about best sellers on the most popular marketplaces in this blog) there are some things that will sell quickly everywhere. 


Here is the ultimate reseller bolo list: things to be on the lookout for to sell online for a profit: 


1. Designer and Desirable Brands 


Designer items sell everywhere. If you have access to luxury brands, you will be successful selling them on nearly every marketplace. Everyone wants a deal on something that originally retailed for thousands of dollars. 


While most everyone can recognize the signature patterns of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel, not all designers are so distinctly recognizable. You may have passed up luxury items hundreds of times at your thrift store, because you didn’t recognize the brand and assumed it was nothing special. 


When you come across an item that appears of high quality, always look it up. A list worth browsing occasionally is the Tradesy Designer List, which features higher end and luxury brands. 


In addition to higher-end and luxury items, there are mid-range brands that perform very well, too. For example, Lululemon pieces will sell quickly most anywhere, as will many brands sold at Revolve and Anthropologie. If you are looking to raise your average sale price (ASP) and familiarize yourself with more BOLO brands, be sure to check out those partnership brands now and then. 


2. Accessories & Sizeless Items 

Accessories are the way to go! Think about it: When you’re selling a pair of jeans, your prospective buyer must actually fit into those jeans… but selling sizeless items infinitely broadens your prospective customer base


Handbags are top-sellers on most marketplaces that feature apparel including eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Tradesy and Depop. There are so many other accessories including jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, hats, phone cases, and more! While belts and shoes certainly have sizes, you likely still have a broader range of prospective buyers than you do selling tops, bottoms, and dresses.  


To make faster sales, broaden your customers by selling items that will attract more buyers!


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3. Capitalize on Trends

If you’re a reseller, you should spend 10 minutes a day on TikTok (or at least on Instagram, and be sure to follow some accounts relevant to what you are selling). The power of social media is real: one viral TikTok video can turn a product or style into a massive trend overnight. 


Don’t spend thousands investing in a passing trend that will be out of style next week, but having an idea of what is trending in pop culture will help you to source items that are in demand


Trends aren’t everything, but they do matter. Knowing what is in fashion and in demand will help you to source and also to use beneficial keywords and hashtags in your product listings. 


A great way to learn about the fashion cores and style aesthetics is to occasionally browse the Depop Explore Page. The Explore page features promoted items, handpicked by Depop, based upon trends and style. 


While some of the crazy terms like “fairy core,” “dark academia,” “mall goth,” and hundreds more sound silly- using these keywords and hashtags can increase exposure and profit. Learn about more cores and aesthetics here.


Learn more about SEO and keywording your descriptions in the article A Reseller’s Guide to Keywords and SEO. 


4. Sell Things That People Need 


Capitalizing on trends can be a great way to make money, but selling things that people need is a guaranteed way to make sales. 


Selling luxury items that people want can be lucrative, but don’t forget the basic items that people need. Everyone is always looking for things that they actually need such as work wear, uniforms, scrubs, sports apparel, etc. 


You can’t go wrong listing these items because there will always be a market for them. There will always be people who need work boots, scrubs, professional office wear, and sports apparel such as cleats. People will always be looking for the best deals on these things, too!


Another thing to do is sell basics: who doesn’t wear jeans? Everyone needs a jacket or coat! Having these basic “bread and butter items” can provide constant sales.  


This is true of cosmetics and makeup as well. Once someone finds their perfect lipstick or perfume, they’re likely to browse for deals on that item. If you have access to sell these “replenishables” at a competitive price, you can easily secure a loyal customer base. 

5. Electronics + Media 


Electronics and media are top-selling categories on every platform that allows the sale of them, especially eBay, Mercari, and Facebook Marketplace! Even Poshmark recently broadened to allow the sale of select electronics to provide leverage against other reselling marketplaces. 


Everyone needs and wants electronics: expensive items that they are highly likely to try to score a deal by purchasing second hand. 


There are so many electronics at the thrift stores, and a lot of money sitting there while so many resellers are busy flipping through the clothing racks. The same is true about media, including music and video games. While selling electronics comes with its own set of burdens (testing the equipment) the return on investment can be incredible! (storage is more easily manageable as well).  


If you’re like me and you have no idea which electronics or media would be “worth it,” looking up comps takes only seconds. Rather than focusing on comps directly on the marketplaces, you might consider a quick Amazon search, which is where your buyer might start their search when they’re looking to purchase. 

6. Books


Similarly, selling books can be incredibly lucrative, especially text books, informational books, and classic best-sellers. Many resellers get their start (especially Amazon sellers) by selling the unwanted literature on their bookshelves. 

While literary trends do change, chances are that if you have heard of the book, there is a market for it. If the price is right, consider flipping books! Books are priced so inexpensively in thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets, providing lots of room for profit!


Books are easy to store, list, and ship (plus they qualify for inexpensive shipping via Media Mail) Think of all the money you could be missing out on each time you walk by that section! 

7. Holiday + Seasonal Items

You can always tell what season it is when you walk into a retail store. The displayed items, decor, and vibe all reflect the season and upcoming holidays. Capitalizing on the season is the most basic of marketing principles: Do you do it in your reselling business?


Having seasonal or holiday items is a great way to guarantee sales. People are always looking for seasonal decor and apparel. Major holidays are a really big deal to Etsy sellers because they can provide the most lucrative time of the year for festive fun, seasonal decor, and gifts!


This is true of fashion sellers, too. Ugly Christmas Sweaters are trending each year, and children’s holiday apparel flies during the season.  


The season is important in retail (and in secondhand ecommerce) but don’t forget the off-season. In fact, if people want to purchase a swimsuit in the dead of winter, it is likely that the only place they can do is online. While you should certainly prioritize based on season, never wait to list anything. I regularly sell coats in the summer and sandals in the winter: plus, having a variety of items encourages bundling!

8. Anything for Children

Like most parents, I seldom treat myself, but I’ll overpay for anything with my little man’s favorite superhero. Parents (relatives, and friends) love to spoil the little ones. 


Children grow out of clothing so quickly that it is tough to justify the retail price on some of the nicer brands. And wow- can toys be pricey! Parents are always looking for a great deal on items for their children: clothing and apparel, toys and games, and more! 


While selling children’s department store brand clothing might not be as lucrative as adult fashion, higher end and trendy brands often sell for more than retail. Toys and games are often in like new condition after a wash and can be easily resold! 


While you might not set out to be a children’s reseller, if you are already a parent with children’s items, it is a great way to make some money back!


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9. Selling “Merch” 


Another way to guarantee fast sales is selling merchandise with a character, company, band, or sport’s team.  


Everyone of all ages has their favorites. Disney, Harley Davidson, NFL, StarWars, and so many others will always be top-sellers, especially in the decor and apparel categories. People are lifelong fans of their favorite characters and teams, and people love to give gifts of this nature to their friends, family, and colleagues. 


While I personally don’t know much about sports jerseys, I know it is always worth looking up comps if you find one in great condition. Some retired or special pieces can sell for astronomical amounts! 


Basics like t-shirts, baseball caps, posters, bottle openers, are evergreen items that are guaranteed to sell to the right buyer!

10. Parts and Accessories 


Selling parts and accessories can be incredibly lucrative. In fact, if you’re using a camera or computer from 10 years ago, and your charger breaks, where else will you go but Google to find a replacement? 


While selling parts and accessories sounds particularly boring to me, a fashion seller, I’m consistently amazed at the electronics flips my reseller friends make on items that I would assume were worthless. If you have the right eye and a little patience, selling parts to things can be very lucrative. 

On eBay, electronic parts, appliance parts, and car parts are all top-selling categories.


Maybe think twice before you throw a broken appliance away- you might be able to make a few dollars on the knobs or electrical components! 

While you probably sell what you know the best, do not be afraid to broaden your categories and expand your revenue! What are your best-selling “bread and butter” items? Tell us below! 


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