Vendoo Helps Resellers 'Spend with Pennies' & Increase Earnings

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Vendoo Helps Resellers 'Spend with Pennies' & Increase Earnings

As a reseller, you're always on the lookout for tools that can help you streamline your workflow, save time, and maximize profits. In the competitive world of online selling, having an edge over your competition is crucial for success.


That's where Vendoo comes in. Vendoo is a powerful tool designed specifically for resellers, offering a wide range of features that can help you manage your inventory, crosslist your items to multiple selling platforms, and analyze sales data effectively. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into how Vendoo can help resellers like you increase earnings and improve sales.


Simplifying the Listing Process with Vendoo


As an online reseller, managing inventory can be a daunting task when you are juggling multiple platforms. One of the biggest challenges is keeping track of what is sold, how old the item has been in the inventory, and ensuring that your product listings are consistent across all websites. In today's world, time is money, and any time spent making manual updates can take away from potential sales. This is where Vendoo comes in. With Vendoo, you can streamline the entire process and create listings, manage inventory, and sync products across various marketplaces all in one central location. The best part? You can spend pennies on Vendoo's services, which is a small price to pay for efficiency and accuracy. You'll never have to worry about an out-of-stock item causing you to miss a sale again or, worse, a ding to your eBay seller account. Vendoo has your inventory management covered.


Cross-Platform Integration


If you're looking to boost your online sales and expand your reach, Vendoo can help with that! As an innovative e-commerce tool, Vendoo simplifies the selling process by integrating with 10 of the most popular online marketplaces, including eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Vestiaire Collective, Shopify, Kidizen, and Grailed. With Vendoo, you can quickly list your items on multiple platforms at once, paving the way for more exposure and increased sales potential. By streamlining your cross-platform integration, Vendoo saves you time and effort. You can create a single listing, and Vendoo will publish it to all your connected marketplaces.


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Delisting and Relisting Stale Inventory is Key to Boosting Sales with Vendoo


Keeping your inventory fresh and interesting is crucial for maintaining success. One strategy that can help you achieve this and maximize your profits is delisting and relisting stale inventory. By doing this, you can breathe new life into old items and reach more potential customers who may have missed them the first time around. But, manually having to delist and relist inventory in every platform is overwhelming and a time waster.

vendoo inventory

With Vendoo, you can easily view which items are stale, bulk delist, and relist (up to 10 items a time) with just a few clicks. As a seller, knowing the lifecycle of your inventory is key to making smart business decisions. That's why Vendoo's Data Insights feature is so helpful. With the ability to see how old an item is in Vendoo and how many times it has been delisted and relisted, you can accurately determine if it's time to discount or liquidate. Using this valuable information can optimize your inventory and increase profitability.


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Why Delist and Relist Stale Inventory?

E-commerce platforms like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, and Etsy use algorithms to determine which items to display to potential buyers. These algorithms consider various factors, such as listing age, recent sales, and user engagement. As a result, older listings with little activity tend to get pushed down in search results, making it less likely for buyers to find them. When you delist and relist, your items essentially get pushed to the front of the line to potential buyers.


Pro Tips On Delisting and Relisting

Liquidating stale inventory can be a challenging task for any business owner. It requires a thorough understanding of your cost of goods and the ability to take calculated risks. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for delisting and relisting stale inventory, trial and error can help you find what works best for your business. As a seasoned reseller, I have experienced success with certain strategies, such as offering free shipping. However, what works for me may not work for you, and it's essential to keep that in mind. Having a well-thought-out approach that aligns with your business goals and budget is crucial.


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Sales Data Analysis

Vendoo is an invaluable tool for online resellers, offering powerful business analytics through user-friendly graphs and charts that display essential data such as revenue, profit, volume, and top-selling brands and categories across all reselling marketplaces. With this comprehensive insight, sellers can make informed decisions to optimize their inventory and pricing strategies, ultimately maximizing profits and staying ahead of the competition. By providing a clear visual representation of your business performance, Vendoo empowers you to identify trends, capitalize on opportunities, and continually refine your approach to achieve success in the dynamic world of online reselling.


Under sales analytics, you can see which platforms and brands perform best for you, your overall profit, and so much more to make informed decisions for your reselling business.


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Using Vendoo: Onboarding, Listing Items, Managing Inventory, and Customer Support


I found the process of using Vendoo to be incredibly smooth and user-friendly:


Onboarding & Importing: Importing means bringing your photos and listing information into Vendoo. With Vendoo's bulk importing tool, it is the fastest way to get all your inventory uploaded into Vendoo and ready to crosslist in multiple selling platforms. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Vendoo easily imports all your active listings from marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Etsy, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, Kidizen, and Shopify.



Listing items: With Vendoo's user-friendly interface and seamless cross-platform integration, you can easily create a single listing and have it published across all your connected marketplaces with just a few clicks. And if you're all about maximizing your efficiency, I've got a personal workflow tip for you - take photos directly through Vendoo, save them, and then head back to your drafts to input the information and post. It's seriously a breeze, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without Vendoo. 


Vendoo also just introduced their latest feature, Background Remover by PhotoRoom! You can remove the background of your photos in seconds and stand out from the crowd with professional-looking photos.


Managing inventory: Don't you hate it when you can't find that one item you know you have in your inventory, but it's nowhere to be found? Yeah, we've all been there before. The key to a successful inventory system is having both physical storage and a detailed electronic record of all your items. I've spent years perfecting my process to the point where even an employee I hire, while I'm on vacation can find anything they need without a problem. 


Here are some recommendations on how to build your own efficient inventory management system:


  • Utilizing SKU numbers and inputting them into Vendoo's listings.

  • Another tool that has been a game-changer for me is Vendoo's Label Manager, which helps me keep everything organized.

  • And finally, make sure to use Vendoo's "stale" feature to remind yourself to lower prices or relist items after a certain amount of time.

vendoo stale listing warning


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Customer support: Have you ever felt frustrated trying to get help from a company with poor customer service? Well, you won't have that problem with Vendoo. These guys understand the importance of a good customer experience, and that's why they offer a variety of ways to get in touch with their team, including email, chat, and social media. You can even chat with a real person 7 days a week! And if you reach out during off-hours, don't worry, they'll get back to you within 24-72 hours. It's all part of Vendoo's mission to keep their customers happy and satisfied.


You also have the opportunity to participate in a live call with a Vendoo expert every Wednesday, during which you can ask any questions you may have and receive direct feedback. Click here to: RSVP For The Next Call




My Vendoo Experience: Why Vendoo is the Better Choice for Resellers


So, it's no secret that reselling can be a lucrative business. But let's face it, reselling is a lot of work, especially if you are doing this solo. As someone who started selling personal items on Mercari and eventually worked their way up to processing 50+ items per week using liquidation pallets, I know firsthand how time-consuming it can be to take photos, write descriptions, and post across multiple selling platforms. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Vendoo, which has been a total game-changer for me and my business. I can streamline the listing process and save myself valuable time. In fact, I can now list in under an hour what would have taken me 2 hours to do before. The benefits are clear, and I can't recommend Vendoo enough to my fellow resellers out there.


Vendoo vs. Other Solutions

Okay, let me spill the tea. After two months of using Vendoo, I started to wonder if there was anything better out there. So, I decided to give the "other solution" a try. Let's just say I was not impressed. Within a month, I was back on Vendoo's platform, and I don't plan on leaving again anytime soon. The learning curve is a breeze, the community is insanely helpful, and the customer service is top-notch. It's the trifecta of selling software, folks. Trust me. I am a self-proclaimed Vendoo fan for life.


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Reselling Resources and Supportive Community

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day, looking for new tips and tricks to help my reselling business grow when I stumbled across Vendoo. Their posts were engaging and informative, and I found myself quickly clicking the follow button. As I delved deeper, I discovered their blog and Youtube channel packed with valuable resources. It's refreshing to see a company that's so committed to helping others succeed, and I feel lucky to have found such a supportive community of like-minded individuals.


Extensive Social Media Presence

Vendoo maintains an impressive social media presence across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. By sharing valuable content, engaging with users, and offering insightful tips, Vendoo has become a reliable source of information for resellers. Their posts cover a wide range of topics, including industry trends, success stories, and practical advice for optimizing your reselling strategies.


High-Quality YouTube Tutorials

Vendoo's YouTube channel is filled with top-notch tutorials that set them apart from other reselling resources. These videos provide in-depth, step-by-step guidance on various aspects of reselling, such as product sourcing, listing optimization, and inventory management. Vendoo's tutorials stand out because of their unique format and point of view, often featuring interviews with successful resellers who share their personal experiences and insights.

vendoo youtube

(Source: Youtube/Vendoo)


Tips, Insights, and a Supportive Community

The Vendoo team consistently offers specific tips and insights to help resellers improve their businesses. Whether it's sharing effective pricing strategies or providing advice on handling customer disputes, Vendoo ensures that users have the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the competitive world of reselling.


Moreover, the supportive community built around Vendoo's brand is truly remarkable. This community fosters a positive and collaborative environment where everyone can thrive by connecting with fellow resellers, exchanging ideas, and celebrating each other's successes.


In today's fast-paced world of online selling, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference between success and failure. Vendoo is a powerful tool built for resellers, offering features that simplify the listing process, help you price items effectively, and provide valuable sales data insights. Integrating Vendoo into your workflow can save time, increase your earnings, and grow your reselling business.


Try Vendoo for Free


Looking to try before you buy? Well, Vendoo has got you covered! As a software company, they offer a free trial to get you started. But, the best part? You can use the Vendoo free account forever. Yes, you read that right! The forever-free account includes all the features - no catch! This is the perfect opportunity for those who are just getting started or have a smaller inventory. And the only thing you need to worry about if you decide to upgrade is the number of listings you have each month.


So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Vendoo today!


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