Top Selling Items on Grailed 2024

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Top Selling Items on Grailed 2024

Hey, fellow resellers! Are you looking to discover the trends on Grailed in 2024 to ensure your inventory stands out? Well, you've come to the spot!


In this blog post,  I'll guide you through the in-demand items that are selling like hotcakes on the platform. I aim to provide you with the knowledge and insights needed to curate your listings for results.

Table of Contents

  • Jeans
    • Japanese Brand Jeans
    • The Classic Jeans
    • Y2K Style Jeans
  • Outerwear
    • Hoodies
    • Streetwear Vest
    • Leather Jacket
  • Popular Styles
    • Avant-Garde
    • Gorpcore
    • Luxury
    • Streetwear
    • Vintage
    • Y2K

Let's get started!




Japanese Jeans

japanese jeans

(Image source: Grailed)


Lately, I've been observing something in the world of denim – Japanese denim brands are really making waves challenging American denim and gaining prominence in mainstream fashion.


It's amazing to witness how brands such as Evisu, Momotaro and Kapital are elevating their craft with attention to detail, innovative dyeing methods, and a remarkable focus on quality. Their dedication to denim is truly an art form emphasizing fabric quality, precise stitching techniques, and distinctive features that set them apart. 


Popular Brands 

  • Evisu

  • Kapital

  • Momotaro


As a Japan-culture enthusiast, I'm excited about this surge in popularity. Japanese jeans bring a narrative and level of commitment that's hard to come by elsewhere.

The Classic Jean

classic jean grailed

(Image source: Grailed)


I've always been drawn to classic jean brands like Levi's, Wrangler, and Lee because their timeless appeal just never fades. 


And let’s be honest, the quality now is terrible compared to 20 years ago!

There's a genuine reason behind their enduring popularity. Their designs are so clean, straightforward, and versatile, making them essential pieces in any wardrobe.


These brands have truly mastered the art of creating simple yet iconic jeans that can be dressed up or down and blend seamlessly into any fashion era. 


Popular Brands 

  • Levi’s

  • Wrangler

  • Lee


These vintage brands bring a touch of nostalgia and a sense of individuality that's pretty scarce in modern denim. 


Y2K ”2000”

y2k jean grailed

(Image source: Grailed)


Guess what? Y2K and early 2000s jeans are making a massive comeback in 2024! 


That's right, the fashion cycle has spun its wheel, and now we're seeing those iconic low-rise jeans, bedazzled pockets, and flare cuts flooding the streets and social media all over again. 


Remember the jeans that were all the rage with pop stars and in teen movies back then? 


They're back in style, with a modern twist, of course. 


Fashion-savvy individuals combine these items with tops and accessories, seamlessly blending past and current fashion trends.


Popular Brands 

  • Diesel

  • Ed hardy


So, if you've been holding onto your old pairs, now's the time to flaunt them… or sell them on Grailed! 


And if you missed out on this trend the first time around now's your chance to dive into the early 2000s vibe with a pair of classic Y2K jeans!



Sweatshirts & Hoodies

grailed hoodie

(Image source: Grailed)


The fashion world has seen a change in the realm of hoodies. From being streetwear to becoming designer pieces, hoodies have undergone a significant transformation. 


While I used to wear hoodies for their comfort and laid-back vibe, today, these same hoodies have become sophisticated in high-end fashion (thanks Kanye West!)


Luxury labels and known designers have reimagined the hoodie elevating it into a cozy garment by using top-quality materials and incorporating distinctive attention-grabbing elements. 


Popular Brands 

  • Supreme

  • Champion

  • Ecko


It's intriguing how they now blend comfort with luxury making a statement not in street fashion but in high fashion circles. Wearing a hoodie today isn't about comfort; it's also about making a choice that reflects the exciting evolution of this versatile piece of clothing.


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Streetwear Vest 

grailed vest

(Image source: Grailed)


I've really come to appreciate how essential streetwear vests are as a layer to complete any outfit. In my closet, they're like my go-to piece that effortlessly adds a pop, blending with styles whether I'm going for a casual look or something more dressed up. 


What I love most about streetwear vests is their versatility. 


A streetwear vest can elevate a t-shirt and jeans combo into a standout outfit. It can also add an interesting twist to more formal attire, giving it an edgy vibe. 


Popular Brands 

  • Nike

  • Helly Hanson

  • Carhart


And it's not about looks; they also offer that bit of warmth without the bulkiness of a full jacket. For me, putting on a vest is that touch that's both practical and stylish, infusing my outfit with character and embracing the ever-evolving streetwear trend.

Leather Jacket

grailed leather jacket

(Image source: Grailed)


While I've always recognized the iconic status of leather jackets in the fashion world, they've never quite been my cup of tea. 


I grew up in the Philippines so hot, humid weather does not mix well with leather jackets. 


There's no denying their I’m-so-cool factor, symbolizing a blend of rebellion and timeless style that has captivated so many. 


From the classic biker to the sleek bomber, leather jackets have a way of transforming outfits, adding that undeniable edge. 


And yes, they're trending everywhere, from the streets to platforms like Grailed. People love how leather molds to the wearer, telling a unique story through its creases and fades. 


Popular Brands 

  • Dolce & Gabbana

  • Rick Owens

  • Saint Laurent Paris


Even if I don't reach for one myself, I understand why they're considered an essential piece in many wardrobes. They embody a rich history of coolness and style.






Popular Styles On Grailed


Let's explore why it's important to keep up with the trends on Grailed to determine which items you should prioritize selling. 


Knowing the styles listed below can help you narrow down your search when browsing thrift stores, focusing on items that are likely to sell quickly.



grailed avant-garde

(Image source: Grailed)


Have you ever seen pictures of celebrities wearing outfits that make you think, "What in the world are they thinking?


If you have, then you've encountered the realm of Avant-Garde fashion. 


This trend pushes limits and questions our ideas about fashion, often causing moments of shock and intrigue that leave us wide-eyed.



grailed gorpcore

(Image source: Grailed)


The fusion of outdoor gear with street fashion is a trend that blends practical items like puffer jackets, hiking boots, and fleeces into stylish urban ensembles. 


So imagine you're dressed like you’re about to go hiking, but in reality, that’s how you dress all the time.


Embracing brands such as The North Face, Nike ACG, and Oakley adds an edge to the mix.



grailed luxury

(Image source: Grailed)


Although luxury fashion pieces might appear ordinary at first glance, they carry a significant price premium, largely due to their prestigious brand names.


Some renowned luxury brands sought after on Grailed include Balenciaga, Chrome Hearts, and Dior.


grailed streetwear

(Image source: Grailed)


Streetwear is a cool, relaxed style that's all about being comfy and looking edgy at the same time. 


Things like skateboarding, surfing, and hip-hop music inspire it. 


You'll see people wearing cool sneakers, hoodies, and t-shirts with cool designs. It's all about having a laid-back vibe but staying up-to-date with trendy trends.



grailed vintage

(Image source: Grailed)

In the fashion industry, a clothing item is labeled vintage if it's more than 20 years old. 


So, it's correct to say that Y2K clothing now falls into the vintage category. However, "Y2K" refers more specifically to the style characteristic of that era rather than being a general term for all clothing over two decades old.


Popular vintage clothing are band tees and racing moto jackets.

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(Image source: Grailed)


Y2K fashion is all about the cool trends that were big in the late '90s and early 2000s. 


Everyone was excited about the new millennium, or "Year 2000," and that showed in their clothes. The style mixed a futuristic look, kind of like what people thought the digital age would be, with popular trends from movies, music, and TV shows.

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Now, I'm curious to hear from you! What's been your top-selling item on Grailed? Drop a comment below or hit us up on social media – can't wait to hear about your top seller!


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