Top-Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace in 2024

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Top-Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace in 2024

As an avid user of Facebook Marketplace myself, I have noticed the incredible popularity of this platform for buying and selling goods. 


In this blog, I will share insights into the categories of products dominating the marketplace. So, let's dive in and discover the top-selling items on Facebook Marketplace in 2024!

Top-Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace Contributing Factors

There are several factors that contribute to the success of certain items on Facebook Marketplace. 


Firstly, the convenience and accessibility of the platform allow sellers to reach a large audience, increasing the chances of a sale. 


Secondly, the competitive pricing offered by sellers attracts buyers looking for good deals. 


Lastly, the positive reviews and recommendations from current trends further boost the popularity of certain items, leading to increased sales. Think of the limited edition Stanley cups!


Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

When it comes to clothing, shoes, and accessories, Facebook Marketplace is a hotspot for sellers and buyers alike. The competitive pricing and wide variety of options make it an attractive marketplace for shoppers. 


(Image source: Facebook)


Clothing items such as:

  • Gym wear (popular brands such as Lululemon and Peloton)
  • Sweaters and hoodies
  • Shoes
  • Purses and laptop backpack


Branded and designer clothes and trending items like purses, shoes, and accessories are among the top-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. 


Home & Decor Items

Facebook Marketplace is an ideal platform for selling large items as buyers can pick them up in person instead of having to ship them.


Home decor items such as:

  • Mirrors
  • Small appliances
  • Fake plants
  • Wall pieces
  • Lamps
  • Clothing rack
  • Bookshelves


This category is popular during the back-to-school season when parents of college students want to decorate dorm rooms inexpensively.


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Vehicle Accessories

Vehicle accessories are in high demand on Facebook Marketplace in 2024. These accessories cater to buyers who are looking for various tools for cleaning, repairing, decorating, and more.


(Image source: Facebook)


People are actively looking for items such as:

  • Phone mounts 
  • Car floor mats
  • Trunk organizer
  • Steering wheel cover
  • Car seat covers
  • Windshield sun shield
  • RGB lighting


As a seller, offering various options and providing accurate product descriptions is essential to attract potential customers.


Baby & Kids Products

When it comes to baby and kids products, there is a wide range of items that are in high demand on Facebook Marketplace in 2024. Kids grow quickly, so parents often opt to save money by purchasing secondhand items.


Parents are actively looking for:

  • Reusable cloth diapers
  • Baby bibs
  • Diaper bag
  • Toys (kids tablet, dolls, etc.)
  • Baby & kids clothes
  • Bathing products
  • Cribs
  • Baby chairs & walkers


Alternatively, these brand-new items are in high demand:

  • Baby wipes
  • Diapers


Please note that selling baby formula is against Facebook’s terms and conditions.



Garden Collection Products

Depending on your location, the demand for garden products varies by season. For instance, in Maryland, garden products are highly sought after in the spring compared to the fall or winter.


Popular garden products are:

  • Planters & pots
  • Garden bed
  • Decorations
  • Plants & seeds
  • Corner shelf stand
  • Garden hose
  • Protective bird netting


On Facebook Marketplace, you can spot lots of cool plants that usually cost more when you buy them from stores or plant shops. Growing a plant doesn't cost much, so selling them could be smart.


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Electronic Gadgets and Accessories

In 2024, consumers frequently upgrade their electronics and search for affordable options. One reason why people buy gadgets on Facebook Marketplace is because they can test them in person before purchasing.


Popular gadgets on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones & tablets
  • TV
  • Camera
  • Gaming console
  • Printer
  • Computer monitor
  • Soundbars


Pro tip: If you sell a lot of electronics that require a power outlet, it is worth considering purchasing a portable power station. This will allow you to easily demonstrate that the gadget works by plugging it into the power station. This can be a great way to show potential buyers that the item is in good working condition.


Pet Supplies:

Customers are always looking for affordable and convenient options to fulfill their pet's needs. By offering a wide range of pet supplies, sellers can tap into this growing market and meet the demands of pet owners. 


(Image source: Facebook)


Pet owners are actively looking to buy:

  • Car seat cover
  • Clothing
  • Automatic pet feeder
  • Beds
  • Food
  • Grooming
  • Toys

Whether it's a leash, a scratching post, or a cozy bed, there is always a demand for pet supplies on Facebook Marketplace.


Sports and Outdoor Equipment:

People are constantly looking for ways to stay fit and active, and the convenience of finding sports and outdoor equipment on the platform makes it a popular choice for buyers. 


Some of the top-selling sports and outdoor equipment include:

  • Camping equipment
  • Dumbbells
  • Treadmills
  • Hunting trail camera
  • Power racks
  • Weight benches
  • Football shoes


This category remains popular all year round as many people try out new sports or hobbies. Buying used gear is a smart financial choice because it allows them to avoid spending a lot of money on something they may not continue with.


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Kitchen & Dining Items

As someone who loves to cook at home, I often find myself accidentally breaking kitchen tools or losing lids to my favorite Tupperware containers. Buying a whole new set to replace just one missing piece can be expensive, so I prefer to shop on Facebook Marketplace for affordable replacements.


People are constantly on the lookout for these items:

  • Sets (drinkware, silverware, plates, etc.)
  • Canisters
  • Kitchenaid mixer (or parts)
  • Mixing bowls
  • Tupperware
  • Utensils
  • Kitchen knives


So, if you have any gently used or brand-new kitchen gadgets to sell, don't hesitate to list them on Facebook Marketplace and cater to the needs of the cooking enthusiasts out there.


Musical Instruments

Many individuals prefer to purchase used musical instruments for the same reason why they opt to buy second-hand sports or outdoor gear. This is because they are just starting out with a new hobby and do not want to invest a lot of money on a brand-new instrument.


(Image source: Facebook)


Popular musical instruments and accessories are:

  • Drum sets
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard or piano
  • Instrument storage bags or cases
  • Amplifier
  • Violin


If you price them right, they are definitely going to sell fast!


Tips for Selling On Facebook Marketplace

Here are some tips for buying and selling successfully on the Facebook Marketplace:


  • Quality product listings: Ensure that you provide accurate and detailed descriptions of your products, including clear images. This helps buyers make informed decisions.


  • Competitive pricing: Research the market to set a competitive product price. Consider factors such as condition, brand, and demand.


  • Prompt communication: Respond to inquiries and messages from potential buyers as quickly as possible. Good communication builds trust and increases the chances of a successful sale.


  • Safe and secure transactions: Meet in a safe public location, and if possible, take someone with you. Always verify the buyer's payment before handing the item to them.


  • Positive reviews and ratings: Encourage satisfied buyers to leave positive reviews and ratings, as they can improve your credibility and attract more customers.


  • Regularly update your listings: You can easily bulk delist and relist your Facebook Marketplace listing by using Vendoo.

From trendy clothes to cool gadgets and everything in between, there's a buyer for almost anything. Smart selling is key here: good prices, clear photos, and quick replies to buyers make all the difference. 


Keep your stuff fresh and your chats friendly, and you're set to make some solid sales. Happy selling!


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