Top-Selling Brands on Depop in 2023

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Top-Selling Brands on Depop in 2023

Depop is a unique selling marketplace. In fact, they explain that they are not a platform… but a place. “Depop is the community-powered fashion ecosystem that’s kinder on the planet and kinder to people.” 


Depop is one of my favorite places to sell fashion online. 


Depop was founded in 2011 as a social network where readers of his fashion magazine could purchase items from the creative designers featured in the magazine. Depop was re-envisioned as a marketplace to celebrate art, style, culture, and sustainability. In 2021, Depop was acquired by Etsy, but continues to operate as a standalone company.


Depop reports over 26 million registered users in 150 countries, and 90% of active users are under 26.


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What Can You Sell on Depop?


On Depop, you can sell quite a bit, but the top sellers include men's and women’s clothing, accessories, and home decor. 


To see what you can’t sell on Depop, click here.


On Depop, you don’t see a lot of the (boring) images of preppy clothing on clear hangers with a plain white background. In fact, you’ll see the opposite.


What to sell on Depop 2023

Source: @FourLimes on Depop


Depop is the perfect place for your trendy, designer, vintage, retro, funky, unique, and just plain weird pieces. Selling on Depop makes sourcing fun!


Looking for a complete guide to selling on Depop? Check out the article How to Get Started Selling on Depop. 


What to Sell on Depop in 2023


Depop is a young and cool platform, unlike all the rest. On Depop, the older, funkier, weirder, the better. 


Brands do not matter nearly as much as style on Depop and you can sell almost anything if you use great photos and trending hashtags


On Depop, it's about aesthetics and expression. Depop is a vivid assortment of unique, funky, vintage, and trendy fashion flourishing with artistic expression.


Depop Tip: Modeled images and flat lay photographs perform best on Depop.


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Depop Top Selling Categories


Top-selling categories on Depop include vintage streetwear, y2k, and one-of-a-kind pieces


Here are your Depop BOLO Brands, Categories, Styles, and Hashtag Inspiration: 


Depop Vintage 


Vintage is the top-selling category on Depop. Vintage refers to anything that is at least 20 years old


If you are selling a vintage item that is a well-known brand, use the actual brand. If you’re selling a vintage item that no one has ever heard of that isn’t recognized as a brand on Depop, use the brand American Vintage. 


Top Selling Vintage Brands on Depop Include: 

  • Nike 

  • Adidas 

  • Reebok 

  • LEVI’s 

  • Tommy Hilfiger 

  • Champion 

  • YSL 

  • Ralph Lauren 

  • FILA

  • Disney

  • Harley Davidson 

  • Lacoste

  • “American Vintage” (unrecognized brands.) 


I sold this American Vintage jacket on Depop recently:


American Vintage Depop


Hashtag Inspo:

 #vintage #1990s #blazer #paisley #phoebebuffay


Free Resource: Have you read A Reseller’s Guide to Vintage Fashion? This will teach you everything you know about sourcing, identifying, and selling Vintage! 


Depop Streetwear


Streetwear is athletic wear with an urban influence. It’s a top-selling category on Depop, especially when classic athletic brands make street collections.


Top Selling Streetwear Brands on Depop include: 

  • Nike

  • Adidas 

  • Supreme 

  • Stussy

  • Champion

  • FILA

  • Palace

  • Primitive

  • Reebok 

  • New Balance


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Nike Air Max 2 CB 94

I'm drooling over this whole fit by @GetDizzyStore ft. A Warren Lotas hoodie, Mitchell & Ness Shorts, and Nike Air Max 2 CB 94.


Hashtag Inspo:

#Nike #Airmax #streetwear #kicks #sneakers #hoodie #graphic #streetwear #streetfashion #hypebeast 


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Depop Y2k


The Y2k aesthetic is inspired by the early 2000s. I’m living for this because it's so nostalgic.


Inspired by Pop Princesses Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, and Destiny's Child, Y2k fashion is poppin' like lip smackers.


Y2k Fashion is so fun! If it looks like something a Bratz Doll might wear, it's probably Y2k Style. 


Popular Y2K style pieces include: 

  • low-rise jeans 

  • baguette bags 

  • baby tees (shrunken and cropped t-shirts) 

  • pleated mini-skirts 

  • bucket hats 

  • velour tracksuits

  • lace camisoles 

  • and anything with butterflies or bling (rhinestones)


Depop Y2k fashion

Images from @FourLimes on Depop 


Top Selling Y2k Brands on Depop include: 

  • Juicy Couture 

  • True Religion 

  • Ed Hardy 

  • Von Dutch 

  • Miss Me 

  • Tommy Hilfiger 

  • Kangol 

  • Baby Phat


Hashtag Inspo: 

#y2k #Y2kaesthetic #bratz #babygirl #coquette #cutie #euphoria #chunky #pastel #cami #lowrise


Depop One-of-a-Kind 


One-of-a-kind pieces on Depop refer to rare vintage items, upcycled, reworked, handmade, and custom items. These are the gems of Depop. 💎


Depop is the perfect place for unique, rare, and homemade items.


You’ll do well with these items on Depop:

  • #Vintage: Items over 20 years

  • #Upcycled: Items made from older, used materials, Like an old blanket made into a headband.

  • #Reworked: Used clothing that has been redesigned or re-sewn into a new garment, like making a vintage dress into a cute two-piece crop top and skirt set.

  • #Handmade: Anything made by you.

  • #Custom: Items made especially for the buyer or items customized by the seller.


Another term to know is #deadstock. On Depop, deadstock usually means something vintage that is new and unworn, but it can also refer to model pieces that are no longer in production. 


If you’re artsy, get your pieces onto Depop. Buyers love unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. 


I’m not super-talented, but I do sell some of my tie-dye and bleach dye on Depop. This is a great way to rework some low-value pieces to flip them as custom for a decent profit! 


Depop tie-dye fashion


Vintage, Streetwear, Y2k, and One of a Kind are the top-selling categories on Depop, but remember Depop is about what is trending. 


Note that we skipped the luxury designers on the list, because obviously those sell well. 


Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, and GUCCI are top-selling designers on Depop.




2023 Depop Style Trends: Best Things to Sell on Depop


If you browse the Depop Explore Page, you can see a curated daily collection of hand-picked pieces that are on trend. This is a great place to find inspo., hashtags, and see what is hot on the app.


Here is what is hot right now for 2023:



Pantsuits are so in right now! Not business suits, but jacket and pant sets that can be worn casually or formally, especially in vibrant colors. 


Cargo Everything

Cargo pants and cargo dresses are trending!


Chunky Shoes

When it comes to shoes, the chunkier, the better. Chunky clogs and sneakers, platform sneakers, and combat boots are all hot.


Hashtag Inspo: #chunky #platform #sneakers #combatboots


Straight Leg Jeans

Sorry, skinny jeans. Right now, it’s all about the straight leg. Straight leg, high rise, 90s fit mom jeans are so popular!


Hashtag Inspo: #90sfit #momjeans #straightleg #tapered #yokejeans


Mesh & Lace

Anything mesh and lace is trending on Depop. In fact, the newest style tags Whimsygoth and Coquette encompass these! 


Hashtag Inspo: #meshtop #coquette #sexy #lace #igirl


Grandpa Fashion

Grandpa fashion It is precisely what it sounds like: things your grandfather would probably wear. 


Think of retro color patterns, dark plaids, oversized button-downs, flannels, sweaters, and vests. Vintage crewneck pullover sweaters with company logos, sports teams, and cartoons sell quickly, too!


Hashtag Inspo: #grandmasweater #grandpacore #grandmacore #gorpcore


Belt Bags + Fanny Packs

Belt bags (especially Lululemon) and fanny packs are trending on Depop and all reselling marketplaces. Who would have thought that fanny packs would make a comeback, right? Keep your eyes out for these!


Camisoles + Lingerie

Lingerie flies on Depop, especially when it is vintage. Chemises and bodysuits, robes and nightgowns, bras and bralettes, and even vintage "granny panties" and bloomers are top-sellers! 


Gen Z is wearing lingerie like it is clothes, good for them, hehe. 


Hashtag Inspo: #lingerie #lace #cami #y2k #boudouir #sexy #satin #vintagelingerie 


Biker Core

Biker core refers to anything with biker vibes and a tough, industrial punk aesthetic. Look for leather (and faux leather) jackets, motto jackets, bomber jackets, boots, belts, and more.


Hashtag Inspo: #bikercore #biker #leather #motorcycle #industrial #futuristic #punk


To learn about all of the trending style aesthetics, cores, BOLO brands, and hashtags on Depop, check out A Reseller’s Guide to Cores & Aesthetics.


Want to learn more? Here is where Depop publishes top-selling items and categories. 


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