Resellers, Make More in 2024 With Vendoo

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Resellers, Make More in 2024 With Vendoo

The new year is the perfect time to get on track, establish good habits, save time, and set yourself up to sell more in 2024! 


Vendoo has you covered, with all of the tools to work more efficiently and make more sales than ever in 2024!


Vendoo is truly a seller’s best friend, offering the fastest crosslisting, inventory management, bulk delist/relist, profit-tracking, business analytics and so much more! 


Here is why you need Vendoo in 2024:

1. Crosslisting to Multiple Marketplaces


Vendoo offers the fastest crosslisting available to resellers! 


Crosslisting is the key to making more sales online. More marketplaces means more exposure and more sales!  💰


Not sure where else to sell? Learn about each marketplace, an overview of the selling process, and top-selling categories in this article: 10 Great Marketplaces Every Reseller Should Consider


If you’re new to Vendoo, you can quickly import your listings from where they are listed to start crosslisting everywhere with Vendoo. Thereafter, you’ll want to draft your listings right in Vendoo. Using Vendoo as your listing hub is the fastest way to crosslist your Inventory. 


Vendoo has designed a user-friendly listing experience where you can list to multiple marketplaces in just seconds:




With Vendoo, you can crosslist to ten marketplaces in under 5 minutes. It’s a game-changer! 🙌🏽


As you can see, you can crosspost to multiple marketplaces with Vendoo in less time than it would take you to list on one marketplace manually.


Plus, Vendoo listing templates, default fields and preferences, and custom features make listing even faster. Learn more here.   


2. Vendoo Has Superior Inventory Management for Resellers


Get it together in 2024! Vendoo makes boring bookkeeping super simple, keeping track of what you have, where it is listed, and all of the information, including SKUS, quantities, costs, and numbers you need for tax preparation. 


Vendoo offers superior inventory management for multi-platform resellers with optimized organizational tools, including searching, sorting, advanced filtering, custom labels, bulk tools, and more!


No more spreadsheets! Vendoo makes them for you! You can download an inventory report at any time from your account settings. 


Vendoo has you covered for simple business management in 2024. Check it out:


3. Use The Delist/Relist Feature for Brand New Daily Listings


Ok, I love everything about Vendoo, but this feature might be my favorite! This feature has tripled my sales! 


You probably know that the most important thing you can do as a reseller is to list consistently. Brand new daily listings are the key to the marketplace algorithms and maximizing exposure.


Vendoo’s bulk delist/relist feature creates brand-new listings! 



Did you know that Vendoo users who regularly delist/relist experience 33% more sales, on average? 🔥


The delist/relist tool delists your item(s) from an existing marketplace(s) and relists the item in just seconds. The fresh listings are equivalent to brand-new, first-time listings that enjoy all of the promotion and exposure. 


In 2024, you can have tons of brand-new listings every single day, everywhere you sell, with just a few clicks! 




4. Vendoo Calculates Your Profit and Provides Sales Reports


Bookkeeping and tax preparation is no joke. Tax time can be a nightmare for resellers, but it just got a whole lot easier thanks to Vendoo! 👌🏽


When your sales are automatically detected by Vendoo, or if you mark them as sold, Vendoo requests your sales details.


Check out how it works- it’s like magic ✨



Plus, you can download a customizable sales report spreadsheet that has everything you need for tax preparation including your item details, cost of goods (COG), sale price, marketplace fees, shipping expenses, and more! 


 This means you can say goodbye to spending hours creating your own spreadsheets for bookkeeping. Just use Vendoo, and we do the rest! 


Vendoo automatically delists your item from everywhere else it is listed to prevent double-selling, plus Vendoo instantly calculates your revenue and profit. It’s like magic! 


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5. Vendoo Provides Sales Stats and Powerful Business Analytics


Scale your business in 2024 with Vendoo’s business analytics and sales data for resellers!


Vendoo provides seller data for profit, revenue, average sale price (ASP), and your top-selling brands and categories across all marketplaces! 


Here you can see your profit and revenue overview and seller stats:


vendoo analytics


Plus, Vendoo breaks it down by marketplace, providing profit, revenue, ASP, and volume by marketplace. 



 vendoo analytics

Notice how you can track sales, profit, revenue, and stats for everywhere you sell, even if the marketplaces are not integrated with Vendoo. 


Analytics are not only super interesting but also powerful; analytical information will help you focus your time, track performance, and scale and grow your resale business in 2024.


Ready to start crosslisting? Sign up for Vendoo for FREE today!



6. Vendoo Has a Mobile App


Crosslisting: there’s an app for that! Download the Vendoo mobile app, which is available for both Apple and Android.


With the Vendoo Mobile App, you can manage your reselling business on the go! Manage your inventory, list, crosslist, delist and relist, and mark items as sold from anywhere. 


 What is coming new to Vendoo?  In 2024, you’ll see even more updates and improvements to keep your reselling business at your fingertips! Be on the lookout for new marketplaces and features! 👀


7. Vendoo Has So Many Tools to Save You Time.


In addition to the core features above, there are so many tools and resources integrated with Vendoo to allow you to save time and make money in 2024!


Personalize your reseller experience with helpful tools, seller resources, custom features, personalized preferences, and bulk actions. 


These include, but certainly aren’t limited to:


  • Flexible and affordable subscription options, where you only pay for what you need

  • Basic photo-editing, background removal by PhotoRoom, cropping, and resizing

  • Bulk actions include bulk delist/relist, bulk delete, and bulk label editing


Plus, we’re here for you, whenever you need us! Vendoo offers unparalleled customer support. Our users have access to:


  • A comprehensive help center with articles and tutorial videos
  • A ton of reseller resources including downloadables, e-books, and guides to each marketplace;
  • Monthly Workshops & Webinars with Valuable Reseller Information; and 
  • Monthly product updates directly to your inbox.


Vendoo is the best thing that you can do for your reselling business in 2024! 


Vendoo will help you to meet and exceed your reseller resolutions and make new money in the new year! 


Not convinced? There is a free trial! What are you waiting for?


Sign Up For Vendoo!


Happy Selling! Share your 2024 Reseller Resolutions below! 👇🏽


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