Grailed Fees For Sellers Explained

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Grailed Fees For Sellers Explained

Grailed is an online marketplace founded in 2013, based out of New York City. A Grail is defined as that specific piece of fashion that you obsess over owning, but can’t ever find or afford.


It is stated that the vision of Grailed Founders is to make great clothing available to everyone. And they are getting the job done. With over 10 million users & 10,000 high-end fashion brands. In this article, you’ll learn all about Grailed, The Grailed fee structure, and how to calculate Grailed fees to prevent unwelcome surprises. I will also incorporate a few tips for maximizing your profits on Grailed.


What can I sell on Grailed? 

Grailed’s focus is on designer, vintage & exclusive high end fashion as well as streetwear items from brands like Supreme, Yeezy, Bape and Travis Scott. They were previously focused solely on menswear but they have recently branched out into women’s fashion and accessories. 


Importance of Understanding Grailed Fees

As a seller, understanding where your money comes from and where your money goes is crucial when selling across multiple platforms. After all, every platform has a different set of guidelines & payment out methods. Following the money could be the most effective way to maneuver through the reselling world.


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How much does Grailed take in selling fees? 

There is no fee to list an item on Grailed, however once an item sells Grailed charges a 9% commission fee to the seller for each transaction. In addition, there is a payment processing fee for transactions made through Grailed Payments and PayPal. The seller is also responsible for the fees of 3.49% + .49 cents for domestic sales and 4.99% + .49 cents for international sales per transaction.


I recently sold a Travis Scott Shirt on Grailed for $75. Grailed fees determined that Grailed’s commission was $6.75, and the payment processing fee was $3.62. My total payout was $64.63 after fees under the following parameters:


  • The buyer paid with Grailed Payments
  • The transaction was within the United States
  • The buyer paid for shipping.


Grailed listing


How do you get paid on Grailed?

Generally, Grailed releases funds within 3 days of item delivery as long as the buyer does not report any issues. Once the 3 days have passed, it can take an additional 2-3 days depending on your bank.




Tips for Increasing Sales on Grailed

1. After 7 days sellers have the ability to “bump” their listing to the top of Grailed’s feed. However, following a month’s time, sellers will also have to reduce the price of their item by a minimum of 10% to “bump” to the top of the feed again. 


Learn more about Vendoo’s delist/relist feature here: How to Delist/Relist On Multiple Marketplaces with Vendoo 


2. Send offers! Grailed allows sellers to send offers to users who have “liked” an item. The buyer will receive an email and push notification once an offer is sent. Offers will exclude shipping and must be at least 10% below the current price, if a previous offer was made then the offer should be 10% less than that amount. More specifically, sellers are only allowed to send 2 offers per listing and only 1 per 24 hour period. Grailed even restricts the number of offers sent per day to 10 so potential buyers aren’t bombarded with unsolicited offers. I love to send offers. It is a great way to start the negotiation process and make that sale! 


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Tips for Maximizing Profits With Grailed Fees

Since Grailed does not offer a way to promote listings, reducing costs can be challenging, yet other measures can be taken to save in other areas.  


1. Create a Grailed-specific pricing strategy to account for Grailed and PayPal fees, always pricing for profit. 


2. Always consider fees when sourcing. I like to calculate the cost of the item, plus fees, minus my selling price to see if an item is profitable when I’m thrifting.    


3. Always present clear and accurate pictures, as building buyer confidence is key to making sales! Vendoo offers photoroom with its subscriptions, and you can even edit on its app!


Learn more about it here: Vendoo Tools: Background Remover by PhotoRoom


4. Shipping. Do you pay for boxes? If so, Can you access free boxes? I tend to find boxes at my local grocery store, you can also check local Facebook groups, or ask friends/family to save their boxes instead of tossing them. Recycling boxes helps the environment and your wallet!


Is selling on Grailed worth it?

Yes! I think so. Since Grailed is a uniquely specific tailored market, curating the right inventory could yield a quick sale for a higher price than the other general platforms may produce. 


For example, the previously mentioned Travis Scott shirt was listed on eBay for a month before I cross-listed it to Grailed with Vendoo; it sold within a week. 


grailed travis scott

Since Grailed is such a unique and one of a kind platform, I recommend going through your closet to see if you have any items that fit the Grailed platform, you may be able to find a quick flip just sitting, waiting for its new forever home. With relatively low selling fees and no initial listing fee, there is little to lose, so why not join Vendoo today and get your listing on Grailed quickly and seamlessly?


Have you already tried Grailed? Let us know in the comments below! Learn more about cross listing to multiple marketplaces with Vendoo.

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