Military Assignment Sparks Thriving Reselling Business With Vendoo

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Military Assignment Sparks Thriving Reselling Business With Vendoo

When life hands you a military reassignment notice, you pack up, declutter, and, if you're Robert Graves, turn it into an opportunity to launch a reselling empire that spans continents. Graves' journey into the world of reselling began in 2004 amidst the logistical challenges of relocating from the United States to Okinawa, Japan. With a weight limit on household goods and a deadline looming, he turned to eBay to shed 2500 pounds of possessions. Little did he know, this was just the beginning of a lucrative career pivot that would blend his military discipline with entrepreneurial flair.


The Birth of C&G Eclectics Across Time

Upon his return to the U.S., Graves, alongside his spouse, launched C&G Eclectics Across Time in May 2007. With a treasure trove of Japanese products and an eye for eclectic finds, they ventured into reselling full-time. Despite juggling healthcare careers, they managed to grow their business, sourcing everything from clothing and toys to books and vintage items. Their mission? To keep the planet green by finding new homes for reusable items.


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C&G Eclectics Across Time | eBay

StoresCGEclectics - Etsy

Robert's Closet (@cgeclectics) | Poshmark


The Challenge of Scaling Up

As retirement from their healthcare professions loomed, the Graves realized the need to make their business more profitable without sacrificing the joy it brought them. Enter Vendoo, a software solution they discovered through reselling social media groups. With a strategic long-term plan in mind, they integrated Vendoo into their operations, aiming to streamline and boost their sales.


Why Vendoo?

The choice to use Vendoo was driven by a critical need: managing cross-listed inventory across multiple marketplaces without the fear of overselling. Before Vendoo, the task of ensuring an item was delisted across all platforms once sold was daunting and error-prone. Graves was drawn to Vendoo for its highly recommended inventory management capabilities, particularly its exclusive sales detection feature, which automatically updates inventory status across marketplaces. This peace of mind allowed them to focus on scaling their business rather than managing logistics.




The Vendoo Difference

Since incorporating Vendoo into their business in January 2023, Graves and his spouse have seen a remarkable 33% increase in sales. Vendoo's intuitive interface and comprehensive features, including sales detection and crosslisting capabilities, have been game-changers. It has not only simplified their operations but also allowed them to expand into new marketplaces like Mercari and Poshmark, with plans to continue growing. Vendoo's resource center has been instrumental in this expansion, offering valuable insights and information that have made entering new platforms seamless and successful.


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A Veteran's Advice for Aspiring Resellers

For those looking to follow in his footsteps, Graves emphasizes the importance of research and strategic planning. Understanding the nuances of each marketplace and how they fit into your overall business goals is crucial. Vendoo, with its vast array of resources and user-friendly platform, makes this process easier, enabling resellers to maximize their potential and reach their financial objectives.


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Robert Graves' story is a testament to the power of adaptability, strategic planning, and the right tools. From a necessity-driven decluttering exercise to a flourishing online business, his journey underscores the potential for personal transitions to catalyze professional transformations. For Graves, Vendoo has not just been a software solution; it's been a strategic partner in his quest to scale his business, secure his financial future, and continue the joy of reselling into retirement. In the world of online reselling, Graves demonstrates that with the right approach and resources, anyone can turn a challenge into a thriving opportunity.

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