How to Use Vendoo to Make More Sales on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy and more!

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How to Use Vendoo to Make More Sales on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy and more!

Resellers, you need to try Vendoo. For years, I used a different cross-listing software. After hearing so many resellers rave about Vendoo, I decided to try the free trial. I have never looked back! Switching to Vendoo is hands-down the best thing I have ever done for my reselling business.


Vendoo is a game-changer, saving me time and making me money. My sales have significantly increased thanks to Vendoo!


I have learned to maximize all that Vendoo has to offer to maximize efficiency, save time, and increase profit. Here is how to Use Vendoo to increase your sales:

1. Creating Listings with Vendoo


Creating listings with Vendoo is way faster than when listing directly to reselling platforms. When creating a new listing, you simply fill out the Vendoo Details Form, which contains the basic information required on all of the reselling marketplaces. Drafting listings in Vendoo is simple and straightforward. When uploading images, you can use Vendoo’s photo-editing and resizing tool for perfect listing images. 


eBay Sellers: Vendoo stores all of your custom eBay business policies, making listing to eBay quicker!


Drafting your listings in Vendoo is recommended, but if you prefer to draft your listings directly on a reselling platform, you can also import your listings from a marketplace into your Vendoo catalog with the import feature. 


Because listing items is so fast, I can list more than ever. My sales have increased significantly!

2. Cross-Listing with Vendoo 


Cross-listing is simple and fast with Vendoo (significantly faster than the competitor companies). Once you complete the Vendoo Details Form, Vendoo automatically fills in the listing fields for all of the reselling platforms. Listing an item on several platforms takes only a couple of minutes because Vendoo automatically fills in so much required information. Cross-listing only requires selecting a few (marketplace-specific) options. 


Vendoo does not open up multiple tabs; instead, the left side of the screen features a list of marketplaces and the right side of the screen transforms into a listing draft for the selected marketplace.


The true secret to making sales is consistently listing items for sale. Because cross-listing is so fast, I no longer have to prioritize a platform or decide where to focus my time and energy. Cross-listing is so quick that I list my items on multiple platforms and crank out more daily listings. Faster listing = more listing = more sales! 

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3. The Delist/ Relist Add-On 


The Delist/Relist feature is among the most valuable features on Vendoo. This feature allows you to remove and relist your items from every marketplace in seconds. It takes only a few clicks to remove your item and relist it as a brand-new listing. The relist does not create a duplicate or copy, but a brand-new listing with a new URL. The new listing enjoys the same exposure and benefits as a brand-new item being listed for the very first time.


The key to most reselling platforms is consistently listing new items. With Vendoo, you can have hundreds of brand-new listings in just a few minutes, as often as you would like! This creates extra exposure in the algorithm and leads to more sales!


The bulk delist/relist feature is in beta and I am loving it! I can delist and relist multiple items at once on multiple platforms!


Vendoo Tip: While the delist/relist add-on is advertised as a way to refresh your “stale listings”, use this feature strategically. For example, I relist simultaneously with Poshmark parties, Depop sales, eBay promotions, and Mercari listing challenges.




4. Book-Keeping with Vendoo 


Vendoo offers full inventory management, hosting all of your listed, unlisted, and sold inventory, costs, information, and images. You can filter your inventory by date created, date modified, alphabetically, price, SKU number, or with the search bar. You can also sort by what is (or is not) listed on a particular platform(s). You can even create custom labels to organize inventory in groups, which is handy for consignment sellers.


If you’re not yet using an inventory management system, it will soon become inevitable for growth. At all times, I can see my inventory, costs, and projected revenue, making accounting and tax preparation very simple!


Learn more about how Vendoo will help you at tax time here


Vendoo also features complete profit and revenue tracking, including your cost of goods (COG), sale price, marketplace fees, and shipping fees. This alleviates the burden of performing complex equations to calculate revenue. At any time, you can download a spreadsheet with all of the information requires for business management and tax purposes.


Think about it: To calculate profit on a Depop sale, a rather complex formula is required:


(Sale Price- 10% Depop Fee)- (2.9%+.30 Paypal Fee)- Shipping Cost- COG: Profit. 


This is complex and time-consuming (with ample room for error). Thankfully, no need for complex formulas, confusing spreadsheets, or expensive software. Vendoo does all of this for you, so you have more time to focus on sourcing, listing, and making sales!


5. Vendoo Business Analytics 


Vendoo business analytics will help you to analyze sales trends and adjust your business model to maximize sales and profit. Vendoo uses your COG, sale price, and fees to generate powerful analytical information about your selling performance. Vendoo creates clean graphs, charts, and reports illustrating your sales across platforms. Vendoo tracks your average sale price, revenue, profit, average COG/ROI, sell-through rate, and best-selling brands, categories, and styles. With this information, you can see exactly how your inventory performs, where it performs best, and focus your goals on making more sales and maximizing profit!


The analytics tools are wonderful for resellers like me, who are not exactly business people. Reselling transformed from a hobby to a business, and these metrics help me to analyze my performance and adjust my efforts and goals in the most efficient and lucrative ways.

Vendoo has helped me to take my reselling business to the next level. Vendoo saves me so much time, and has caused my sales to increase! See for yourself how Vendoo will help you take your business to the next level with the free trial.


Do you love Vendoo? Please feel free to share any questions, comments, or tips below!


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