Depop Return Policy & How to Handle Refunds

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Depop Return Policy & How to Handle Refunds

As resellers, we all want the perfect sales experience from start to finish. We love it when our customers are happy with their items, but what do we do when they request a return or refund? 


Here we will explain the return and refund process for Depop and how to avoid them in the first place!


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How to Avoid Depop Returns and Refunds

The best return or refund experience is avoiding one altogether. By following these best practices you can reduce the likelihood of an unsatisfied customer and earn your place as a trustworthy seller. 


Create Detailed and Honest Item Descriptions

Buyers want authenticity and transparency. By listing an item accurately with as much detail as possible you can avoid any misconceptions and increase the likelihood of a permanent sale. Here are attributes to include in your listing:


  • Brand

  • Size and Measurements

  • Condition (call out ALL wear and include pictures of any flaws so they can see level of severity)

  • Clear pictures from multiple views (Front, Back, Interior, Tags, etc)

  • Category

  • Material

  • Color

  • Style

  • Any additional information that authenticates your item (Style Number, Auth card, Stitching)


Price Fairly

Secondhand shoppers are savvy. Price your items competitively and fairly so both you and the buyer are getting the best deal. Checking “comps” is a great way to see how much similar items go for. Doing a quick search on Depop as if you were a buyer looking for your item will give you an idea of market value.


Provide Tracking

Using tracked shipping is a great way to create trust between you and the buyer. It is a crucial point of solidifying the sale and qualifies you for Depop Seller Protection in case of a dispute.


Always use tracked shipping and always share it with the buyer once available.


Disputes and Resolution

When a buyer raises an issue for an item they purchased from you, Depop will send you a notification. A buyer can report that an item was not delivered in the Resolution Centre or open a dispute with Depop directly if an item was ‘Not as Described.’ 


In any case, it’s important to respond quickly and offer exceptional customer service by being as helpful as you can to resolve the issue. This can impact your reputation as a seller and the transaction experience for the buyer in a positive way.


Buyer Claims ‘Not as Described’

  1. Ask the buyer to provide proof for the claim. This will help you determine the best course of action, whether to refund, accept a return or escalate the claim. Open communication can lead to a swift resolution.

  2. Check the claim against your item description. Determine if the flaw or issue was something you missed, or happened after the item left your possession.

  3. Be a responsible seller. If the flaw was something you missed you have options. With options available for a partial or full refund there is a way to compensate the buyer and retain a good relationship. Remember to always keep buyer/seller communication on Depop.

  4. If the damage occurred during shipping, get in touch with the shipping provider and file a claim. The issue was outside of your control and contacting the shipping service may help you settle the issue. 

  5. Immediately contact Depop if the claim is untrue. Provide evidence that the claim is false and that you qualify for Depop’s seller protection. 


Refunding the Buyer

If you decide to resolve the dispute and refund the buyer you will automatically be refunded the Depop selling fee. If they purchased using Depop Payments you will need to add a debit or credit card to your account before you can refund the buyer.


What if I Disagree With the Buyer?

You can let the buyer know why you disagree with their dispute in the Resolution Centre. The buyer can then accept or reject your response. If they accept, the dispute will be closed. If they reject, the dispute will be escalated to the Depop Support Team.


Facilitate a Return on Depop

Having formally issued a return on the platform, arranging the return is the next step. This is the easiest part of the process. All you need to do is make sure your buyer returns the item using tracked shipping. Providing proof of return will enable the refund to be processed.


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Now that you’re well versed on how to handle returns and refunds, focus on setting yourself apart and increasing your sales with Vendoo. The best trick to selling fast with confidence is cross-listing. Vendoo provides a tailored interface for multiple marketplaces so you know you’re covering all your bases and your items are getting the best exposure.


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