Funko Pop Collectibles: How To Buy & Sell Funko Pops Online

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Funko Pop Collectibles: How To Buy & Sell Funko Pops Online

Here's a one-stop Funko blog for all of you collectible resellers out there! Funko Pops are an adorable and nostalgic toy that have become a collector's dream. This art form combines modern pop culture with 70s and 80s-style cartoons by creating vinyl collectible figures with big black eyes and rounded features. Funko Pops might be relatively new toys, but they have turned into a massive part of pop culture. They are small, cheap when bought new, and highly collectible. 

Someone at Funko HQ really knows what they are doing! Funko Pops are developed around popular franchises such as Marvel, Disney, and the hottest TV shows and movies. They routinely play on our love for things from our childhoods by reaching back in time and making new toys from older beloved entertainment figures. They only make a limited number of each toy, and some runs are more exclusive than others. This makes prices on the reseller market sky-high when pieces are sought after, with some of the top pops selling for thousands of dollars.


Funko Pop Collectibles


Where Did Funko Pops Come From?


Funko was started back in 1998 by a toy collector named Mike Becker. The first line of toys was called “Wacky Wobblers.” Over the years, the company made several lines of toys and eventually became Funko after the company was sold to Brian Mariotti. The Funko Pop Vinyl Figures we know and love today first hit the market in 2010. It’s not uncommon for a die-hard collector to have hundreds of pops. Over 24,000 different Funko Pops have been made and that number is growing every day. They only make a limited number of each Funko pop which means if you don’t get one when it is first launched in stores, you will be hunting for your missing pop online. 


What Makes Some Funko Pops More Valuable Than Others? 


The value of Funko Pops varies greatly across the board, from $5 to thousands of dollars.


If you are just getting started picking up Funko Pops for reselling, how do you know which ones are worth the most money? 


One huge factor in the resale value of Funko Pops is the condition. Collectors want their toys new in the box, preferably never removed from the box. The box itself should be free from dents and scratches as well. 


The more rare a Funko Pop is, the more money it will fetch. Some Funko pops were made specifically for events or as trial runs, and only a very small number were ever made. For example, the Alex DeLarge Pop from A Clockwork Orage was only made in a small batch of 24 items and was never intended for public release. This incredibly rare pop has gone for over $30,000. There is also a glow-in-the-dark version that sells for around $13,000. 


If you see a sticker on the box that says “CHASE” this Funko Pop is rare. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s highly sought after, but it is certainly more rare than most pops. You might also see stickers indicating that the pop was made for a specific event like Comic-Con or only available in a specific store. When looking up Funko Pops online, if you see the word “vaulted,” this means that pop is no longer in production.


Funko Pops Chase Sticker


Where Can You Find Funko Pops to Purchase With The Intent to Resell?


You can always buy pops when they are first released in stores and online. Amazon has great deals, and you can pre-order upcoming pops. You can also shop at stores where Funko Pops are sold, such as Walmart, Target, Music Stores, Comic Book Shops, and other places. 


For cheaper pops, you can search garage sales, toy collector shows, and online live auctions. 


How to Determine The Value of Your Funko Pop Before Buying Or Selling


When you find a Funko Pop in the wild, maybe at a yard sale or on clearance, you can first look up the value on valuation sites like Pop Price Guide. You can also look up comps for recent sales on eBay or Mercari. Don’t forget to also take into account any flaws in the box or packaging. 


The price of more common pops is generally hype-based. That means if a new Spiderman movie is coming out, you’ll be sure to see an increase in searches for both new and older Spiderman pops. If you keep up with entertainment news, memes, and pop culture, you should get an idea of what pops are most popular at any given moment. 


Where to Sell Funko Pops Online


One of the most popular places to sell Funko Pops online is eBay, but you can also find big auctions on the popular live-selling app, Whatnot. Cool fact, Whatnot was designed first and foremost to sell Funko Pops. You can use Vendoo to crosslist your Funko Pops from eBay on over to Mercari and Facebook Marketplace as well. 


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The best thing about reselling Funko Pops is that they are incredibly easy to photograph since they are in the box. Writing the listing is also easy because you can usually find the original description online. 


How To Ship Funko Pops Safely 


Once you’ve made a Funko Pop sale, it’s important that the toy makes it to the new owner in the same condition you listed it in. Collectors are very picky about the condition of their investments. Make sure to mail the figure in a box that is not too large, or the item will shift around inside the box and could get damaged. You should wrap that pop in plastic or put it in a sealed plastic bag and wrap it with bubble wrap as well. Make sure there is padding in the box. 


The Top Ten Most Valuable Funko Pops 

Funko Pop prices are highly speculative and volatile, which means that they don’t always make the best buy and hold investment (just ask anyone who used to collect beanie babies in the 90s). However, it’s fun to see what the most valuable pops are at the moment. You’ll notice that most of these were limited releases at a Comic Con event. 


10. Boo Berry Funko Comic Con $3,540

9. Count Chocula Freddy Funko Metallic $3,780

8. Boba Fett Freddy Funko Red Hair $3,990

7. Dumbo (Gold) Comic Con $4,180

6. Buzz Lightyear Freddy Funko Comic Con $5,030

5. Frankenberry Freddy Funko Comic Con $5,610

4. Stan Lee Signed Pops Metallic $6,100

3. Dumbo Clown Comic Con $7,430

2. Jaime Lannister Freddy Funko Bloody Comic Con $9,310 - $13,500 

1. Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange $13,300 - And A lot more! 


Have fun looking for Funko Pops to sell! Use Vendoo to manage your inventory and crosslist to multiple platforms for the fastest sale. Check out our free trial now!


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