How Does Vestiaire Collective Work For Sellers?

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How Does Vestiaire Collective Work For Sellers?

Vestiaire Collective is the leading global marketplace for designer, luxury, and vintage fashion items. It is the best place to sell high-end items, but it comes with a learning curve.


Vestiaire Collective is a global favorite, as their authentication process, quality control standards, and buyer experience are unparalleled on other peer-to-peer marketplaces. 


Vestiaire Collective is simple to sell on but difficult to master. It is a unique marketplace that does not operate in the same way as other peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, or Mercari.


This article will cover the unique requirements and policies of Vestiaire Collective with expert tips and tricks to make more sales on Vestiaire. 


How Does Vestiaire Collective Work?

If you have sold online before, you probably have an idea of how the photography, description, listing, and shipping processes work, but they all work a bit differently on Vestiaire. 


To help you navigate this distinct marketplace, we've gathered valuable insights that will set you on the path to success. Understanding the platform is the key to mastering it. 


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The Unique Landscape of Vestiaire Collective

To excel on Vestiaire Collective, take the time to familiarize yourself with the platform's policies, guidelines, and community standards. This knowledge streamlines your navigation and builds trust with potential buyers. 


Vestiaire Collective Review

🗒️ Important: It is crucial to understand that all listings are submitted to Vestiaire Collective for review prior to publishing. Much of the information below is not just helpful tips but requirements you must understand and implement. Your listings will be rejected if they do not meet Vestiaire’s standards. 


Vestiaire Collective may take up to 48 hours to review your listing. Stay tuned in to your email to see if your listing was approved.


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Mastering Vestiaire Photo Requirements

Exceptional images are a keystone of any successful listing. Details like lighting, background, and framing matter. Clear, well-lit photos elevate your items and instill confidence in potential buyers. 


Vestiaire Collective has specific photo requirements to maintain a consistent and professional appearance across all listings. 


First, Vestiaire strictly prohibits stock photos. Listings with stock images will be rejected. In many cases, they will also reject your own personally modeled photos. 


Second, Vestiaire does not allow props in your product photos. Ensure the item you are selling is the only item in the photograph. This includes other accessories to show style or signs for branding.


Third, Vestiaire has strict requirements when it comes to the photos included in your listing:


  • The photos required will vary by each item. For a handbag, for example, you can expect to provide a front side photo, a back side photo, an inside brand tag photo, a photo of the base, and a photo of the interior. 

Vestiaire Collective Photos

💡 Tip: You can provide more images than required to show off your item. However, you might notice that some images were rejected after your listing is live.


  • The photo order requirement is determined by Vestiaire as well. You have to upload the photos in the required order outlined on the listing form. 


  • You may also have additional photos required if your item has flaws. You won’t get away with saying “light scratching to exterior” in your description if there is not a correlating photo. In this case, your listing will often be declined with a request to provide more photographs. Save yourself time by carefully photographing flaws in advance. 


💡 Tip: Do not forget to photograph your proof of purchase, proof of authentication, any accessories (dust bags, packaging), and close-up photographs of the serial number. You might need to submit these to prove authentication or proof of origin. See below.


Learn more about Vestiaire Collective photo requirements here



Leveraging Unique Vestiaire Collective Listing Fields

Vestiaire Collective provides a range of listing fields designed to offer buyers comprehensive information. Luxury goods demand a higher level of exquisite attention. Utilize these fields to provide detailed descriptions of your items. Transparency about the brand, size, condition, and any special attributes is paramount. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to attract serious buyers. 


Here are some of the required unique listing fields on Vestiaire Collective and how to navigate them:  


1. Description Field

The description field is crucial to making a successful sale on Vestiaire Collective. This is where you have the opportunity to paint a vivid picture of your item, providing potential buyers with all the details they need to make an informed decision. Be thorough and accurate in your description, highlighting key features, materials, and any unique aspects that set your item apart. A well-crafted description not only instills confidence in potential buyers but also demonstrates your professionalism as a seller. It's your chance to showcase the value and quality of your item. 


Your description should showcase your item, but anything you provide outside of that will be removed during the review. Anything not entirely relevant, such as keywording, promotional marketing language, or emojis, will be removed by Vestiaire.


🗒️ Important: Once your listing is published, it cannot be edited. Take great care in your description and review prior to submission. 


2. Proof of Origin Field

Vestiaire requires proof of origin, including proof of purchase, an authenticity card or certificate, or a photograph of the internal tags, including the serial number. The requirements vary depending on brand, category, and price. Be sure to read the listing form carefully. 


3. The Condition Field


The condition field is unique on Vestiaire Collective. Vestiaire does not accept everything, even if the brand is approved. All items must meet their quality control standards, and the appropriate corresponding condition must be selected on the listing form. 


🗒️ Important: The condition is not up to your discretion. Whereas on most reselling marketplaces, it is up to the seller to determine if the condition of an item is “great,” “good,” or “fair,” Vestiaire has a strict grading system. You must enter the condition that corresponds to your item based on Vestiaire’s Condition Requirements. You’ll notice that the amount, size, and type of flaws are some of the factors in selecting the appropriate condition.

Vestiaire Collective Condition Standards

In fact, if your item has too many imperfections or any substantial imperfections, you might not be able to sell it at all. You also cannot sell a NWT (new with tags) item if it has a single flaw.


4. The Measurements Field


Relevant measurements are required for many categories on Vestiaire Collective. Unlike other marketplaces, they are not optional. 

Check your listing form to see which measurements are required, you will also notice that Vestiaire might require more measurements than you would normally provide. 


5. The Price Field


Setting the right price is a pivotal aspect of making sales on this platform. Research similar items to gauge market trends. Consider factors like brand, condition, rarity, and current demand. A competitive yet fair price will make your listings stand out and appeal to potential buyers.


Although it is a helpful tool, you do not need to follow the Vestiaire recommended pricing on your listings. However, your listing will be rejected if Vestiaire determines that it is too high or too low, based loosely on consideration of comps on Vestiaire Collective.


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Understanding Vestiaire Collective Authentication

Vestiaire Collective places a strong emphasis on authenticity. This means that every item sold on the platform undergoes a rigorous authentication process to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and genuineness. Understanding this process is crucial for sellers.


🗒️ Important: You cannot use Vestiaire as an agent to determine the authenticity of your item; Instead, it is your responsibility to ensure authentication prior to even trying to list an item on Vestiaire Collective. If you are not certain of authenticity, be sure to have your items authenticated prior to submitting a listing on Vestiaire. 


On Vestiaire, items are reviewed for authenticity during the listing review stage and again upon sale. Most sales will be shipped to Vestiaire Collective directly before reaching their final destination to your buyer. 


Of course, Vestiaire Collective has a zero-tolerance policy for the sale of inauthentic goods. Vestiaire has a stellar reputation as a global powerhouse for luxury and designer fashion, allowing buyers across the world to shop with trust and confidence. 

Vestiaire Collective Customer Service

One of the standout features of Vestiaire Collective is its exceptional customer service. Should you have any questions or concerns, the platform provides avenues to reach out for assistance. Prompt and reliable support is available to help you navigate any challenges you may encounter along the way. Before you reach out, however, check out their Help Center. So many resources are available to help you sell and navigate any issues you may have. 

How to Make More Sales on Vestiaire Collective

One of the most important factors in making more sales on Vestiaire Collective is premium luxury inventory at competitive prices


Many sellers struggle with slow sales because they are not listing new items daily, often because they simply do not have a large amount of qualifying inventory to list. Vestiaire is very selective as to permitted brands and designers, and the average seller might not have enough luxury inventory to list new items regularly. Unlike other marketplaces, delisting and relisting inventory is not recommended due to the listing review process on Vestiatire. 


Even if you do not have a large number of listings, Vestiaire Collective is still the best place to list luxury items. A leading global marketplace for designer fashion, you are awarded the largest exposure and potential buyers. 


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