Crosslisting Compared: List Perfectly vs. Vendoo

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Crosslisting Compared: List Perfectly vs. Vendoo

If you’re a “reseller,” someone who sells online on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Etsy, Depop, and others, you are probably crosslisting your items. Crosslisting refers to listing your items on multiple marketplaces to enhance exposure and maximize your chances of making a sale.


Most resellers start on one marketplace and quickly learn that each has a different and unique audience. Crosslisting is a crucial step to growing and scaling your reselling business.


There are so many crosslisting services available to resellers, and some are certainly better than others. There are some newer, smaller ones, but the two main crosslisting services are Vendoo and List Perfectly. 


All of the well-known, high-volume resellers you might know from Youtube or social media are likely using one of the two. As a high-volume seller myself, with years of experience with both, here is my review of each.


In this article, I’ll explain the features, benefits, pros, and cons of Vendoo vs. List Perfectly. 


List Perfectly vs. Vendoo: Which Is Better?


In a sentence, List Perfectly is good, but Vendoo is great.


List Perfectly is significantly faster than manually listing your items for sale “the old-fashioned way” by screenshotting images and copying and pasting descriptions. For this reason, I was pretty content with List Perfectly; that is, until I discovered the magic of Vendoo. 


It wasn’t until most of my reseller friends switched to Vendoo and raved about how much better it was that I finally did the free trial to check out Vendoo. Man, I didn’t know what I was missing. I can’t imagine where my business could be today if I had tried Vendoo sooner.


Let’s compare each in more depth. 


Which Marketplaces Do List Perfectly and Vendoo Support?


Vendoo and List Perfectly support the same marketplaces: eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, Kidizen, Grailed, Depop, Etsy, Shopify, and Vestiaire Collective. 


List perfectly includes Instagram as a “marketplace” by including an IG logo on their graphics, but it’s a stretch. Both List Perfectly and Vendoo feature Shopify, which allows users to use their Shopify catalog to share listings on an Instagram Shop or Facebook Store. Vendoo could include the Instagram logo, too. 


An additional helpful feature Vendoo supports is the ability to mark the item as sold on other platforms. For inventory management and analytics purposes, Vendoo supports sales made on eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, Grailed, Depop, Kidizen, and Facebook plus ThredUp, Instagram, Curtsy, Amazon, ThredUp, TheRealReal, In Person, WhatNot, and even “other.”


Comparing The Price Of Vendoo vs. List Perfectly


Let’s compare the cost of Vendoo vs. List Perfectly. Both pricing models are different, but one is clearly better: 


Costs are based on the publish date of this article, but of course, subject to change.


How Much Does List Perfectly Cost? 


List Perfectly has tiered pricing starting at $29/month for the simple plan. But, the Simple Plan doesn’t offer very much, so you would need at least the Business Plan… or really the Pro Plan to use the features they advertise. 


You can crosslist as many items as you want with any plan; the tiers are based on the tools and features you receive. To enjoy all the tools and features of List Perfectly, the cost is $69/month


Check out a breakdown of List Perfectly Pricing information. This is very, very steep compared to Vendoo. 


Interested in a side-by-side comparison? See how Vendoo stacks up against List Perfectly here!


How Much Does Vendoo Cost?


Vendoo also has tiered pricing. Vendoo has a forever-free plan, and paid plans start at $8.99/month. Vendoo’s pricing works differently. Every Vendoo plan includes access to the Vendoo tools and features; the tiers are based on the number of new listings you wish to create each month. 


You select the number of new items you want to add monthly, and you pay for what you need. Vendoo doesn’t charge for your total inventory, only what you add new each month. 


vendoo pricing plans

vendoo plans pricing


All Vendoo Plans Include:

  • Crossposting to 10 marketplaces (3 marketplaces per item)

  • Unlimited Crossposting & Inventory Storage

  • High-Resolution Image Hosting, Editing & Resizing

  • Downloadable Inventory Spreadsheets

  • Inventory Management & Custom Labels

  • Profit Tracking & Business Analytics

  • Custom Listing Templates & Default Preferences

  • Stale Listing Reminders

  • SellHound Price Checker Tool

  • Live Customer Support 7 Days a Week


Vendoo also has optional add-ons and all-inclusive plans. 


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I love only paying for what I need. You can also downgrade to a free plan at any time where you can still access all of the Vendoo tools and features. On the free plan, you get 5 new listings each month but can still access everything already in your inventory. 


In comparing the List Perfectly pricing vs. the Vendoo pricing, it is clear that Vendoo is much more flexible and affordable. Plus, a better value. 


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Extra Features Offered By List Perfectly and Vendoo


Of course Vendoo and List Perfectly are both cross-listing software, but what else do they do?


Here is an overview of some of the tools, features, and extras offered by Vendoo vs. List Perfectly:


Free Trial
Forever Free Plan X
Mobile App X
Works on One Tab X
Draft Listings X Only Pro Plan
Copy & Paste Listings
Custom Titles by Marketplaces X Only Business & Pro Plans
Custom Photos by Marketplaces X
Inventory System
Multi-Quantity Listings X
Custom Inventory Labels X
Custom Listing Templates
SellHound Integration X
Price Research Tool X
Photo Hosting
Photo Editing
Photo Cropping
Background Removal X
Measurement Charts X
Bulk Delisting/Relisting X Only Business & Pro Plans
CSV Spreadsheet Download X Only Business & Pro Plans
Profit & Revenue Calculation X Only Business & Pro Plans
Business Analytics X Only Business & Pro Plans
Mark Sold from Software
Reseller Resources
Affiliate Program



Vendoo has far more tools, resources, features, and customer support; plus, it is all available to all users, even free plan users!


While List Perfectly has almost as many tools and features as Vendoo, you have to pay a premium for the higher-tier plans to use them.


Something notable that List Perfectly has that Vendoo does not is their integration with for graphic measurement images.


I found it strange that while Vendoo has a full Help Center with articles, tutorial videos, and reseller resources, List Perfectly does not have a Help Center on their website, only an FAQ Page. Here is Vendoo’s FAQ, too. 


Regardless, both Vendoo and List Perfectly have YouTube channels where you can see tutorial videos and learn more about the software.


Does List Perfectly or Vendoo Have Better Customer Service and Support? 


Having used both, I can attest that there is a vastly different customer service experience with each platform. 


Vendoo is super easy to use, but should you need help, help is always available. Vendoo has a searchable help center with answers to everything you would need. They also have a large customer service team and live chat seven days a week. 


List Perfectly is harder to navigate as it is less user-friendly. List Perfectly also doesn’t have a Help Center or live customer support.  You can message them and get a response within a day or two, but that does not help when you’re stuck.


Both have active Facebook pages where you can ask questions and connect with the community. Both are on Instagram, as well.


However, the Vendoo resources and team are far more available. 


In Conclusion, Vendoo Is the Best Crosslisting Service for Resellers


Vendoo is about 5 times faster for crosslisting, has infinitely more tools, saves me a ton of time, and makes me more sales than ever.


Vendoo has quadrupled my sales- and all of this at a much better price point. 



Remember that both Vendoo and List Perfectly have free trials, so don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself today here


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