BOLO Brands to Resell in 2022

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BOLO Brands to Resell in 2022

I’m not usually one for BOLO (Be-On-The-Lookout) lists, because sometimes resellers over-emphasize them. However, it is good to familiarize yourself with top-selling brands to keep in mind when sourcing!


According to Vogue, the top searched brands in 2021 include Gucci, Nike, Dior, Balenciaga, Moncler, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, and Off-White. Luxury brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton are easy to find and will always yield a profit when purchased for the right price.


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Here are some lesser-known amazing brands for resale:


Lounge Fly

Loungefly was ranked first on the list on Poshmark’s 2021 Holiday Trend Report. Loungefly is the maker of pop-culture apparel and accessories, often working with various companies including Disney, Marvel, and Sanrio. Loungefly may look like children’s accessories, but some of their backpacks sell for thousands of dollars, particularly rare pieces such as Disney’s Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella Fairytales, and Disneyland Castle.


Reseller Tip: For handbags and accessories, BOLO vintage. Vintage is in, and with fast-fashion companies mass-producing replicas, people will pay up for genuine vintage accessories.


Lululemon Athletica

Lululemon is literally a brand to BOLO for… because it can be hard to spot it with the tiny brand logo in thickly packed racks of athletic wear. Lululemon is a top-selling brand across all resale platforms and the producer of the most comfortable leggings on Earth! Lululemon is high quality at a fairly high price for athletic wear. Lululemon tank tops are not usually a fabulous flip, but full-length bottoms are quick sellers. You cannot go wrong with Lululemon Aligns, many women’s choice of superior legging.


Some special Lululemon BOLOs include:


  1. Lululemon x Roksanda Collaboration
  2. Hotty Hot Shorts
  3. Puffer Jackets, Parkas, and Capes
  4. Anything in the Seawheeze colorway (metallic rainbow)


Reseller Tip: Pieces from Brand Collaborations (when you see Brand x Brand) can be amazing finds with high price points! If you come across them while sourcing, always look up comps to see if you have found something great. Note: A “collab” is different than when a brand makes a lower quality line for a department store.




Good American

Good American is a high-quality clothing and accessories brand, committed to quality, comfort, and inclusion, offering a wide size range to accommodate all body shapes. If you have not tried on a pair of Good American jeans, do your butt a favor! They’re amazing. Top-sellers in this brand include boots, jackets, and pants. It can be tough to find Good American at the thrift store because their clothing does not have flashy tags or indicators. In fact, the jeans are mostly plain in the back with a small white brand label inside. Good American is worth taking your time in the denim section to score!


Reseller Tip: For jeans, also BOLO Mother Jeans, Magnolia Pearl Jeans, Amiri Jeans, Rock Revival Jeans, One Teaspoon Jeans, and Madewell Jeans.



Anthropologie is, always has been, and probably always will be a top-selling brand across reselling platforms. Anthropologie sells women’s apparel and accessories, intimates, home furniture and décor, and beauty. Anthropologie explains that their customer is the creative-minded woman, featuring many brands all catering to five muses: soft & delicate, boho chic, easy cool, elegant classic, and modern sporty.


Most Anthro pieces do not say “Anthropologie” on them;  instead, they have their own brand, sold at Anthropologie. If you’re one for BOLO lists, here is one worth taking a look at, a complete list of brands sold at Anthropologie.  


Reseller Tip: In most cases, listing the brand as “Anthropologie” will generate greater exposure than listing your item under the specific brand. However, make sure the piece is actually sold at Anthropologie if you use it as the brand. Just because an item is an Anthro brand does not mean the item was sold at Anthro. Click here to learn more about how to use the rn number to identify Anthropologie pieces.


Did you know that Anthropologie is owned by URBN, who also owns a few other BOLO companies including Free People and Urban Outfitters, and many other brands!


Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is the ultimate “bread and butter” brand with brand loyalty and a following. Really, anything Victoria’s Secret will sell, and I will always pick it up if the price is right. But, there are some pieces in general to BOLO for major scores including:


  1. Gold Label Vintage Victoria’s Secret
  2. PINK Victoria’s Secret Décor and Accessories
  3. The PINK Bling Collection (Anything covered in sequins)


Revolve Brands

Revolve is a premium lifestyle brand, featuring coveted apparel brands such as Lovers + Friends, For Love & Lemons, NBD, Free People, Joie, and many more. If it is sold at Revolve, it is likely a good brand for resale. For a complete Revolve Bolo list, click here.


While BOLO lists should be a resource and not a gospel, having an idea of which brands to keep in mind will certainly help you to source. As far as knowing what to pick up, my best recommendation is to check comps. I use SellHound to quickly assess comps (for both active and sold listings) on most reselling platforms, at once!


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