Why Use a Crossposting Software for Your Reselling Business?

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Why Use a Crossposting Software for Your Reselling Business?

Crossposting has been a trending topic in the reselling community for the past few months, or we would even dare to say years. This is due to the fact that many new marketplaces are starting to emerge and grow rapidly. With this being said, resellers have felt the need to maintain a presence on multiple marketplaces by either manually crosslisting items or with the help of a crosslisting software.  



In this blog post, we’d like to go over the benefits of using a crosslisting software in your reselling business. 

If you’re not entirely familiar with the term crossposting, and you’d like to understand what it is, we advise you to read - What is crossposting and why should you do it as a reseller?


A crossposting software saves you time 

Creating the same listing on different marketplaces can be very time consuming, which is why a crosslisting software can help you save time. Instead of having to go to each marketplace to create a listing for the same product, you can create your product listing inside a crossposting software, add its general characteristics and then add the specific details each marketplace requires. With a crosslisting software like Vendoo you could also import your existing listings from one or any of your marketplaces with just a few clicks.  


Using a crossposting software helps you give your listings more visibility and increases your pool of potential buyers

Yes! Crossposting can help you reach brand new audiences. All the marketplaces out there have a specialty or are recognized for their own uniqueness. for example, Etsy is known for having a large offering of hand-made and vintage items, whereas Tradesy is a place where women can buy and sell designer bags, shoes and clothes. Since each marketplace's audience is different, the more marketplaces you're on will increase your chances of making a sale.


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Easily view and manage your inventory

By implementing a crossposting software in your reselling process, you will be able to organize and view your inventory. For example, with the crosslisting software Vendoo, you can filter listings by drafts, active listings, and sold listings. 

You can also filter your products by marketplaces, as well as oldest or newest listings based on the date when they were created. With this being said, having a crossposting software also helps you keep your inventory organized and easily displayed in one place. 


Give old and stale listings more visibility 

Some crosslisting softwares out there offer the possibility to delist and relist any listing that you have in your inventory. This has been found to be a great way to refresh old and stale listings, as it helps you display those products as brand new listings in your marketplaces' profiles. 

Easily remove sold listings from other platforms - Sometimes, one of the downsides of crossposting is forgetting to remove sold listings from different marketplaces, because that puts resellers at risk of selling the same product twice. Luckily, there are crosslising softwares that remove sold listings from all the remaining marketplaces once you mark an item as sold on one marketplace. 


Access sales data about your business

Some crosslisting apps offer the ability to track and view business analytics about your reselling business, such as sales and profit information on specific marketplaces, brands and even categories, in order to help resellers understand what sells well, what types of items drive the most profit and which marketplace or marketplaces work best for your listings.  

And last but not least, with the help of a crossposting software you can establish your store's presence on new marketplaces! Have you ever used a crosslisting software? Has it had an impact on your sales? Let us know in the comments below! 


About Vendoo: Vendoo is a software that was created to solve the daily pain points of the millions of sellers in the steadily growing reselling industry. Our goal is to save sellers time and help them make more money. The user friendly interface allows sellers to crosspost their items onto multiple marketplaces in a fraction of the time that it takes to do so manually. Users can currently list items onto nine marketplaces, including eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace and more.

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