Barbiecore: 2023 Trend That's Everywhere & How to Sell It!

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Barbiecore: 2023 Trend That's Everywhere & How to Sell It!

You’ve probably heard of the Barbiecore aesthetic inspired by Mattel’s iconic Barbie doll! Right now, the world is pink and you can’t avoid the fun, feminine energy that is Barbie. 



Did you know that Barbie has been a global fashion icon throughout history? 


Photo by The Asian Age Magazine 


The Barbie doll is more than just a toy; she is a cultural icon and a nostalgic part of almost every little girl’s life. Barbie is dreamer, an inspiration, and a role model. Over the years, Barbie has been everything from a scientist to a president, from a doctor to an athlete, from a student to a pop star. No matter what Barbie is doing, she’s doing it with style. ✨


Barbie dolls have been made in all races and ethnicities, with all types of disabilities and conditions. There is a Barbie doll to represent every woman of every shape and size. 

barbie barbiecore

Photo by Smithsonian Magazine


Barbie is everyone and her iconic style has flourished throughout history.  Over the years, Barbie has collaborated with designers like Chanel, GUCCI, Louis Vuitton, and Kendra Scott. In recent months, Barbie has collaborated with everyone including Rue21, GAP, PacSun, Primark, and Bloomingdales. 


The Barbie marketing team definitely deserves a raise, shopping malls and the internet alike are hot pink.  🎀


Barbiecore” “Barbie girl” and “Barbie style” are some of the most-searched terms on the internet right now, including on secondhand marketplaces such as Poshmark, Depop, eBay, Mercari, and WhatNot. 


Selling the Barbiecore Aesthetic 


If a Barbie doll would wear it, it’s probably Barbiecore.


barbie barbiecore

The Evolution of Barbie Fashion by The Week. 


This aesthetic has been trending for months and has officially exploded with the premier of The Barbie Movie. 


Barbiecore is commonly used on anything that is hot pink and feminine, but it also includes bright colors, fun patterns, youthful pieces, and tween and teen styles. Barbiecore can really be almost anything, as Barbie has so many styles. Bright colors, accessories, and femininity are the undertones of Barbie’s wardrobe. 


Barbiecore also includes Barbie’s iconic styles, like the Malibu Barbie swimsuit, the retro Black-and-White Striped Bikini, and the iconic Pink Tweed Skirtsuit. 


Like all style “cores” and “aesthetics,” Barbie doesn’t have to actually wear something for it to be “Barbiecore.” Barbiecore is a style or a mindset that can be applied to anything she would wear.




Tips for Selling Barbiecore and Barbie Fashion Online


Barbiecore is hot! Everyone is attending movie premiers, parties, and just inspired by the trend and seeking to add some pink to their wardrobe! 


Here are a few tips to enhance your listings for searchability. 


Update your listings with Barbie keywords


Be sure to update your listings with keywords in your titles, descriptions, and hashtags, as applicable!


You might use the keywords and hashtags: 

Barbiecore, Barbiegirl, Barbiedoll, Barbiestyle, Doll, Dollcore


Often, these vibrant Barbie fashion pieces also lend themselves to other trending cores and aesthetics such as “Y2k,” “twee,” and “soft girl.” So be sure to take a look at those while you’re in there, too!


🎀 Tip: Check out The Reseller’s Guide to Cores & Aesthetics to learn about Barbiecore and so many more! 


Enhance your listings with a white background


Remember that when you’re selling on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, etc. that your goal isn’t only to attract buyers on just the marketplace; your listings are shared on major search engines. A plain, white background with your item centered (and no other items) is best for Google. These practices assist the AI in Google that “searches” your images and causes them to yield in relevant searches.


🎀 Tip: Speaking of photographs, are you naming your photo files prior to uploading them? This is called “alt text” and it enhances the searchability of your photos on major search engines. For example, you might name a photo something like: “ASOS Hot Pink Sparkle Body Con Mini Dress Barbiecore” 


Relist your Items

As you’re making these upgrades to your listings, relist them. You don’t want to simply improve the old, stale listing. Instead, you want a brand new one! Remember that recency is a primary consideration (after relevance) in search engines on most reselling marketplaces. Brand new listings attract so much more attention! 


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Promote Your Barbie Items 


When a trend is hot, people want it. You might consider featuring your Barbie items at the top of your eBay store, Poshmark Closet, or Depop Shop. Show off your Barbie style!



Right now, I’ve organized my shops to feature the Barbie style prominently! 


You might even spend a little extra ad budget to promote those items. ✨


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It’s not just about the clothes! 


Barbie Toys, Decor, Magazines; Literally Barbie Anything Sells Well!.


If you have Barbie anything, get that listed. Barbie collectors on eBay have been running up auctions for Vintage Barbie Dolls!


Check out these comps on eBay for current auctions 👀


barbie barbiecore ebay


If you’re saving your childhood Barbie Dolls for your kids; maybe re-think it! They don’t necessarily need to play with dolls worth hundreds of dollars; Barbie is still producing new dolls every day!


The value of Barbie is at an all-time high, and it might be a great time to consider selling! 


Are you loving the #Barbiecore era? 


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