Facebook Marketplace Alternatives For Resellers

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Facebook Marketplace Alternatives For Resellers

Facebook Marketplace has been a great resource for users since its release, however, it saw a major surge in popularity when the shipping option was enabled. People were soon able to send and receive items from across the country, turning Facebook Marketplace into an online platform for buying and selling almost anything. This increase in popularity is chalked up to numerous benefits such as its accessibility, ease of use, and avoiding inflated selling fees typically associated with other platforms.


Facebook Marketplace has been the go-to platform for buying and selling items locally for a while now, but a few users wish not to attach their personal social media page to the e-commerce platform.


If you're a reseller looking to reach both local and nationwide customers, here are three alternative Facebook Marketplace options to consider:



It may surprise you to learn that eBay, the world's most prominent online marketplace, is over twenty-five years old. While it first launched in 1995 as AuctionWeb (under founder Pierre Omidyar), it quickly found success and was rebranded as eBay in 1997. Today, its influence can be seen all over the internet – with an impressive 1.7 billion live listings from resellers across the globe. What's even more fascinating is that since its start, eBay has welcomed almost 135 million users into its family of buyers and sellers, making it the second-largest selling platform.


What To Sell

eBay is a powerhouse marketplace, one in which all kinds of people sell an incredible variety of items. From shoes to dog food, rare collectibles, cars and digital downloads, there is no limit to what you can sell on this global platform. With millions of daily users, sellers are able to find the perfect buyer for their goods no matter where they live in the world. eBay stands head and shoulders above other marketplaces due to its incredible reach and diversity - you truly can sell anything!


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International Shipping & Local Pick Up on eBay

eBay has long been a popular platform for sellers looking to sell their products around the world, and that is truer than ever now with the revamping of its international shipping program, which helps sellers reach buyers in over 200 countries without having to manage overseas shipping, customs and returns. But that's not all- those who sell vehicles, industrial appliances, mobile homes etc., eBay makes it convenient to do local pick up and get paid through the app.


eBay Shipping

Selling on eBay is incredibly convenient since it provides a robust shipping option. Before you sell, you'll need to factor in the approximate weight of your item (including packaging) and determine which shipping partner is right for you. eBay's main partners are USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL – though if you prefer other carriers or would like to save money using third-party sites such as Pirateship.com, this is also an option. With so many options to choose from, it has never been easier for sellers to sell their products quickly and efficiently.


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Low Barrier To Entry

Selling on eBay is incredibly convenient for starting a small business from your home. It requires no reseller, business licenses, or prior experience, simply an account, your phone and the items you want to sell. If you only plan to sell a small number of things, eBay will give you 200 listings for free every month. However, getting an eBay Store subscription would be the smartest choice if you list more than 200 items.


Starter Store

Basic Store Premium Store Anchor Store Enterprise Store


w/ annual subscription


w/ annual subscription


w/ annual subscription


w/ annual subscription


w/ annual subscription


Free auction listings or fixed-price listings .30 insertion fee for additional listing


Free fixed-price listings .25 insertion fee for additional listing



Free auction listings in select categories .25 insertion fee for additional listing


Free fixed- price listings .10 insertion fee for additional listing



Free auction listings in select categories .15 insertion fee for additional listing


Free fixed- price listings .05 insertion fee for additional listing



Free auction listings in select categories .10 insertion fee for additional listing


Free fixed- price listings .05 insertion fee for additional listing



Free auction listings in select categories .10 insertion fee for additional listing

  Lower Final Value fees Lower Final Value fees Lower Final Value fees Lower Final Value fees
  Free subscription to Terapeak Sourcing Insights Free subscription to Terapeak Sourcing Insights Free subscription to Terapeak Sourcing Insights  Free subscription to Terapeak Sourcing Insights
  $25 of eBay branded shipping supplies per quarter $50 of eBay branded shipping supplies per quarter $150 of eBay branded shipping supplies per quarter $150 of eBay branded shipping supplies per quarter
      Dedicated Customer Support Dedicated Customer Support

(source: eBay) Monthly store rate table


eBay Fees

If you're looking to sell on eBay, it's essential to consider the selling fees before you start listing items. There is a non-refundable listing fee for each product and another insertion fee if you list the same item in two different categories. Additionally, there is usually a final value fee (10%-12%) that is a percentage of the total amount of the sale, including any shipping and handling fees that are applied. Knowing this information beforehand can help greatly when deciding which items to sell on eBay and how much to sell them for.

eBay is a fantastic platform for resellers to start and grow their e-commerce business. It offers an incredible variety of items that can be sold, local pickup options, international shipping abilities, and a low barrier to entry. With its vast customer base and auction-style listings, selling on eBay can be a fantastic way to make money. However, it's essential to understand the fee structure and policies clearly before getting started.






Mercari US is a subsidiary of Mercari Inc. and has been quickly gaining popularity in the US since 2014. It offers sellers an easy and convenient way to sell new and used items to buyers all over the country and those in their local area. Mercari US is further revolutionizing how people sell by providing a safe and secure platform with no sign-up fee or monthly membership cost.


What To Sell on Mercari

If you're looking for a platform to sell your items, Mercari may be the right choice for you. It's an online marketplace that allows users to sell almost anything – from clothing and accessories to beauty samples and collectibles. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want to declutter their space and make money. As with any marketplace, there are certain restrictions, such as not being able to sell digital downloads or vehicles on Mercari.


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Local Pick Up

Mercari is revolutionizing the way people sell items online by removing barriers between buyers and sellers. Their innovative new Mercari Local service has significantly changed the buying process, allowing resellers to sell their items faster than ever before. Through this service, after an item has sold, a third-party driver will pick it up and deliver it to the buyer, typically within the same day – making for a smoother buying experience.


Mercari Shipping

Just like eBay, resellers have two choices: buy prepaid shipping labels through Mercari or purchase them independently with Pirateship.com. Unfortunately, many resellers have complained that the pricing for Mercari's shipping is extremely inflated, leading many to opt to purchase their own labels elsewhere. Even if the seller doesn't offer free shipping, high shipping prices can be a major deterrent for potential buyers.


Mercari Standard Shipping

(source: Mercari) Standard shipping rate table


User-Friendly App

Mercari is revolutionizing the way people sell items, from unused goods to gently used luxury items. With their easy-to-use app, those looking to sell can have an item up for purchase in no time. All they have to do is take pictures of their product, provide a brief description, set a price and shipping option -- and viola! It's ready for buyers to purchase. By streamlining the entire selling process and providing all the necessary tools right in one location, Mercari has made selling more effortless than ever before.


Mercari Fees

Selling on Mercari is much less complicated than eBay in terms of fees and payment. When you sell something on Mercari, the fees are easy to calculate and remember; 12.9% of the total sale price + $0.30 per transaction. This fee structure means that you always know exactly how much you’ll get for your items, no hidden surprises, and no trying to figure out the best selling price for something so you can keep more money. Its simplicity makes it a great option in comparison to other selling platforms.


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Overall, selling items on Mercari is incredibly easy and very convenient for new and experienced sellers alike. There's no listing fee or monthly membership cost, so you can start selling with a minimal upfront cost. With the intuitive app, you are able to list items in a mere 10 minutes - an effortless process for anyone. Additionally, the fee structure is crystal clear and easy to understand!



Offerup, formerly known as LetGo, is a great alternative to the Facebook Marketplace. It primarily focuses on local sales and makes it easier for buyers and sellers to connect in their area with its powerful discovery features. However, should you want to sell or buy nationwide, Offerup also has that option. You can find goods ranging from furniture and fashion items, to cars and even a new job - everything in one place!


What To Sell on Offerup

Offerup made waves in 2018 when it announced its expansion from a local marketplace to customers nationwide. Users can now sell their items online and confidentially ship them anywhere across the country*, meaning buyers have access to a much larger selection of items. Just like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, Offerup provides you with the platform to sell almost anything virtually! In the 2021 Recommerce Report, the company announced that it is looking to capitalize on the demand for home goods and furniture, with projections estimating that revenues in this category will reach an outstanding $23.6 billion by 2023.


Offerup Shipping

Offerup is a great way to sell items quickly and easily. However, they have some specific rules when it comes to their shipping policy. To get paid after you sell an item, you must use Offerup's pre-paid shipping label, with only USPS being allowed for delivery. In addition, all items must weigh less than 20 pounds and have a sale price of no more than $2000. The package's longest side may not exceed 18 inches long, either. By understanding these boundaries, sellers will be able to make informed decisions when using Offerup's shipping option.

*shipping is only available to 47 states (excluded: Alaska, Arkansas & Hawaii)


User-Friendly App

The selling process has been more straightforward and transparent for both buyers and sellers since the in-app merger of Offerup and Letgo in 2020. This strategic move was beneficial for users, as the platform now provides a variety of tools that make the shopping experience smoother. For example, verification badges and ratings provide additional information about each party involved, allowing users to make informed decisions. Response time tracking ensures that communication is efficient and ensures that messages are seen in a timely manner, while the trusted connections feature allows individuals to sell more safely. The company has improved its mobile app experience considerably in the past few years, giving buyers and sellers more confidence when using the app.


Offerup Fees

There is no listing fee, so you don't have to worry about upfront costs, and you'll get paid directly by the buyer if you sell locally. However, if you decide to ship your item instead, there is a fee of $1.99 or $12.9% of the sale price when the item ships; this money will be deposited directly into your Offerup account.


Offerup is a great platform to sell items, both locally and nationwide. With no listing fee upfront and simple transaction fees, it's an easy way to make money without much effort. It also allows users to stay safe while selling online with its helpful verification badges and ratings which provide additional information about buyers and sellers. Plus, with the trusted connection feature, finding local buyers or sellers within your area is quicker and easier than ever before!

Where Else Will You Sell?

For resellers looking for excellent alternatives to the Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Mercari and Offerup are great options.


With eBay's immensely vast customer pool, it is an absolute must for any resellers to establish their business on the platform.


Mercari's straightforward and transparent fee structure without listing fees or monthly membership costs makes it a trusted choice, while Offerup is tailored toward local sales but can also reach customers nationwide.


Furthermore, all three e-commerce platforms offer user-friendly mobile apps that make the online selling and buying process smooth and secure. Therefore, those who sell items online have no limitations on location or be forced to connect their personal social media account - making either of these options an intelligent choice when searching for suitable alternatives to the Facebook Marketplace.


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