7 Vendoo Features Every Reseller Should Be Using!

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7 Vendoo Features Every Reseller Should Be Using!

Vendoo really is a seller’s best friend. In fact, using Vendoo is the best thing I have ever done for my reselling business!


Vendoo has taken my business to the next level, saving me so much time and making me more sales! 


Here are some of my favorite Vendoo features you should check out to make more sales than ever with Vendoo!


1. Vendoo Listing Templates


I highly recommend that you use Vendoo as your listing hub. Creating your listings in Vendoo is so much faster than making them anywhere else because of the Vendoo tools, listing templates, and defaultable fields.



Many sellers opt to create listings right on a Marketplace and then import them into Vendoo. This is certainly an option, but it is so much better and faster to start your listings in Vendoo. Here is why:


1. The Vendoo form has everything you need. Listing with Vendoo is a simple two-step process. First, you complete the Vendoo form, then, the marketplace form(s). When you start with the Vendoo form, the only thing you need to enter on each marketplace is only anything specific to that marketplace. 


When you import, you might find that the marketplace you imported from didn’t have all of the information that you need to crosslist everywhere. Starting from Vendoo means you never have to backtrack. 


2. Vendoo has listing templates. You can create listing templates for the different types of categories you sell. Listing templates allow you to save information in the Vendoo form about the item, so you don’t have to select or enter it each time you list. This cuts listing time in half!


vendoo template manager

Learn how to create and use listing templates here


3. Defaultable fields. The many defaultable fields in Vendoo provide the fastest listing imaginable. There are so many fields that you can default in Vendoo, so you don’t have to enter them each time. 

For example, check out how many fields on the Poshmark form are defaultable:


Default vendoo fields


This is also true of your eBay business policies and your Etsy Shipping profiles: All of them are available in Vendoo, and you can default the ones you use the most for faster listing:


default fields on vendoo


Wherever you see a floppy disk icon, the form is defaultable. The green arrows indicate that the default you have selected is applied. Listing on Vendoo is even faster than listing directly on a marketplace.


4. Auto-populated fields. With Vendoo, once you start typing in a field, suggestions auto-populate. This means that you can enter the first couple letters of a word, then click “enter,” once it auto-populates, then click “tab” to move to the next field.


Listing in lightning fast when you can zoom through the forms this way!


Vendoo marketplace forms


For example, eBay item specifics are a game-changer in Vendoo. You can click the drop-down to browse all options; or, if you know what you’re entering, just type in the first letter and click “enter.” 


Vendoo Fact: Another reason why it is better to list in Vendoo is that Vendoo maintains your image quality. When you upload your images directly to Vendoo (rather than importing from a marketplace that might suppress them), you will list your item everywhere in the highest resolution and clarity. It should be noted that not all of our competitors can say this!


2. Vendoo Inventory Management


Vendoo offers superior inventory management for multi-platform resellers with optimized organizational tools including searching, sorting, advanced filtering, custom labels, bulk tools, and more!


Having tried everything from a three-ring-binder to Airtable, Vendoo is the best reseller inventory management solution.

How amazing is this?


Vendoo was designed to solve the challenges faced by multi-marketplace resellers and store all of the information you need for practical, book-keeping, and tax purposes. 


Vendoo keeps track of what you have, your listing information, SKUs and quantities, where you have things listed, and more! 


No more spreadsheets! Vendoo makes them for you! You can download an inventory report at any time from your account settings. See below for more information. 


There are so many ways to search, sort, and filter your inventory, to organize or segment what you need. Vendoo even has advanced filters for skilled inventory management:



Vendoo Custom Labels for Inventory Management


Plus, don’t forget about Vendoo custom labels. Vendoo custom labels is an advanced inventory management labeling system that you can create in Vendoo to organize your inventory.

Think of Vendoo Custom Labels like electronic "color-coded stickers" that you can apply to your inventory for organizational purposes!


Vendoo Label Manager


Vendoo users use labels for all sorts of things such as place sourced, category, consignment clients, notable factors, and more! 


You can also track analytics by custom Vendoo label: 


Vendoo Analytics


Learn more about how to use custom labels for inventory management in this article: Custom Labels: Vendoo Inventory Management


3. Vendoo’s Bulk Delist/Relist Feature


The bulk delist/relist add-on is a user favorite! You can use it to delist your items and relist them to accomplish brand-new listings!


The delist/relist tool delists your item(s) from an existing marketplace(s) and relists the item in just seconds. The new listings are equivalent to brand-new, first-time listings that enjoy all of the promotion and exposure. 


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Watch this: It’s magic!



Not only is this a tool to refresh stale listings, but it’s a feature to use strategically every day to have brand new listings everywhere you sell! 


Brand new daily listings are the key to success on most reselling marketplaces; not only because the marketplaces love consistent, daily activity but because new listings generate so much exposure and are prioritized on most marketplaces! 


Vendoo’s bulk delist/relist add-on is a game-changing money-making magic tool! Seriously, try this today, and thank me later! 🙌 




4. Vendoo’s Profit Calculator

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and pricey book-keeping software: Vendoo is your new profit-and-revenue tracking tool for reseller book-keeping.


Once you mark an item as sold, Vendoo instantly calculates your profit and revenue based on the information you provide:



Vendoo uses your cost of goods (COG), sale price, marketplace fees, and shipping fees to instantly calculate your profit and revenue:


Vendoo Sales Details


Reseller book-keeping just got a lot easier! This information is all downloaded in your CSV Inventory report, ready to customize and download! (See below)


5. Vendoo CSV Downloadable Spreadsheets: Inventory Reports and Sales Reports


With Vendoo, you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and tedious bookkeeping methods. You can easily download all of the information stored in Vendoo in a CSV.



A CSV is a downloadable, editable spreadsheet that you can open in any spreadsheet software. You can also customize which information you would like to appear. Learn more here


This spreadsheet becomes an inventory report and/or a sales report, customized to your preferences (or your accountants). It is available for instant download at any time. There is no need to keep your own! 


This information is logged as you use Vendoo. Vendoo centralizes your inventory information in one place. Bookkeeping and tax time just got much easier!


6. Vendoo Business Analytics


Vendoo provides powerful business analytics with user-friendly graphs and charts to show you your revenue, profit, volume, and top-selling brands and categories across all reselling marketplaces.


You can filter your analytics by date range including day, week, month, quarter, year, or any custom time frame.


You will see your total revenue and profit for the date selected, in addition to a summary of sold items, listed items, and average sale price (ASP) with a comparison to the prior period:


Vendoo Revenue and Profit Tracker

Vendoo also breaks down your revenue and profit and average sale price (ASP) by the marketplace. Note that the colors are the colors of the logos of each marketplace, how cool! 


Marketplace Analytics


Plus, you can mark your items as sold wherever they sell- even if they sell on a marketplace that isn’t yet on Vendoo. So, Vendoo provides inventory management and analytics for everywhere you do business!


Inventory management


No matter where you sell, Vendoo has you covered! 


Check out this video to learn more about Vendoo’s powerful business analytics and how to use them.


7. The Vendoo Mobile App


Did you know that Vendoo is the only crosslisting software with a mobile app?  


With the Vendoo mobile app you can list, crosslist, delist/relist, mark items as sold, and manage your inventory at your fingertips from anywhere on the go!


Vendoo App


The Vendoo mobile app is a game-changer, saving you time and making you sales from anywhere! Try it today! 


If you are an Apple user, click here to download the app on the Apple App Store.


If you are an Android user, click here to download the app on the Google Play Store.


To learn more about how to use the Vendoo mobile app, we have articles and tutorial videos in our Help Center


Vendoo truly is a seller’s best friend. If you aren’t using it yet, what are you waiting for? Save more time and make more money with the many Vendoo tools and features!


How much Does Vendoo Cost?


The best part is that there is a free trial. See how much you love Vendoo before you commit. We know you will! Happy selling!


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