5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Vendoo (Part 1)

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Vendoo (Part 1)

Busy resellers are delighted to see how quickly and easily they can list, crosspost, & relist using Vendoo. Having a tool that helps you run your business efficiently gives you more free time to work on other parts of your business and spend more time with friends and family. 


However, if you’ve mainly been using Vendoo only to crosspost and relist, then you’ve only scratched the surface of all this software can do. Here are five things Vendoo can do that you probably didn’t know about. 


1. Use The Vendoo Mobile App! 

Vendoo has a mobile app for both Apple and Android. In fact, Vendoo is the only crosslisting service with a mobile app 📱 


The Vendoo mobile app is a companion app. While it doesn’t offer the full Vendoo desktop experience, you can do almost everything on the app that you can our website, including:


  • Drafting: Creating drafts using listing templates, photo-editing, and background removal
  • Listing: Listing and crosslisting to your marketplaces 
  • Delisting/Relisting your items on the go!
  • Marking as Sold to prevent double-selling
  • Inventory Management is fully compatible on mobile
  • Accessing Analytics and sales data.


Note that importing is not available on the mobile app and that not all marketplaces are integrated on mobile. The Vendoo mobile app currently supports eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Etsy, Grailed, Vestiaire Collective, and Kidizen.  


2. Keep Track Of Tasks, Special Inventory, Consignment, Or Anything Else You Can Think Of Using Custom Labels 


Everyone has their own business model when it comes to reselling, which is part of what makes this community so interesting! Vendoo recently released a feature that allows you to create custom labels for your inventory. You can create up to 50 custom labels to help you organize your inventory. 


Here are some examples of how you can use custom labels, but the possibilities are endless:


  • Labels for inventory lots and clients if you take inventory on consignment.

  • Add a label to the inventory you want to put on sale or liquidate.

  • Create a label to mark the inventory you want to take new photos of.

  • Sort inventory by where it was sourced using labels.

  • Keep track of inventory and sales made from specific mystery boxes, pallets, wholesale companies, etc. 



If you think of even more creative ways to use the custom label feature, share it with us in the comments below or put it on social media and tag us! 


3. Download A CSV File To Dive Deep Into Your Data


Any savvy business owner will tell you, data is the most important thing to keep track of if you want to succeed. Vendoo has a powerful and easy-to-use analytics tool built right in to help you discover your best-selling items, platforms, keep track of sales goals, and more. 


If you love a good spreadsheet and want easy access to 100% of your data inside Vendoo, then you’re in luck. You can download a CSV file to use in any spreadsheet program. You can customize the time frame and what data you want to pull, or you can just pull it all into one report. 


You can access the CVS file in your Vendoo settings. For a detailed walkthrough, we have a YouTube video you can watch as well. Pulling your data into a spreadsheet that you have full control over is a very powerful tool that can help you make smarter business decisions. 


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4. Add Extra Listings On A Busy Month 


Vendoo’s pricing comes with tiered plans based on the number of items you list per month. Using this model helps keep prices low for newer or part-time resellers while allowing you to scale your plan along with your business as it grows. So, what happens if you run out of items on your plan towards the end of a month and you still have more items to list? You can easily purchase 20 more items at a time for a few bucks without changing your monthly subscription. You can also change plans each month depending on your workload. If you’re going on a long vacation, you can drop down a tier. If you’re getting a large amount of inventory soon, go up a tier. Now you never have to worry about running out of items or paying for items you don’t need. 


5. Pay For Your Monthly Vendoo Subscription By Becoming A Refer-A-Friend Member


If you love using Vendoo, chances are you are already posting about it on social media. It only makes sense that if anyone signs up for Vendoo on your recommendation that you should be rewarded for your efforts. Sign up for the Vendoo Refer-A-Friend program and you can give your friends discounts while earning a small commission for yourself at the same time. Just a handful of signups a month can easily pay for your Vendoo subscription. 


Signing up is easy, and when you share your affiliate link, Vendoo will pay you a 20% commission for the first 6 months of that subscription. Payments take place every 15 days and you can look your stats up on our dashboard anytime. We even have a media kit, extra rewards, and an exclusive refer-a-friend Facebook group you can join to help you learn how to earn more commissions. 


Make sure to check into these five hot tips to fully discover all that Vendoo is capable of. If you have additional tips, please comment below. We would love to hear them! 

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