5 Best Alternatives to Poshmark for Resellers

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5 Best Alternatives to Poshmark for Resellers

Poshmark has been a go-to marketplace for many resellers, both new and experienced. With its focus on fashion, simple fee structure, and easy shipping, it’s a popular platform for clothing resellers. But while it is one of the most popular, it’s not the only marketplace to sell on.


Whether you’re looking for alternatives to Poshmark to switch to, or you’re looking to grow your reselling business by cross-listing to multiple marketplaces, there are plenty of great options to consider.


In this article, you’ll learn about five marketplaces you can sell on if you want to expand your reselling business beyond Poshmark.


eBay: the Original Online Marketplace

The most established marketplace out there has to be eBay. With over 180 million users on eBay (across the globe), selling on eBay is a no-brainer. It’s a marketplace where you can sell pretty much anything, with the option to sell to different countries (something many marketplaces lack).  


Why sell on eBay?

  • Global Reach: Access to a huge international audience
  • Listing Options: fixed price (buy it now), auctions, best offer, free shipping. There are many ways to list your items on eBay.
  • Lower Fees: In general, eBays fees are lower than Poshmark which makes it a great alternative to Poshmark.
  • Flexible Shipping: Multiple shipping options are available including USPS, FedEx, UPS, and international shipping.
  • Seller Tools: eBay provides sellers with the seller hub and various tools that help with market research, analytics, running sales, and more.


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Mercari: The User-Friendly Reselling App

If you’re used to Poshmark, you’ll probably love Mercari too. With a user-friendly app that makes it easy to list, it’s a great Poshmark alternative for resellers. It’s simple to navigate, and while the shipping is a little more involved than Poshmark’s shipping, you get the benefit of not needing to share your items for visibility.


Why we love Mercari:

  • User-friendly: Simple, intuitive app design which makes it easy to list and sell items.
  • Variety: While Poshmark is more fashion-oriented, Mercari lends itself to selling anything from electronics to toys to fashion.
  • Pick-Up Option: In the app, buyers can search for local items and request a pick up option which can save you on shipping supplies and allow you to get your items in the buyer's hands faster (that means getting paid faster!)
  • No Returns: In general, returns aren’t accepted on Mercari which is a huge relief to most resellers.


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Depop: For Gen Z Trendsetters

Founded in 2011, Depop is one of the newer marketplaces out there, but it really fits in with its modern, youthful vibes. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as the go-to app for shopping secondhand when you’re looking for something a little more unique, trendy, or vintage. Depop has quickly carved out a niche for itself, especially with Gen Z shoppers drawn to eclectic, fashion-conscious options.


Why choose Depop?

  • Low Fees: With a flat 10% fee, it’s easy to figure out how much you’ll pay in fees and it’s one of the lowest fee structures among this list of alternatives to Poshmark.
  • Simple Shipping: With two options (your own label or a Depop label), shipping is pretty easy when compared to other platforms like eBay.
  • Trend-Driven: Ideal for vintage, streetwear, and unique fashion that isn’t easily found anywhere else.
  • Younger audience: Of the 30+ million users, around 90% of them are under the age of 26 making this a great place to sell pieces that appeal to a younger audience.


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Facebook Marketplace: Community-Driven Online & Local Sales

Even though Facebook Marketplace started as a way to buy and sell locally, it has now expanded to allow online sales with shipping. This has caused it to grow tremendously since many people are already on Facebook and the Marketplace integration into the app makes it easy for people to browse.


In fact, Facebook as an app has more active users than eBay, though it’s hard to say how many use the Marketplace feature. Either way, it’s a great option to list your items to sell online or locally as an alternative to Poshmark.


Reasons to sell on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Local Sales: When you list an item, you can decide if you want to sell it locally, ship it, or both. Local sales mean no fees!
  • Integrated with Social Media: Since it’s built into the Facebook app, you have the potential to get your items in front of millions of users.
  • Lowest Fees: The biggest advantage is the 5% fee which is significantly lower than Poshmark's 20% fee.
  • Community Aspect: Since it’s a social media platform, it’s easy to boost your listings by sharing them in Facebook groups and it’s common for others to share listings they find with friends or family in the app. This is a great built-in marketing aspect.


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Etsy: For Vintage Enthusiasts and Sellers

Etsy may not have crossed your mind as an alternative to Poshmark since most people associate it with handmade goods. However, Etsy can be a great option for reselling fashion, as long as it’s within Etsy guidelines. Etsy allows you to sell secondhand, non-handmade clothing items, as long as it’s over 20 years old. This is great news for vintage resellers!


Why sell on Etsy?

  • Customizable Shops: Unlike most marketplaces, on Etsy you can personalize your shop with your branding for a more professional, on-brand experience for your customers.
  • Low Fees: While you will pay a .20 per listing fee, the transaction fees are only 6.5%.
  • Popular for Vintage: Vintage thrives here, and many vintage lovers tend to turn to Etsy when they’re looking for quality vintage pieces.


Exploring alternatives to Poshmark is a smart move that can open up new opportunities for resellers. Each of the platforms highlighted in this article has unique strengths and audiences. Whether you’re looking to switch away from Poshmark or add a marketplace to your reselling business, any of the above options would be a great place to start. Whenever you’re ready, Vendoo can help you move or crosslist your items with just a few clicks.


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