10 Things You Can Do With A Vendoo Free Plan

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10 Things You Can Do With A Vendoo Free Plan

Vendoo is truly a reseller’s best friend, offering the fastest way to crosslist, inventory management, bulk delist/relist, profit-tracking, business analytics and so much more. 



Did you know that you can do it all for free? Like many software companies, Vendoo offers a free trial to help you try before you buy.


But, you can use the Vendoo free account forever. The forever-free account includes all the features! 


This is a great opportunity for occasional resellers or those with a smaller inventory. The only difference between a free account and a paid subscription is the number of listings you have each month.


Here are 10 Things You Can Do With Vendoo for free:



Did you know that the Vendoo free plan includes access to all of the add-on features? 😍  


1. Import Your Inventory


With the Vendoo free trial, you can import your active listings from our integrated marketplaces including eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Etsy, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, Kidizen, Shopify, Vestiaire Collective, and Whatnot more coming soon!) 


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Importing means that you can sync your Vendoo account to your reselling marketplaces to bring in your listing details and images. Then, you can quickly crosslist to multiple marketplaces! 




2. List From Vendoo 


With a free account, you can also list directly from Vendoo. Using Vendoo as your listing hub is the fastest way to crosslist your Inventory. 


Vendoo has designed a user-friendly listing experience where you can list to multiple marketplaces in seconds:



As shown in the video above, you can crosspost to multiple marketplaces with Vendoo in less time than it would take you to manually list to just one marketplace! I list to seven marketplaces in about four minutes! 


Vendoo listing templates, defaultable fields and preferences, and custom features make listing even faster. Learn more here.   


Vendoo Fact: Vendoo maintains your image quality so that your photos are transferred to other marketplaces in the highest possible resolution! 


3. Crosslist to Multiple Marketplaces 


On the Vendoo free subscription, you can list to all of the Vendoo marketplaces!  


That’s right, the “all marketplaces” add-on is included in the Vendoo free trial and the forever free-plan. 


Whether you choose to import or create new listings in Vendoo, you can crosslist to 10 marketplaces to maximize your exposure. 


Vendoo Fact: Vendoo has the fastest crosslisting available to resellers and the most user-friendly interface. See for yourself!


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4. Manage Your Reselling Inventory 


Vendoo offers superior inventory management for multi-platform resellers with optimized organizational tools including searching, sorting, advanced filtering, custom labels, bulk tools, and more!


Managing your inventory just got so much easier! Vendoo keeps track of what you have, your listing information, SKUs and quantities, and where you have things listed.


No more spreadsheets! Vendoo makes them for you! You can download an inventory report at any time from your account settings. See below for more information. 


Watch how reseller inventory management is made simple with Vendoo in this video. 


List, manage, and grow - all in one place. Find the plan that's right for you!

See Plans & Pricing


5. Delist & Relist Your Inventory for Fresh Daily Listings 


Vendoo’s bulk delist/relist add-on is included in a free Vendoo account! 


Delist/Relist is a user favorite because it creates brand new listings that generate exposure and sales on all of the marketplaces.


The delist/relist tool delists your item(s) from an existing marketplace(s) and relists the item in just seconds. The fresh listings are equivalent to brand new, first-time listings that enjoy all of the promotion and exposure. 


This is an incredible way to refresh stale inventory, and also to stimulate the reselling marketplaces as often as you would like.


Seriously, this is a game-changer 🙌 



Did you know that you can delist/relist on-the-go from the Vendoo mobile app? 


6. Mark Items as Sold 


With a free Vendoo account, you can mark your items as sold and watch as they delist from the remaining marketplaces while Vendoo calculates your profit and revenue.


Yes, you read that correctly: when you tell Vendoo you sold an item, it will automatically delist it from everywhere else it was listed, to prevent double-selling!


When you mark an item as sold, you’re prompted to enter sale price and fees, so Vendoo can calculate your revenue and profit. You’re also able to download this information into a spreadsheet right from Vendoo.


Don’t forget, you can mark items as sold from anywhere with the Vendoo mobile app! Learn more here




7. Get Inventory and Sales Reports: Download a CSV Spreadsheet


As I’ve mentioned, you can download a CSV inventory report spreadsheet from your account settings.


This means you can say goodbye to spending hours creating your own spreadsheets for book-keeping.


You can download all of your inventory information in your account settings on a free plan


This essentially becomes your inventory report and/or your sales report. You can filter by date and customize the information you would like to download.


Tax time just got a whole lot easier! 👌 


See how it works here. 


8. Get Powerful Business Analytics 


With the free trial, you can checkout Vendoo’s powerful business analytics and sales data for resellers!


Vendoo provides custom data for profit, revenue, average sale price your top-selling brands and categories across all marketplaces:



Not only is this super interesting but it is super powerful; analytical information will help you to focus your time, track performance, and scale and grow your resale business.


9. Custom Features to Personalize Your Reselling Experience


The Vendoo free plan provides full access to all of the custom features, personalized preferences, and bulk actions. 


These include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Listing templates for faster listing

  • Defaultable fields in the Vendoo form and marketplace forms

  • Integration with your eBay Business Policies and Etsy Shipping profiles

  • Custom Labels for inventory management

  • The Stale Listing Warning system to remind you to refresh your listings

  • Bulk inventory management tools such as bulk delete, bulk delist/relist, and the bulk label editor.


Want to learn more? Try the free trial or browse the Vendoo Help Center.


10. Access to the Vendoo Mobile App


The Vendoo free plan includes access to the Vendoo app! 


With the Vendoo Mobile App, you can manage your reselling business on the go! Manage your inventory, list, crosslist, delist and relist, and mark items as sold from anywhere. 


Did you know that Vendoo is the only crosslisting program to offer a mobile app?


The Vendoo mobile app is in beta, which means a work in progress, but Vendoo’s developers are working around-the-clock to build more features and marketplaces every day! 




You have to check this out! Apple users, download it here on the iOS App Store. For Android, get it here on the Google Play store. 

The Vendoo free plan gives you five new listings per month and access to everything. This means that you can do all of the above with five new items each month (and with any items already in your Vendoo catalog from previous months). 


Plus, the forever free plan never expires, giving you unlimited time to make a decision to purchase a subscription and a safe place for your inventory if you need to take a break from your subscription.


You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. Full flexibility, and you only pay for what you need. 


Vendoo is the best thing that has ever happened to my reselling business, and I know you’ll love it too! Vendoo pays for itself, saving me so much time and making me so much more money selling online. Try it today! 


Want to know more about Vendoo? Check out the all-in-one solution for marketplace sellers. 

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