How to Make More Sales on Poshmark 2024

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How to Make More Sales on Poshmark 2024


Have your Poshmark sales been slow? Everyone's been there. In this blog, we'll cover tips and tricks to making more sales during challenging times.


Poshmark is a popular online reselling marketplace most known for new and secondhand fashion. With over 80 million community members across the United States, Canada, Australia, and India, Poshmark is a leading social e-commerce marketplace for new and secondhand fashion!  Poshmark is most known for women’s clothing and accessories, with top-sellers being mid-range to high-end apparel. 


If you are brand new to Poshmark, check out the Poshmark Bible to learn everything you need to know to get started. 


Are Poshmark sales slow? Here's how to make more sales on Poshmark in 10 easy steps!  

1. List Consistently 


Consistent daily listing is one of the most important things you can do on Poshmark. The app likes this behavior and will reward you with promotion and exposure! Adding new items daily has benefits for both the newsfeed and the search results.  


It is better to list one item each day for five days straight than it is to list five items at once. 


\While the Poshmark Algorithm is a subject of mystery and speculation, it positively exists. Every app with a newsfeed and a search feed must have an algorithm to decide what shows up and at what priority. New listings enjoy the most benefits in the algorithm on Poshmark. 


2. Delist & Relist 


Delisting and relisting your items refers to entirely deleting and reposting the item as a brand new listing. 


Note: It does not refer to using the Poshmark “Copy” feature. The “copy” feature does not create a brand new listing with a brand new URL. Many automated softwares claim to offer “delisting and relisting” functions but simply create a shortcut to the copy feature. 


For best results, do a true delist and relist by manually deleting your listing and creating a brand new one. This is tedious, but  Vendoo’s Bulk Delist/Relist feature makes it simple and fast! With Vendoo, you can have hundreds of brand new listings daily with just a few clicks. See how it works here.


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3. Enhance Your Poshmark Descriptions for SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is so underrated; it is so important on Poshmark and on the major search engines. 


If you are struggling to make sales on Poshmark, check out your listing descriptions. 


A Posh Perfect description includes: 

  • What the item is     

  • The style name or brand’s title of the item

  • Style Type and Features

  • Size and Size Type

  • Material Composition

  • Colors & Patterns

  • Relevant Measurements 

  • Style Tags and Keywords 

  • Bonus: Language encouraging sales, advertising quick shipment, etc


Here is an example:

Posh Perfect description

Listing by @FourLimes on Poshmark.

Note that all of the fields are executed, and so much information is in this listing. The “word-dumping” at the bottom is very beneficial for SEO (so long as the words that you dump are relevant). 


When I started listing like this, my sales sky-rocketed; as did the number of guest buyers (those without Poshmark accounts that found my listings via a search engine such as Google). 


To step up your SEO game for your Poshmark descriptions, check out the article A Reseller’s Guide to Keywords and SEO. 


Poshmark Pro Tip: Describe your items as if they are not accompanied by photographs, and photograph your items as if you do not have a written description. 


Don’t forget that looks matter, too. While you enhance your descriptions you might analyze your photo quality. A lightly-colored, plain background is preferred by Poshmark (and Google). 

4. Share Your Poshmark Closet 


Share, share, share, share, share your Poshmark listings! For best results, share at least 8k (but not more than 10k) times daily. 


Focus on self-shares. Sharing isn’t caring, and sharing other people’s listings is encouraged but offers little-to-no benefit to you. 


Manual self-share on Poshmark

This is how you do a manual self-share on Poshmark.

To share your listings, you click the share icon, and then opt to share to your followers. This not only bumps your item in the newsfeed, but more importantly enhances your ranking in the search results. 


No one has time to press buttons ten thousand times a day, that is insane. You might consider an automation service to perform this task for you. I highly recommend PosherVA, which allows you to schedule shares and performs many other automated tasks to increase sales on Poshmark. 


Note: While bots are used by most, they are technically not allowed on Poshmark, use them at your own risk. Learn more about Poshmark bots and automation here. 

5. Make Offers to Likers 

Most sales on Poshmark come from offers to likers OTL. 


When you make an OTL on Poshmark, it requires that you drop your price by at least ten percent and also offer a shipping discount at your expense. So, price accordingly! 


Ideally, you should try to make offers to each and every liker as soon as possible after they “like the item” (while they are still on their phone).


No one can babysit Poshmark all day to make immediate offers to every single liker. Services such as PosherVA allow you to program this task: making automatic offers to likers within x minutes of each like. 


Closet insights

The proof is in the closet insights. In reviewing my 2021 sales, the green and orange portions come from making offers to likers. 

6. Reach Out to Former Buyers 


If sales are slow, you can reach out to your former buyers to encourage them to shop with you again! You can use the My Shoppers Tool to reach out to your former buyers.


You might choose to say something like: 


“Hi! I am reaching out to my former buyers to offer a x% discount on my entire closet. Thank you for supporting my small business.”


Reaching out to former buyers that have had a great experience with you is a great way to make more sales and cultivate loyal customers, especially when you’re offering a great discount! 


You may employ this same method to reach out to recent bundlers, and comment in bundles with verbiage that encourages sales. 



7. Review Your Listings for Poshmark Specifics

Poshmark has many idiosyncrasies that you learn as you go. You might have noticed that the brand “Victoria’s Secret PINK” performs much better than the brand “PINK.”


Similarly, using the brand “Anthropologie” will likely yield greater exposure than the actual brand from Anthropologie (here is a complete list). 


Another Poshmark peculiarity is using “Vintage” as a brand when the item is not a notable and popular brand. If you are selling a well-known brand or designer such as LEVI’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Disney, etc. use the actual brand. However, if you are selling a bread-and-butter vintage item where the brand is not even recognized on the Poshmark list, don’t use it. Instead, use “Vintage” as the brand for exposure. 


While there isn’t a master list of the oddities of Poshmark, it helps to routinely browse Poshmark Parties and your newsfeed to pick up on trends and listing styles, using trial and error to see what works best for you!

8. Engage with the App

Poshmark wants you to spend time on the app. Spending time includes listing, sharing, following, scrolling the newsfeed, shopping and just being active. Do not go crazy with these activities, however it makes sense that they are encouraged. A few community shares and follows might not lead to sales but certainly won’t hurt. 


While this has not been proven, most Poshers suspect that shopping on Poshmark also leads to favorable rewards via exposure. 

9. Host A Sale 

When sales are slow, you might consider hosting a Poshmark sale. Poshmark sales can be very successful when planned and executed properly. 


Poshmark does not have a sale or discount feature. Instead, hosting a sale on Poshmark is a manual process. Sales can be a bit of work, requiring creating closet “signs,” modifying your listing titles, and reaching out to likers, bundlers, and former buyers for extra promotion. 


There are so many ways to host a sale on Poshmark! I explain each of the ways with extra tips and tricks in this video

10. Crosslist to Other Marketplaces

If Poshmark sales are slow and you are spending a lot of time trying to make more, maybe all that time could be better spent elsewhere. There is a big reselling world outside of Poshmark. There are so many places where you can sell fashion and apparel online- some with a much bigger audience than Poshmark.


Do not put all of your eggs in Poshmark’s basket. Listing your items on multiple marketplaces is the best way to make more money selling online. With Vendoo, you can cross-list your items on multiple marketplaces in just seconds including eBay, Mercari, Tradesy, Depop, Etsy, Grailed, Kidizen, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, and more coming soon!


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This is the sign you need to consider other platforms. Learn a bit about each, top-selling categories, and how to list, sell, and ship on each of them in this article: 10 Great Marketplaces Every Reseller Should Consider


What are your best Poshmark sales tips and tricks? Share with us below! Happy Poshing!

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