Why Do People Share Listings on Poshmark?

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Why Do People Share Listings on Poshmark?

Do you feel like some people are killing it on Poshmark while you struggle to get sales? A big part of success on Poshmark has to do with sharing. But why do people share listings on Poshmark? What’s the reason behind sharing, and how does it help you make more sales?


Whether you’re new to Poshmark or you’ve been around a while but can’t figure out the whole sharing thing, you’ll learn everything you need to know in this article.


Why Do People Share Listings on Poshmark?

The idea behind sharing on Poshmark is that sharing your own listings (aka self-shares) will help improve the visibility of your items and expose them to more potential buyers. By sharing your listings, you’re not just ensuring they show up on the feed of anyone who follows you; you’re also helping your item show up when people search for items by brand, category, keyword, etc. This is one of the best ways to maximize exposure to your listings!


When someone searches on Poshmark, whether they’re browsing by category or putting a keyword in the search bar, the results are filtered by “just shared” by default. That means items that are shared more recently will show up at the top of the results, which means they’ll get more views than items further down the list. This is a great way to be in control of how many people get to see your listings, which can lead to more sales.


Another common reason people share listings on Poshmark is to gain Poshmark Ambassador status, something that requires self-shares, community shares, sharing new Poshers, and more. We will discuss this more later in the article.


First, let’s talk about the different types of shares you can do on Poshmark.


Types of Shares on Poshmark

One thing that may confuse some Poshmark sellers is that there are different types of shares. Let’s go over those now to clear up any confusion.


The shares discussed in the above section are “self-shares,” which means you’re sharing your own items. This bumps your item into your follower's feed and in the “just shared” filter when people are searching for items like yours.


Another popular type of share is “community shares,” which means sharing other Poshers items. While these are encouraged on Poshmark and can lead to other Poshers sharing your items as well, sharing other people’s listings isn’t as helpful as self-shares.


In addition, you can share your items (or other people's items) to Poshmark parties. If you’re wondering, “What is a Posh party?” It's basically a virtual shopping event based on a theme, brand, or category. For example, in a “Best in Makeup Posh Party,” Poshers can share makeup items to the party, and potential buyers who are looking for Makeup can browse through those listings.


Posh parties can help give your item a little more exposure to buyers looking for the types of items featured in Posh parties. The catch is that these are scheduled events, so they can be easy to miss.


How to Share Listings on Poshmark

If you’re new to sharing on Poshmark and not quite sure how to do it, you’ll be happy to find that it’s pretty easy to do.


How to share your listings on the Poshmark app:

  1. Navigate to your closet by clicking on your username in the bottom right corner 
  2. Select “My Closet”
  3. Under each item, you’ll see three icons, the last one being two arrows creating a circle. Click that icon.
  4. A new screen will pop up, allowing you to share this item in different ways. To share your listings with your followers and bump them in the “just shared” filter, just click “Share” next to where it says “My Followers.” 


How to share your listings on Desktop: 

  1. Login to Poshmark.com, select your photo at the top right
  2. Click “My Closet”
  3. Under each item, you’ll see three icons, the last one being two arrows creating a circle. Click that icon.
  4. A new screen will pop up allowing you to share this item in different ways. To share your listings to your followers and bump them in the “just shared” filter, just click “Share” next to where it says “My Followers”. 





How Much Should I Share on Poshmark?

When it comes to sharing your own items on Poshmark, the more you can do it the better. This is because it will keep your items at the top of search results under the default “just shared” filter. However, it’s understandable that most sellers can’t spend the whole day sharing.


A good rule of thumb is to share your items once a day minimum. If you have the time, two to three times a day can make a big difference!




Sharing for Poshmark Ambassador Status

One popular reason Poshers share items is to gain Poshmark Ambassador status. Poshmark considers Posh Ambassadors to be role models in the Poshmark community and you can get some nice perks once you reach this level.


To achieve Poshmark Ambassador on Poshmark, there are certain criteria you need to meet, including community shares, self-shares, and new poshers shared.


How to Find New Poshers on Poshmark

While we’ve already covered how to do shelf shares and community shares, if you want to get to Poshmark Ambassador status, you’ll need to share new Poshers as well. To check this off, you’ll have to share items from at least 50 new closets.


Here's a step-by-step on how to find new Poshers on Poshmark:

  1. In the app, tap on your username in the bottom right corner. (On desktop, you’ll select your photo from the top right of the screen.)
  2. Select “Find People”
  3. Select “New People”


Now you will see a list of “Fresh Closets,” meaning people who have recently uploaded their first item. From here, you can go into each closet and share an item from their closet.


As you can see, sharing on Poshmark is an easy but powerful way to boost your sales on Poshmark. Remember, the more you share, the more your item will be seen by potential buyers.


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