Where to Sell Your Used Baby and Maternity Clothes

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Where to Sell Your Used Baby and Maternity Clothes

If you’re a mama, you very likely have maternity clothes and tons of baby clothes that you’re looking to sell. 


Having quite a bit of maternity wear and little kid’s clothing myself, I have been reselling my family’s clothing for years.


Here are my best suggestions on maternity resale, where to sell baby clothing and extra tips and tricks to make the most cash selling online! 


The Best Websites for Maternity Resale


Maternity clothing can be sold almost anywhere that women’s clothing can, but it will sell faster and for a higher price on some marketplaces rather than others. 


Here is where I recommend selling your secondhand maternity clothing:


1. eBay


eBay is the best place to sell almost everything, with a giant global audience of over 138 million active users


poshmark maternity clothes


eBay has an entire section dedicated to maternity and nursing, which expecting mamas can shop easily, and there will undoubtedly be the most exposure on eBay due to its audience and seller tools. 


2. Poshmark


Poshmark is a secondhand fashion powerhouse, the largest marketplace dedicated to just fashion, reporting 80 million active users


maternity clothes listings


Poshmark similarly has several maternity sections to promote your maternity clothing listings!


3. Kidizen


Kidizen is literally the perfect place for mamas and maternity clothing. Kidizen started just for kids and recently expanded to include women’s clothing. This expansion was perfect as their primary user was women and mamas!


Kidizen has a smaller audience of approximately 800,000 registered users, but that audience is perfectly curated to children, moms, and maternity. 


Kidizen has one of the largest curated maternity collections


kidizen maternity clothes


Did you know that you can also send your items in to be sold on Kidizen by Kidizen? Of course, you will make less per item under this consignment-like model, but there is value in the convenience of just sending the stuff off to be sold. Click here for more information about Kidizen’s Style Scout Program.


Remember that no matter where you sell, you want to be sure to use the maternity keywords in your titles and listings. This is extra important on sites like Mercari, which do not have maternity sizing

Did you know that with Vendoo you can crosslist your items to multiple marketplaces with just a few clicks? Try it today for free!


Keywords to Sell Used Maternity Clothes Online


Here are some of the most-searched maternity style keyword trends in 2022:


  1. Maternity Clothing

  2. Maternity Dress

  3. Maternity Clothing Winter

  4. Maternity Clothing Plus Size

  5. Maternity Clothing Summer

  6. Maternity Dress for Photoshoot 

  7. Maternity Gown

  8. Maternity Jeans

  9. Maternity Pajamas


Make sure to think like a buyer and include all of the terms and phrases that a buyer would search for if they were looking for an item like yours. This includes the size, of course, as well as the style, season, and occasion.


To learn more about how to maximize exposure through titles and keywords, check out the article A Reseller’s Guide to Keywords and SEO


Tips for Selling Maternity Clothing

Here are some of my best tips for selling maternity clothing:


1. Use the word “maternity” in your title. While some marketplaces do not have maternity categories or sizing options, buyers will be searching by “maternity.” (See above).


2. Measurements are important. If you have been pregnant, you know that it can be incredibly difficult to find maternity items that fit correctly, especially jeans. It is crucial to provide measurements. 


3. Show the item on. Maternity clothing is tough to photograph, as it is designed in a way to flatter the bump! If you happen to have a picture of you wearing the item, include it in your listing- especially if it is a dress or something worn for a specific occasion!


4. Price competitively. If you can, offer an amazing price. Mamas are often hesitant to spend up on something that will only work for a couple of months, especially with an expensive baby on the way!


5. Consider bundles. If you’re selling casual maternity clothes, consider selling multiple items together. For example, selling 2 pairs of jeans together might be more enticing than one!


6. Create return buyers. I don’t usually promote hand-written thank you cards or extras, but in this instance, it may be valuable for you to foster a connection to create a return buyer, especially if you also sell baby things! You might consider some sweet extra touches to your package to spoil the mama-to-be and make a lasting impression to secure a return customer. 


The Best Websites to Sell Baby Clothing + Children’s Items


Children’s clothing, fashion, and accessories can be sold on most reselling marketplaces. 


Children’s clothing can be particularly tough to sell unless we’re talking about premium brands because the original price is usually fairly low. That said, if you’re a parent who has a constant cycle of children’s items, it is worth reselling to make some cash!


I’ve been selling my children’s stuff for years; not just clothing, but accessories, toys, and more! 


Here are the best places to sell your baby clothes and kid’s items:


1. Facebook Marketplace 


Facebook marketplace is probably the best place to sell children’s clothing, especially if you’re willing to do local pickup or meetup. Many people shop on Facebook who do not necessarily have accounts on peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay, Mercari, and Kidizen. 


Facebook also has a massively huge audience… while they don’t publish their Marketplace-shopper stats, one can imagine that they would be impressively high in consideration of the nearly 3 billion Facebook users. Facebook Marketplace also has the lowest selling fees, which is perfect for children’s items!


baby bundles


As you can see, there are hundreds of thousands of listings for baby clothes. 

Facebook also automatically saves user searches and will notify users when listings are posted that match their former search criteria.


2. eBay


eBay, again, is the best place to sell almost everything, with a giant, global audience of over 138 million active users


Apparel, toys, and games are all among eBay’s top-selling categories!


newborn baby clothes


Look how many results appear for “newborn baby clothing,” nevermind all the other baby and children’s sizes! eBay also provides data on top-selling brands and trends for children’s items! 





3. Kidizen


Kidizen is a great place to sell anything for babies or children, it is the only marketplace made for children (and they recently expanded to have stuff for moms, too).


Kidizen has a curated audience for parents, and it is probably where you can yield the highest profit for children’s items that are higher-end.


Kidizen has excellent marketing for the mamas and a reward program that keeps moms shopping on the app as their children grow! 


This is a great place to curate return buyers 


kidizen kids clothes

How stinkin’ adorable is the Kidizen app?


Kidizen shoppers are loyal, and it is the perfect place to curate a return customer base. Think about it: If a mama loves your style and her child they’re very likely to return as the sizes you’re listing will always be what they need based on how the little ones grow!


4. Mercari 


Mercari is another great place for anything baby and children, and it is not limited to just clothing.


Mercari has approximately 20 million active users in the United States, and children’s apparel, baby supplies, toys, and games are all top-selling categories! 


Another thing that is awesome about Mercari is that it is easy. The listing and shipping processes are extremely simple and user-friendly! 


Mercari also recently introduced Mercari Local,” which uses Uber to arrange for local delivery.


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5. Poshmark


Poshmark is also a great place to sell used baby clothes and children’s clothing. 


I have sold hundreds of my sons’ items on Poshmark! 


poshmark baby clothes


Poshmark has a bundling feature where buyers can purchase multiple items in a single transaction and only pay shipping once: this is the perfect way to sell inexpensive, smaller items like baby clothes!


In fact, my oldest son (now 8 years) is helping to resell some of his old clothes and toys to earn cash! I love having him involved in the business and learning more!


Tips for Selling Baby Clothing and Children’s Items


Having sold so many children’s items, here are some of my best tips and tricks: 


1. Make sure it is worth your time. It really might not be. If you’re selling to make a few bucks to buy your children more clothes, then sure, any amount is great. But, selling takes a lot of time, and the profit margins can be low for department store brands and mall brands. I wish I had just donated some of the stuff I took the time to sell. 


I will note that anything with characters, sports teams, and bands, is always worth it! Parents will pay up for items with their little one’s favorite character or the home team!


selling children's clothes


This is also true of festive holiday items! Everyone looks for those for their little ones!


2. Inspect Items Carefully. This goes without saying, but it is extra important when it comes to messy, sticky, little kids’ clothing! So much of my children’s clothing is stained or flawed, so extra inspection is important.


3. Sell in lots or bundles. This is the key to saving time and making the most money. I highly recommend that you sell items in little, like-sized lots.


These onesies are Carter’s brand, so they originally cost between $6-$12 brand new… it would be tough to get a buyer to pay much (and shipping) for one of them alone… 


baby clothes bundles


But putting all three together is a cute little bundle that might make them more worth it, for the buyer (and in consideration of my time).

It is a lot faster to photograph and list multiple items together than it would be individually:


Here is another example. It might have been tough to sell any of these department store kid’s shirts for much alone. But together, I sold them for $51 on Poshmark.


used baby clothes

used baby clothes


4. Use Listing Videos. If you check out the listing for those girl’s blouses above, you’ll see I used a listing video to show the front and back of each, which saved a ton of time photographing! 


Listing videos are the key to showing all the details, especially of multiple items! 


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million!


5. Don’t Forget Gender. Gender matters when it comes to children’s clothing because a buyer is going to narrow their search by size and gender.


But what you might not have thought about yet, is double-listing items that might be unisex under both genders. 


Many marketplaces have defaults that allow buyers to search by “my size” which generally includes size and gender, so I wouldn’t ever see “girl’s items” as my default searches are based on my sons’ sizes. 


On marketplaces that don’t have “unisex kids” items like this jean jacket, I list them twice; once under “girls” and once under “boys.”


unisex kids clothing


I do this for baby and toddler jeans, shoes, accessories, and really anything that isn’t pink with hearts or blue with trucks. Of course, you have to remember to delete one when the other sells. I generally make myself a note in Vendoo or even in the listing, so I don’t forget. 


Do you sell children’s items? Drop your tips and tricks below! 


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