Whatnot Seller Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Sell?

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Whatnot Seller Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Sell?

Earlier this month, a major announcement was made that Vendoo would be the first and only platform to team up with Whatnot! My first instinct, besides jumping for joy, was to run to my computer and crosslist my inventory as quickly as possible while trying to navigate through seller fees and how much it would cost to sell on Whatnot. As an online seller, understanding marketplace fees is crucial to the success of your business. 


I was excited about the new prospect, but I was still nervous due to Whatnot’s stand-out stance on reselling. While other reselling platforms’ main focus is on “still” listings, Whatnot switched the narrative to livestream selling when they were founded back in 2019.


Understandably, live stream selling is not for everyone, it does take a special personality to draw buyers into your channel but many are finding success through this platform, you should not let it scare you away, but look at it as an opportunity to grow your business. 


Did you know that with Vendoo, you can list items on Whatnot's marketplace if live streaming isn't for you?


Fun Fact: Whatnot holds 31% of social shopping merch compared to LESS than 1% (yes 1%) of Facebook & Instagram (emarketer).


Whatnot provides sellers with additional support that most other platforms do not offer. In order to begin selling, you have to submit an application and attend an onboarding session. I went through this process last year, and it was fairly simple and extremely informative.


For more in-depth information on Whatnot, you may want to read How Does Whatnot Work? Whatnot Guide For Resellers  


Whatnot Marketplace “still” listings


Whatnot offers old school regular “buy it now” listing formats. Just like any other platform, items are available for sale 24/7 and are showcased within your Whatnot shop. Sellers also have the ability to enable buyers to make offers. Offers expire within 30 days if they are not accepted or rejected. Once an offer is accepted the buyer is immediately charged for the item. 


Auctions: The ability to list auction style is coming soon, currently it is only available for the sports card category and is in waitlist status. Once auctions are fully rolled out sellers will be able to pin their auctions within their live shows to boost engagement. 


Video listings: Video listings are in beta now, but once they are rolled out they will be the same as marketplace listings but sellers will be able to add a short video preview for potential buyers to see when they click on the listing, hopefully sparking interest and drawing them in to bid on your item!


Worldwide market: Whatnot sellers must be in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, or the UK. However, shipping is allowed to the USA, Canada, the UK, and most other countries.


FUN FACT: Buyers are watching TWO million hours of shows every week on Whatnot!!! That’s equal to watching over 5.5 million Pokemon episodes (whatnot.com; 2024). 


Since Vendoo recently partnered with Whatnot to provide simplified cross-listing software, now is the optimal time to get your items seen on Whatnot! 


Ready to start crosslisting? Sign up for Vendoo today!



Let's Get Down to Whatnot Seller Fees!

8% commission on the sale price of an item when it sells except in the following categories: Coins & money is currently at 4% and there is reduced commission on electronics of 5% until 10/3/24. 


Additionally, there is a 2.9% plus 30 cents payment processing fee for each transaction. 


Below is one of my first Whatnot Marketplace sales, I received $20.89 on a $24 sale. I was pretty ecstatic about it, compared to other platforms I was impressed with their fee structure. 


whatnot sale

Shipping Fees: On Whatnot, the buyer is responsible for shipping, which is based on weight and distance. Whatnot offers reduced shipping if multiple items are purchased within the same show. The best part is that Whatnot handles the label creation as long as you enter the weight of the item correctly when listing the item. It could not get simpler than this!


For more in-depth information on Whatnot, you may want to read How Does Whatnot Work? Whatnot Guide For Resellers  





After Whatnot Seller Fees, How Do I Get Paid?


If the buyer opts for authentication of the item, Whatnot pays directly after and if the item is sent directly to the buyer, sellers will receive payment after 48 - 72 hours from delivery as long as there is no dispute. 


Early Payout For Whatnot Sellers

Allows sellers to receive payment when the label is generated! Whatnot automatically evaluates seller data weekly and turns on early payouts on Fridays for sellers who:  


  • sell over 100k before fees, or at least 1000          
  • orders, not including giveaways or tips
  • hosted at least 10 live streams
  • rating of 4.8 or higher
  • have no violations


Cash-out via Stripe or PayPal!


Whatnot also provides seller statements, which are a summary of the breakdown of funds, fees, costs, and payouts. This data is very helpful with taxes. 


Returns: Whatnot allows returns ONLY if the item is not as described, counterfeit, missing or arrives broken. Otherwise, items are sold as is. If there's an issue, a request can be submitted through the app. 


Whatnot is a platform that has something for everyone, sellers and buyers alike. Whether live selling is your game or you love the marketplace, Whatnot cannot be ignored. And when it comes to Whatnots’ seller fees structure it is one of the most basic and easy to understand. Yet one of the most competitive structures out there today. 


As resellers, it's important to stay on top of new platforms and opportunities for our businesses. The e-commerce world is constantly changing, and we need to grow with it. Vendoo is here to provide that competitive edge we need to stay ahead! 


Have you added Whatnot yet? We’d love to hear your experiences! 


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